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Free Lesbian Sex Stories - Baby Oil

Summer finally arrived as I thought it never would. The sun had finally come out to melt the snow and warm the water at the beach. We loved to be there especially when no one else was just before dusk.

Yesterday afternoon, Laura and I went down to the beach at our favorite time. It was completely deserted. The sun was still hot and I figured that we might still get a little tan out of the deal. We had brought a cooler with us with ice and drinks inside. We also brought baby oil with us to attract the sun. I didn’t know that it would become a very special part of our visit that day.

“Put some of this on me,” I said.

“Love to. Where do you want it?” She asked with a wink.

“All over,” I said.

She began putting the oil on my arms and back before undoing my bikini top and taking it off. I didn’t mind, not even if someone came by. They would get over it.

Laura dribbled the oil over her fingers and began massaging my large breasts. I loved watching her hands on them. It truly got me hot. My nipples became excited at the very touch of her hands and oil. I thrust my chest toward her, letting her know that I approved of what she was doing to me.

After lingering at my breasts awhile, she moved her hands down to my stomach, legs, and thighs, working ever so slowly on me. The sun heated up the oil on my body and I quivered happily.

I took some of the oil and began rubbing it into Laura’s already dark skin. My fingers moved to her top, which I removed so I could put my fingers on her firm breasts. She had the most awesome, large nipples to play with and they were so hard.

Then Laura had me stand so she could take off my panties. I did the same for her. By now if anyone came to the beach, so be it. They would get an eye full. I was so horny that I was not going to stop what we were doing even if someone did show up.

e. I continued touching her body spreading baby oil all over it. She felt so good to my touch with the oil on her body. And it was the greatest thing I ever felt having her hands sliding over my naked figure. My fingers wandered between her legs, through the soft, short hair. She squirmed and moaned. With the palm of my hand, I cupped her pussy, and she pressed against it.

“The warm oil feels so sexy and exciting. The breeze and sun both make me quiver,” Laura said. I had to agree with her. I was so completely turned on. We lay in the hot sand moving and touching. I wish someone could have taken a picture of our shiny, warm bodies playing with each other. That would be a picture that I could masturbate to for the rest of my life.

She pushed me on my back against the sand and reached into the cooler. Then I felt cold ice running down my body after it had been so hot. I couldn’t concentrate on anything after that. The only thing I knew was that I was aching and needed to get off at some point. Laura ran the ice down my neck, around my nipples, and then down my stomach. She licked the dripping water off my nipples as the ice cube cooled my heated body. The ice came to my pussy and I spread my leg very wide for her. It made me jump nearly out of my skin when the ice cube reached my clit. It hardened immediately. Her fingers pushed the ice deep inside me.

"Please let me pleasure you," she said.

"Oh yes." Laura buried her face in my pussy, licking the cold water that dripped from my pussy. I gasped as her tongue went to my clit. She was so good, so soft. Her fingers went into my pussy, pushing the ice deeper inside.
I made sounds I had never made before. She put more fingers inside me. I don't know how many, but they moved and danced in me, and I could feel the ice move inside. My clit was so hard that I thought it would burst. I felt like I was dreaming. In only minutes, I was screaming in orgasm. Laura continued her assault on my pussy. What made it so awesome was that I had a clitoral and vaginal orgasm at the same time. A few minutes later, I came again. My entire body shook. Laura came up to hug me. She kissed me hard and we slid against each other’s bodies and then I moved my fingers to her pussy. I kissed my way down her greasy body. I wanted to make her feel just as she had made me feel. My tongue went to her clit as she had done for me.

"Put ice in me, too. Please," she said. I took two pieces of ice from the cooler and ran it over her body and down to her clit like she had done to me. I knew if it turned me on, it would her, too. I licked her clit back and forth with the tip of my tongue and slipped the ice cubes up deeply inside her. My fingers pushed them and moved them. The water leaked from her and over her clit, which I happily licked.

"I'm going to cum," she yelled.

Her body shivered as she came and as I licked her. She squirmed and almost yelled.

We collapsed in each other’s arms and tried to catch our breath. “You are so good everything,” I said to her.

“Well, I came, too, remember?” She laughed.

“But I learned from you.”

“And you will learn even more as time goes on,” she said, licking her way down my body again.



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