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Free Lesbian Sex Stories - Double Dildo

"Come on over for coffee this morning," Alli said to Jalene. They had been best friends for years and were lucky enough to live down the street from each other. They could talk about nearly anything: husbands, affairs, kids, everything. Sometimes it was hard to say what Alli was thinking but she always managed to tell Jalene.

Even during Alli's affair with this utility man, she confided with Jalene. And Jalene was there for Alli when it didn't work out with him, and she was stuck with her husband. That's how Alli felt, stuck with him. There was no love left, no sex, no anything. They hardly ever talked to each other. Alli felt closer to Jalene than she ever felt to anyone.

"Okay. I will be down in a few minutes," she said. Alli couldn't wait for her to be there. She just felt like company, someone friendly to talk to.

"I'm here. Got that coffee?" Jalene said through the screen door as she walked in.

"Yes, I have it right here," Alli said, setting it on the table. "I'm glad you are here."

"Why? What's up? Another fight with the hubby?" She asked. It wasn't really news anymore that they fought. But lately, it was almost worse. They just ignored each other.

"No, I just felt like someone to talk to. Jack and I are ignoring each other. I didn't say one single word last night." Alli sat down at the table next to Jalene. She just wanted to feel close to someone.

"It's okay. I will always be here for you," she said, putting her hand over Alli's.

"Guess what?" Alli said, all of a sudden, breaking the ice. "I got something in the mail yesterday. I figured since I wasn't getting sex with Jack, I would have it with myself. I got a new dildo." She got up out of her chair and went to get it. She was anxious to see what Jalene thought of it. In one way, she was hoping she would like to use it with her.

"Look!" Alli said, she held up a double dildo. It was something she had wanted to try for a long time. She figured if she couldn't use it on someone, it was still good for herself. It had separate settings of vibration on each end.

"Now that's pretty cool. Who you going to use it with?" She asked. Alli was hesitant to say her.

"I just thought it was pretty cool. Maybe no one. But you know that I've always wanted to be with another woman. I guess this is just a fantasy."

"Maybe not," Jalene said, getting close to Alli.

They kissed passionately: fast and furious. Their bodies pressed together tightly, the warmth consumed both of them. Alli lifted Jalene's shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor, then took off her own. They continued to kiss, pressing against each other. It felt so good for Jalene to have her breasts pressed against Alli's. Alli kissed her way down Jalene's body until she was at her bare breasts. She kissed and licked them. Jalene watched her as she did so. She loved how tender Alli was with her. No one had been able to make her feel the same way. They undressed each other slowly, sensuously. When they were both naked, Alli took the blue teddy and put it on Jalene. Just looking at her drove Alli crazy with lust. She grew wet between her thighs, and her clit was hard and aching.

"Wow, you are beautiful."

"Thank you," Jalene said. Jalene and Alli went to the bedroom where Alli lay upon the bed. Jalene began to kiss and lick down Alli's body, loving the taste and feel of her. She was so soft and tasted so sweet. Jalene licked her breasts, ribs, thighs, and when she came to her pussy, she savored the flavor and smell of her. Alli spread her legs wide and let Jalene lick her clit. Alli moaned softly and squirmed as she was being licked. Jalene shoved a finger up inside of Alli and listened to her gasp with pleasure. Jalene loved making Alli feel the best she could. After twenty minutes of eating Alli's pussy, Alli began to moan in orgasm. She quivered over Jalene's face, which made Jalene ache for the same treatment.

Alli was only too happy to oblige her. She left the teddy on Jalene as she touched and bit her lightly through the material. When she got to her pussy, she pushed aside the crotch to get to her pussy. She loved to eat pussy and there was no better one to eat than Jalene's. When Jalene was hot, wet and squirming, Alli reached over for the double-sided vibrator and placed it at the opening of the deep wet hole of Jalene's. Jalene pushed herself against it.

"Put it in yourself, Alli. I want your pussy against mine as we slide it in and out of ourselves." Alli entangled her legs in Jalene's and pushed the dildo inside herself. Once the two women had it in all the way at the same time, their cunts were against each other. It was the most sensuous thing they had ever felt. They both humped the dildo, reaching down to play with their clit at the same time, sometimes grinding it as deep as it would go inside themselves. Within minutes, they were both screaming in wild orgasm, quivering together.

"It feels so good," Jalene panted. "My nipples are so hard and my clit is throbbing."

"You are so much better than Jack. I've been wanting you for a long time," Alli said with her head on Jalene's breasts.

"Well, now that you have me, let's keep going," she said, giggling.



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