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Free Lesbian Sex Stories - Kitchen Table

Everyone thinks that the kitchen table is for eating meals. Well, I guess that depends on what the meal is. If someone put liver and onions down on the table, I wouldn't eat it, but if someone put my girlfriend, Josie on the table, I'd be happy to eat her.

She is so beautiful with her long legs and huge breasts. She's so thin, except for the voluptuous breasts. I love to play with them and bury my face in them. They are very sensitive, too. I could make Josie very wet by playing with her breasts and biting on her nipples. I wished mine were as large and sensitive as hers. Instead, my pussy is very sensitive to touching and licking. I also loved my ass gently teased and fucked. Josie happily did all that excited me. She just loves to please me as I do her.

Josie and I love to spend time in the apartment naked. It was a way to not only feel good, but to tease each other, too. Sometimes we will sit at opposite ends of the sofa, and play with our own pussies while the other watches. There is just something about watching another women touch herself that drives me wild with desire. It is so exciting. Sex is just such a big part of our lives.

One night, Josie and I fixed dinner naked. I loved watching her walk around with nothing on.

We prepared salad and corn on the cob, since it is harvest season. We had it all out on the table and were just waiting on the chicken to be done.

I went into the dining room with Josie, reached out and cupped both her breasts. They were fun to play with.

"I'd rather have you for dinner tonight than this wonderful meal," I said.

Josie laughed, hopped up on the kitchen table, and spread her legs. Who was I not to take on such an invitation? I went straight for her sweet, sensuous pussy. I licked the little clit inside, while at the same time reaching up to play with her nipples and breasts. I knew how much she loved them played with. She tasted so good, that I kept licking her, around in circles, up and down. I took a piece of warm corn from the table and brought it to her pussy. I knew the warmth would feel good to her, and it was a nice size to fit inside her. I pushed it in deeply, then began to fuck her with it. I kept licking her clit as I did this. She moaned, squirmed, and bucked her hips.

"I want to cum on that piece of corn. If I do, will you eat it?" Josie could barely speak out, because her breathing was now so fast.

"Yes, Josie, cum on the corn. I would love to eat it." I was so wet myself from doing this to her. I would be happy to eat this piece of corn from her. How exciting. She squirmed more until I could taste the cum inside her. Her body moved in orgasm.

"Your turn," Josie said, pushing me back on the table.

Josie took a piece of corn from the bowl and held it to my pussy. I was already soaked just from knowing she would touch me with it, and that she would be eating it covered in my cum for dinner. She pressed the corn to my pussy as I spread my legs for her. I gasped. The corn touched my clit as she rubbed it over me hard. I could feel the ridges of the corn on my clit. It was a different feeling than I was used to. She bent down to lick my clit as I had her.

"Mmmmmm," she said. I smiled at her, hoping she really did like the taste of my excited juices. She fucked me with the piece of corn the same as I had her. Now I knew why she loved it so much. I stopped her just before I came.

"Try this," I told her, kind of playfully. I was having fun. I handed her a nice-sized cucumber. She grinned. She put it up to my clit and rubbed it over. What a great sensation. It was cold and drove me wild. "Fuck me," I told her. It was so big, it could barely fit inside me, but it was great with the cold and pressure. She fucked me fast and hard with it, and at the same time, licked my clit. I was breathing so I couldn't talk. Moans came from inside me. I couldn't think, except for the pleasure she was causing me. Soon I began to quiver all over, my nipples got harder than ever. I came all over the cucumber and in her mouth. She loved to lick the cum from me, and she was so good at it.

"Oh, Josie," I said, as she came up to kiss me. She left the cucumber up inside me for the time being. We were lucky not to knock over the table or the food on it. "You are so good to me."

"You are just as good to me," she said.

"Do I smell the chicken burning?" I asked, suddenly.

"I thought that was you on fire," she laughed



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