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Free Hardcore Sex Stories - The Paper Boy

I really didn't care if I got the newspaper or not. It was no big deal to me since I never read it but I did get it each and every day. I know people wonder why I have all these unopened newspapers that I give to the Boy Scout paper drive but the truth is that I get them because of the paperboy. His name is Jerry, and he's not a little boy. He's probably around 30 years old and the hottest guy I've ever laid eyes on. He's lean, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and drives me wild with lust. I don't know anything about love but I do know that he makes me ache to have him in bed. We talk now and then but I still haven't gotten anywhere near having sex with him. I would throw myself at him but I'm afraid he will turn me down. Not that I'm bad looking or anything; I'm just afraid of scaring him away by coming on too strong.

One time, a few weeks ago, we got pretty close for a few minutes. He smiled at me flirtatiously. I've caught him staring at me a few times, too. It's just so hard to get any closer in a couple of minute conversation, so one day I decided that I would take a chance and see what would happen. If he ignored my forwardness, then I wouldn't do it again, but if he came onto me, it would all be worth it.
The good part was that Jerry came every day at the same time, so I had a plan, and I knew he would see me, because he was never late, and he never took a day off. I had gone to the store and bought myself a cute, frilly, see-through babydoll outfit with matching bikini panties underneath. It was baby blue to match my eyes. I went home and put it on for him, making sure to wear nothing underneath it. I couldn't wait for him to see me in it. I was hoping that for the first time, he would be late delivering everyone else's papers that day.

I was really nervous waiting for him to get there but I just had to do it. It would be so awesome just to see the look on his face. I had caught him more than once looking at my large breasts. Through this outfit, they could be seen almost clearly. When I heard him pull up, I pinched my nipples, so that they would be hard for him to really see them. As usually, he knocked on my door to give me the paper. He was nice enough not to leave it on my porch if he knew I was home.

"Hi Jerry. How are you today?" I smiled when I answered the door. My heard was pounding very loudly.

"Did I catch you at a bad time?" He asked, ignoring the question.

"No, actually, it's a good time. I was waiting for you. I hope you don't mind."

"Waiting for me?" He was playing innocent but I knew he had to know what I was up to. If I was anymore obvious, I would have answered the door naked.

"I was hoping you would like this," I said.

"I do. You are beautiful in that outfit. I just don't want to make the wrong move and make you angry with me."

"There is no wrong move," I smiled. "Do you have time to come in?"

"I sure do. The papers can wait this time."

Jerry had on shorts and a tank top. I wanted to drool on his shoes, he looked so good. In a split second, I thought of his lips on my body and mine pressing up against his. I wanted to see what was under his clothing.

"I hope you don't mind my being so forward. It's just that I've wanted you for so long, I decided to make the first move," I said, openly.

"I wasn't sure you wanted me like that but I'm glad to know that you do." He smiled this great smile that made his whole face light up.

"I want you, Jerry. I ache for you," I said. Jerry grabbed me into his arms and started kissing me wildly and passionately, letting his tongue play with mine. I pressed my body close to his to let him rub his already hard cock against my belly. The warmth of his hand met my breast squeezing life into it as he did. His tongue swirled around mine as he sucked my breath into his lungs. My body melted into his, and I couldn't tell where his stopped and mine began. My legs became wet with need for him. His leg came between my legs as he could sense my hunger. His pants became wet with my juices that flowed from beneath the crotch of my outfit.

Jerry placed little bites and circular licks over my ear, neck, chest, and then my breast, which he bit over the material. He left me in my garment to admire and turn both of us on even more. As big as my breasts were, they still stood up straight with the nipples pointing up to meet his mouth.

"Bite it," I told him. He followed my command, biting the hard nipple while pinching my other. I could hardly breathe. My mind grew blank as I thought of only Jerry and the hard cock between his legs begging to fuck me. I began undoing his shorts, then lifting his shirt over his head. Yanking and pulling, I got them off of his body, leaving him nude before me. The eight inch rod begged at me to touch it, make it ache, but I left it alone at that moment. I wanted him to want me even more than he did then. My lips bit a nipple of his as he continued to play with mine. My own aching pussy rubbed his leg yet again to tease myself even more. The smells in the air was that of sweetness and desire.
He lifted my outfit over my head, then went to his knees to pull my panties off with his teeth. He began to tease and bite the mound of my pussy. Then he came up again so I could admire his nudity.

Jerry's stomach was muscular and tanned as I ran my hands over it toward his hips and thighs. Goosebumps slid over his body, as I teased with my fingertips. He squirmed underneath them. His shaft rubbed against me wanting some release but I did not give it to him yet.

"Tease me, will you." Jerry said. He picked me up and carried me in on the bed. I lay spread eagle for him to admire and smiled up at him. I felt the air in the room hit my pussy, so I knew that he could see almost all of it.

"Mmmmmm," he said, kneeling next to the bed. "You are beautiful." He looked over to the side of the bed and laughed. My vibrator was sitting there on the end table. I forgot to put it away.

"Okay, you caught me," I giggled.

"I bet it is great inside your sweet pussy," he said. "Spread your legs?"

I was only to happy to do so. Jerry turned the vibrator on one of the many speeds it came with and set it against my mound. I gasped as it touched me in its teasing manner, driving me wild, and making my hips move. I could rubbed against it even harder. "Like that?" He asked me.

"Yes," I said, breathlessly between moans. Jerry came up to my breast again, biting on it and moving the nibbles down my body. I squirmed, watching the look on his face as I did. He moved his cock against the bed as he enticed me to beg for more.

"Want it inside you?" He grinned.

"Yes, please, let me feel it in me." Jerry did what I asked, moving the tip inside me. I watched him do it, lifting my hips and spreading my legs wide. My own hand reached between my legs to play slightly with my clit. I could tell he was getting off on this. My moans came in short raspy sighs, as I pushed harder against the vibrator inside me. He pulled it from my loins and ran it over my clit, moving my hand away. I yelled, not realizing the sound was coming from me and my body quivered all over as I came suddenly.

"That's it, baby, cum as much as you want."

"I want more. Give me more, Jerry, please. It's the best." My nipples were hard as I pinched them, while the vibrator dove back inside my soaked pussy. I pumped as hard as I could until it nearly hurt me but I didn't care. I needed it. His face went for the wetness that glistened inside. He began to eat my clit and lick my juices from inside. The moans escaped his lips as he tasted my orgasm and drove the dildo still into me. I felt bites on my clit, right before he brushed the vibrator over my clit once again and held it there hard. Loud, high-pitched moans came from within as my body shook with yet another orgasm. He pulled the vibrator from my pussy and licked me there to taste my juices.
"Suck the sweetness out of me," I told him, reaching down to brush my fingers through his hair. I loved to watch him eat me. He seemed to love it so much. "Fuck me, Jerry."
Jerry flipped me over on my hand and knees. I arched my back and moved my ass against his aching body. His cock slid right into my pussy, and he fucked me as hard as he had made the vibrator bang against me. It was an unending moment of ecstasy. My body quivered as I came, squeezing my pussy muscles against the shaft that needed to explode. He held back for awhile longer but I could feel him tense up. Then I felt it; the pressure of his orgasm shooting into my body, making me cum again with him.

"Oh Jerry," I said, not realizing where I was or how long I had been cumming.

"You are so good. You make me feel so good," Jerry said, in gasps for air.

I smiled as we rocked together slower each time as we came back to reality.
"What if I answer the door nude tomorrow?" I asked him.

"Then I will be late delivering the papers again," he laughed.

"Good." «



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