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People are always asking me what I do when I get horny. I do just like everyone else does. I masturbate. I reach down between my legs and play in all my wetness. Sometimes I bring my fingers to my mouth and lick them. What I really want to do right now is play with my sweet pussy. I really want to cum just for you. I can feel the tingling between my legs just thinking about doing this for you. I want you to picture it as I do it, and I want you to play with yourself for me, too. I know you really want to cum with me.

Can you see me now standing in front of my mirror? I am wearing just a nightshirt and panties. It’s white, and so I can see my nipples through it. They are now hard and aching and wanting to be touched so I slowly take off my shirt and stand, and then bring both hands to my breasts and squeeze. My fingers pull at my nipples before I let my fingertips drift over my full breasts lightly. I am so hot and horny. My panties are already wet, and I haven’t even touched my pussy yet.

Take your cock now and tickle your balls like I am doing to my breasts. Doesn’t that feel good? Now do that to the inside of your thighs. See how hard your cock can grow for me? Wouldn’t you like it running up and down between my breasts?

Now my hands run down my body to my stomach and hips. I squirm and breathe heavier. It feels so good. Then I lay on my bed and spread my legs. See my pussy? How wet and glistening it already is? Can you imagine bring your face to it and licking my clit? I want you to watch me now. Tease your cock as you do.

I bring my fingers to my pussy lips and run them over so very lightly. Even without bringing my fingers inside me, I can feel how wet I am. Slowly, I put my fingers inside the lips and move them around. I am soaking wet. Can you hear how wet I am as I run my fingers over my clit? My clit is so hard. It feels so good to play with it, wiggle it from side to side and around in circles. I spread my legs even wider for you, so you can see me touch myself. My nipples are even harder now.

Stroke your cock now. Up and down. I’m watching you as you do this. Tickle your balls. I can hear you breath hard and see the glistening of your pre-cum on the head of your cock.

With one hand I squeeze my breasts and my nipples and with the other, I keep touching my clit. Then I reach over on the side of my bed and get my hard plastic vibrator. I put it up to my pussy and run the head around to get wet, then I slide it deeply inside of me until I feel it hit the back of my cunt.

I moan and breathe very heavy. Pretend to fuck me now. Stroke your hard cock faster now as I fuck myself with this vibrator. It slips in and out of me. I slam it in as hard as I can, just short of hurting myself. I can’t help it. I need it. I ache for it. Fuck me hard. Watch the vibrator slide in and out of my pussy. My other finger wiggles my clit for a moment before I bring the vibrator out, turn it on fast and hold it to my clit. I just want to cum now. Tell me you want me. Make yourself cum all over. I want your cum dripping from my body.

I’m going to cum now. Cum with me. I’m shaking all over. Hear me moan. I’m so wet, and my nipples are so hard. Cum on me. It feels so good. I pinch my nipple very hard. The vibrator now slips back into my pussy, ramming into me a few more as hard as I can, and then back over my clit to keep cumming. See how wet you have made me? Hear it. Put your face in me and taste my cum now. I love playing in my wetness. Don’t you



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