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Free Lesbian Sex Stories - A Wife's Fantasy

Just the thought of licking a woman’s clit made my pussy wet. I had thought about doing it for a long time now. My husband loved watching two women in movies and pictures, so I told him I wanted to have sex with another woman. The man I loved went over the deep end and told me if I ever fucked another woman and he found out, he would leave me.

I couldn’t believe what he said to me. He sat in front of the television stimulating the meat between his thighs until he oozed cum all over his hands, but he couldn’t understand me wanting another woman? Why was it okay for him to watch and fantasize, but not for me to want to do it?

"I will if I want, too," I announced one afternoon.

"I dare you," he said, his eyes glazing into mine.

"I can go with Danielle in apartment 102. Her voluptuous breasts have been begging for attention, and I bet her juicy cunt is, too."

"Fine. Ask her. I bet you won’t go through with it."

"And if I do?" I was going to go through with it no matter what he said. Danielle wanted me. She had so much as told me so. She said my long auburn hair turned her on, and that she wanted to see if my pussy hair was the same color red.

"I’m leaving you."

"How will I prove to you that I did it? I know you won’t leave me."

"I will put a video camera in the bedroom, and you can screw her there. When I see it, I am gone."

‘Fine." Stubborn as I could be, I knew I wouldn’t back down. I wanted her pussy, and I didn’t care if he left me or not. Deep down I knew he wouldn’t.

Don fixed the bedroom up with the camera, and I went down to Danielle’s apartment.

"You want to touch these? She asked as she touched her firm, large breasts, after I told her about Don and I.

Sweat began to form upon my forehead and the palms of my hands. I touched the mounds in front of me. As soon as I did, her nipples stiffened without thought. I went straight for the nipple, biting gently through the thin fabric that covered them.

"Take me up to your apartment." She whispered. "Let’s show Don."

I took her hand in mine leading her upstairs. I couldn’t wait to have her clothes off, her pussy in my face, and her fingers dancing over the swelling between my legs.
Don had left a note on the coffee table, "Gone out. Back in a couple of hours."

Danielle hooted happily taking me into her arms to tongue my mouth, grope at my tits. My heart thumped upon my chest and my breathing became shallow. My body pressed against hers, while her hands squeezed my cunt. We kissed our way into the bedroom in front of the camera. Danielle lifted her shirt over her head, while moans came from within as I touched her naked mounds.

I let her face the camera as I licked a nipple while kneading her other. It took all my self-control not to bite them. My pussy already leaked wetness against my panties.
Danielle removed my shirt to suckle on my tits, as I squirmed out of my pants and panties to wait for her fingers to touch me, her firmness against my swollen pussy lips. As if reading my mind, she touched through my pussy hairs to make me tingle all over my body. My hips moved from front to back and side to side.

"Oh, yes, baby." Your pussy is so wet," she said.
She seemed to enjoy touching me immensely, and I had no doubt she wanted her tongue licking the wetness.
Danielle placed a pillow in the middle of the bed. "Lay down and put your succulent ass on the pillow. I want complete access to your sweet juices." Just the thought drove me wild with sexual need. My nipples were harder than ever before. Even Don had never made me this horny.

Lying on the bed with my ass up, I spread my thighs wide to expose the bulb that anxiously awaited her tongue. She parted the pink lips and as soon as the air hit the folds within, I squirmed. She dove between my legs with her face disappearing into me and the sweet feeling of the tip of her tongue on the center swelling made groans come from my chest. Her fingers probed into my drenched hole as she fucked me with them. Her tongue flickering against my clit and fingers danced in my cunt drove me mad. I forgot the camera, forgot about Don. All that mattered right now was having an orgasm.

Suddenly I felt Danielle move and crawl over my face. She reached down to part her pussy lips for my penetration. I did what she did to my cunt, finding the right spot. Her pink flesh jumped as I licked. Reaching over to the drawer next to me, I grabbed a vibrator, never taking my tongue from her pleasure.

I turned the vibrator on to rest it against her clit then moved it into the depth of her wetness. She quivered as I watched her fucking the dildo silly. Her fingers were still burying in me. I could hear the wetness of her pussy and mine. Now I knew why Don loved eating beaver. It tastes wonderful. I couldn’t get enough of it. Her hips moved over my face. I kept playing with her, diving as deep as I could into her. My hole tightened around her fingers as she dug more into me.

She groaned as she thrashed all over my lips.

"Make me cum," I said to her. "Taste it."

"Bury the dildo in me now," she said. I continued to fuck her, lick her, and make her squirm, shiver, and moan. A high-pitched sound escaped her as it did me. I bit her clit and she yelped, but kept the pace against me, in me. My orgasm took over my body as hers did to her.

When Don came back home after our pleasure session. Danielle and I were in the living room being innocent as could be.

"Did you fuck?" He asked.

"Yes," Danielle said with a smile. "Your wife has a wonderful tasting pussy.

Don shook his head and went into the bedroom to watch the movie. Danielle kissed me sensuously and left.

I went into the bedroom to see Don’s cock hard in his hand.

"Come fuck me now," he said.

"Turns you on, don’t it?" I said.

"I never thought you would do it."

"You like it?" I went to him and crouched between his legs.

"When will you do it again?"

"Couple of days probably," I grinned. "Want to watch?" I licked the head of his cock and sucked it deep into my mouth, then pulled all the way out.

"You know it," he smiled.

He fucked me harder than before letting his cum shoot into me. It was great. I couldn’t wait till the next time with Danielle, and I knew there would be one



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