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Free Lesbian Sex Stories - The Better Half

I know I married because I really do love men and my husband, but there is nothing like being with another woman sometimes. They are so sweet, sensuous, and soft. They don’t take advantage of me like men do. And it just seems like when a woman makes love to another woman it’s because she cares, not just because she wants to get off.

Men sometimes seem like such pigs. All they want is sex. All they want is to get off. They don’t even want to take the time to have foreplay and to get me off, too. Even my husband thinks that if he mentions sex I should automatically get wet, and if he sticks his snake in me I should come right away without help. Well, he’s wrong. Woman want care and foreplay. We want tenderness and tongues and fingers and time spent feeling good.

The other thing about men that irritates me is that they only think of sex. There never seems to be anything else on their minds. It often makes me wonder how they go to work in the morning and do a good job all day.

A few times I’ve had an affair with another man thinking that maybe it was just my husband who was insensitive, but the other men were the same way to me. They wanted to bend me over, put it in, get off, and go away. That was so non-respectful. They made me feel more like a blow up doll than a woman. After that I found Sally, my best friend from down the street.

Sally seems to feel the same about her husband and other men that I do. They are barbaric and insensitive. It made me glad to find someone else that thinks the same as I do.
One night we got to talking about men and how insensitive they are. I told her I had not had an orgasm in a couple of years, except when I played with myself.

"I have," Sally said, "When I was with another woman."

"You had sex with another woman?" I asked.

"Yes, it’s the greatest experience that I ever had. Haven’t you ever had fantasies of having sex with another woman?" Sally asked.

"I have wondered what it would be like, but the chance never came up."

Sally came over to me and put her hand on my bare leg. "What about with me?" She asked.

"You want to have sex with me?" I asked back.

"You are so sexy, sweet, and stimulating. I would love to show you what woman can do for each other."

Just the thought of being with her turned me on. I did not feel that way before.

I looked into Sally’s eyes breathing fast. She kissed me slow and passionate pressing her body against mine. Her lips met mine with a near force that threw me back just slightly, and I kissed her back with the same force. An inner need took over all my thoughts, all the rational feelings that told me not to do this, yet here I was being kissed by this wonderful woman. Then I felt her hand on my breast. I moaned as I pressed myself against her palm even harder. Her tongue filled my mouth which totally filled me with desire. Without being able to stop myself, I reached for her breast to touch it, too. I didn’t want to say no. I had wanted it all this time and she was giving me my chance. The library might not have been the best place, but it was here I would take her. She pushed me back on the couch as she continued to kiss me and touch me. She pulled the sweatshirt up over my head. I wore nothing under it and it took her breath away. Her chest heaved a deep sigh.

Sally sat next to me. Swallowing hard, I took her shirt off, too. Her breasts were so lovely, so round, I couldn’t help but to reach for them. When I did, the nipples grew so hard that I ached to bite them. She had her hands on my breasts looking at the D-size mounds before her. Her mouth came down hard on my nipple, then she licked and bit them. The tips of my fingers ran over her breasts like feathers. I watched goosebumps travel over her body as if she were suddenly cold. I traced my fingers lower and between her legs before squeezing her soft mound. Then I let my nails go over the warm place lightly. Sally quivered throughout.
She spread her legs for me to tell me how much she wanted it. I think she knew I wanted to be a lesbian all this time. I wondered if she was one or if this wanting was just something recent. She lay back against the couch and I pulled her jeans and panties off. Sally’s body drew me in, made me want her. My tongue wanted to lick the folds from within the brown-haired patch.

Sally reached down and spread her soft lips wide a part for me. I watched the folds, the glistening, the deep hole that beckoned to me. "Lick it," Sally said. I bent down between her legs as my fingers paved the way. I found her clit to play in circles then from side to side. I could feel it twitch and hear her moans deepen as I touched myself. My tongue began to lick the same places find a small spot deep inside that when licked made her hips move. She grabbed the back of my head pushing me into her more. I could smell the need, hear her wetness, taste the sweetness. My own mound hurt to be touched, too. I squeezed my legs together to stop the ache. My tongue thrashed from side to side, just before my fingers slipped up inside her soaked tunnel. A yelp came from Sally as she screwed my face slowly.

Not being able to take it much longer, I squirmed from my own pants touching my clit. I shook inside making me ache even more. Her body shook nearly violently then as I tasted the sweetness of her come. Her cunt tightened against my fingers as they slid in and out of her. By this time she had scoot so far down there was room to crawl upon her face.
I got up not caring about anything else except Sally and my own mound between my legs. Continuing to play with Sally, my legs reached around to straddle Sally’s head. The lips of my deep desire touched her soft mouth. I kept fucking her and licking her clit as she started to lick me. She found the same spot I had found on her to make her come. The smell, taste, and warmth of her sweetness made me wish I could crawl inside. My hips swirled over her driving my mound against her tongue. I wanted her suck on my clit hard, to taste the flow of my come as it leaked into her mouth. She reached up to bury her fingers up inside of me. There was a suction from her throat through my clit as she sucked it hard and forced more fingers into me. I did the same to her and grew faster and more intense as I felt my own orgasm approach. I tried four of my fingers inside of her as deep as I could go. She thrust up to meet them. It was so wild, so intense. How much I wanted to taste more of her cum. To 69 a woman had to be the ultimate pleasure for me, and to have Sally made it even better.

Suddenly I heard a soft yelp come from Sally as her body shook, and I licked more of her come. I let myself go to the place where only Sally could take me. My come let go into her mouth, while I squeezed her fingers with my sweet muscles uncontrollably. The force of the orgasm making my nipples harder than ever.

Slowly we humped against the other rocking back and forth. Our bodies mingled together. I knew now what we would be doing on our breaks and after work. That couch was going to get a lot more action in the times to come.



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