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Free Lesbian Sex Stories - Tennis Court

The sun was bright and perfect as I watched Trixie chase the small ball down the court in that little white skirt of hers. The breeze blew it up now and then to reveal her little white panties. I loved watching her and found that by the time we worked up a sweat that I wanted to work up another sweat with her.

“Trixie, you are so hot, that I am just aching to have you,” I said, between sets.

“I was pretty much thinking the same of you. I want you Lexie.” She stopped walking and threw her arms around me and started kissing me right there on the court. She straddled my leg, slowly humping it. Part of me worried that someone would find us, the other part, didn’t care.
Lexie took my hands and put them on her breasts. "Oh, Lexie, they feel so nice."

I lifted her shirt over her head and let it fall to the ground, before cupping the bottom of her breasts, then brought a nipple to my mouth. Lexie moaned as I touched her. My fingers ran down her body, pushing her clothing off, then touching everything except her pussy. I continued touching her body, then I let my fingers wander between her legs, through the soft, short hair. She squirmed and moaned. With the palm of my hand, I cupped her pussy, and she pressed against it.

"Please, let me pleasure you," she said.

"Oh yes." I spread my legs as wide as I could and buried her face in my pussy. I gasped as her tongue went to my clit. She was so good, so soft. I made sounds I had never made before. She put her fingers inside me. I don't know how many, but they moved and danced in me. I felt like I was dreaming. In only minutes, I was screaming in orgasm. Lexie continued her assault on my pussy. It was the most awesome thing. Lexie just kept touching me until a few minutes later, I came again. My entire body shook. Lexie came up to hug me. She kissed me hard and fast. I moved my fingers to her pussy, then kissed my way down her body. I wanted to make her feel just as she had made me feel. My tongue went to her clit as she had done for me.

"I want to make you cum," I said. I licked her clit back and forth with the tip of my tongue. My fingers went into her. She was so wet, it was easy to put four fingers inside to wiggle, move, and drive her wild. First I moved my tongue over her, then my thumb.

"I'm going to cum," she yelled.

Her body shivered as she came, and I tasted it.

When reality set in, we began to find out clothing and dress before anyone came in to catch us. I think that it seemed so much more exciting because of the thought of being caught. I had sort of hoped but it was just as exciting to think that we could have been.

Once dressed, we walked indoor to the showers. On the way in, two women were walking out. Lexie and I giggled, knowing how close we were to being watched.



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