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Free Hardcore Sex Stories - The First Night

Around Christmas, things seemed a little better. Adam tried a little harder to make an effort to see me. I had to keep reminding myself he was like a little boy sometimes and would rather spend time with his friends than his girlfriend, but it never stopped my loneliness, especially when everyday I saw other people so happy together. My friend kept trying to tell me all about her happiness and throwing it all at all me. She told me about all the things Don would do for her and all the time they spent together until I finally told her I just didn't want to hear it then.

"Don't take your unhappiness out on me," she said, angrily. The thought going through my head at the time was fine, get mad at me and you can arrange your own wedding.

"Look, I'm really happy for you. I am. I just don't want to hear about things right now."

"Then find someone else," she said. She didn't understand how happy I was with Adam, how much passion we shared together and that he was not only my lover, but also my best friend. It was as easy as just finding someone else.

"Let's just talk about something else," I told her. I could tell she was angry with me, but I couldn't help it. It just made me that much more lonely hearing about things. I did get her wedding ready for her and it went off smoothly. Adam couldn't make it with me there because he was on call that weekend, as usual, so I watched all the happy couples and had no one to dance with or drink with or even socialize with, so I left early.

Right after that, Adam seemed to be better. His work slowed down a little, and he spent more time with me. Sometimes even after his lodge meetings, he would stop by and make love to me. The first time he spent the night was the first time in many years that I had had a man in my bed for more than sex.

He had come over after his lodge meeting one evening, which as it was surprised me. He usually went to his own home after, because he had to get up so early.

Adam's height sometimes still amazed me. I felt so small against him, but I loved the feeling of control, power, and still being protected that I got when I was with him. He sat in the chair and I stood in front of him, which made us almost eye to eye. I bent over and kissed him peck-style on the lips.

"Would you like some company tonight?" He asked as I straddled his lap with my arms around his neck.

"Are you kidding? Do you mean it?" I asked, not being able to hide my excitement.

"Would I ask you if I didn't mean it?"

"Don't you have things to do? Have to get up early? Something?" I knew I had to be glowing. I just couldn't believe he was finally going to spend the night with me.

"Do you want me to or not?" He asked, laughing at me.

"Yes! Of course I do!" I kissed him a few quick times on the lips before smiling big and kissing him slowly and passionately.

"I have a bottle of wine in the fridge. Want to share it? Pull out the sleeper sofa, watch a movie, drink the bottle, talk and laugh a lot and then make love the rest of the night?" I asked. I wanted to make love but so much of me wanted to just hang out for a little while, too.

Adam wrapped his arms around me tightly, kissing me even more passionately, then said, "Can't we just skip right to the make love part?" He grinned really big, and I laughed.

"No! You have to hang out with me first," I said, then sticking my tongue out at him playfully. "Have fun with me."

"That's what I had in mind," he said, kissing me again. I pulled away from him and went to the fridge and got the bottle of Cherry Wine and the corkscrew. "You open the bottle and I will fix the bed and put the movie in."

"What kind of movie?" He asked.

"Who cares," I said, laughing. I figured we wouldn't be watching much of it. It was just something to be on. I went to the bathroom and put on my black, short, satin nightie, and joined him in the living room with the bottle of wine, two glasses, and some lit candles.

We had such a wonderful time. We laughed, joked, teased, drank, and talked. We didn't watch the movie at all, but that was okay. I just wanted to spend time with Adam, to get to know him for longer than a few minutes at a time. We had such fun that I didn't want it to end. Deep inside, I hoped that it would help show him how great we are together. All I could think of was making him happy enough to want to be with me. I had no desire of trapping him in any way. I just wanted to please him.

When the bottle of wine was gone, Adam began to tickle me. I laughed and started to playfully hit him and tickle back. My giggles were so that I could hardly breath. "UNCLE! UNCLE!" I yelled at him. "I give up," I laughed. He was so wonderful, so sexy, so sweet and fun. There was nothing I didn't like about him, except his lack of time with me. But when I was with him, it was so wonderful and so special that it made me forget how upset I was when he wasn't with me.

I laid next to him with my leg propped over him and my arm around his waist. I stared into his eyes looking at the wonderful man that I loved so much. He was so beautiful to me. With the palm of my hand, I brushed it over his cheek and then through his hair. "You are so beautiful," I said, admiringly.

"Why do you say I'm beautiful? Men aren't beautiful."

"Oh, please," I said, laughing. "Beauty comes from the inside. I don't mean it like an insult. I mean as in you are so perfect on the inside and the outside."

"That I can live with," he said, and then brought his lips down to meet mine. Our tongues played together, and I felt so warm and excited and even loved.

"Take me," my mind thought over and over.

"You are quivering," Adam said, looking into my eyes with all the care I had ever seen anyone look at me with.

"I can't help myself. Your touch burns my skin and your eyes make me melt in your arms. You excite me more than anyone I've ever known," I said, as my hands started to take his clothing off. I could only stare at the smooth skin that shedding his clothes made appear. Perfection, Adam was pure perfection. It was so hard to take my hands or lips off of him. He was so well defined that running my fingers over him gave me such great pleasure.

"I would do anything for you, Adam. Run your hands over my body; fill me with your expertise. I ache for you." I started to kiss him and help him remove my nightie since I already had his off of him. "Take me, Big Adam. Bite me, lick me, fill me. I need to be filled with you, covered in your kisses and in your cum.

He grabbed me up in his arms and kissed me firm, putting his tongue deep in my mouth. I pressed my body so close to his that I felt like I was inside him. He kept kissing me for a long time, before his hands wandered. My nipples were hard on contact. It was so exciting. My breathing was hard and fast. He ran his fingers through my hair, pushing my head closer to his. The control he had over me was amazing. His mouth went straight to a breast to lick and bite the nipple. Goosebumps ran over my body.

Adam pushed me against the back of couch, laying me back and spreading my legs.
His mouth went straight between my thighs and immediately he began licking and sucking my clit. I gasped for air. I couldn't breath. I squirmed over his face as my hands felt up my tits. I ached for more, for his fingers inside me. I was so wet that I could hear it as he moved in and out of me with his fingers. I bucked against them as he continued to suck my clit. I raised my feet up over his shoulder and spread my knees even wider. He needed full access to every part of me. I was so horny that I nearly wanted him to hurt me. "Put your whole hand in me, Adam. Your hands are so perfect. Use them. Fuck me with them." I begged him. I'd been thinking about it since the first time I saw him. "Fist me. Oh, please. I want you to fill me." Adam slowly moved his fingers in me deeper and deeper. At first it felt like he was ripping me a part, but then it stopped, and I was sure his hand was deep inside. It was the greatest sensation of my life. He moved his hand, his fingers. He spread my pussy lips open and wiggled my clit with another finger. He was so good. He just kept at me: playing, fingering, moving, wanting. "I'm going to cum in your mouth. Lick it, baby," I said.

Moaning loudly, my body quivered as I came. I don't know if he licked me. I was too busy cumming over and over. He took his hand from me and pushed me back, getting on top of me like he was going to be inside me, yet his hardness was at my face. "Suck me," he said. He brought his cock over to my mouth and let it disappear inside. I played with his balls and hips.

Suddenly, he got off me, nearly picked me up, moving me so that I was leaning over the back of the sofa, my stomach against it. I spread my legs and arched my back for him to enter me. I loved him in me from behind. It was so exciting and made me cum so fast.
Adam reached around me and played with my clit.

"Cum in me!" I yelled at him. I was cumming and wanted to feel him cum as well.

He moaned loudly, which made me cum even more. I had never heard anyone moan as he did. It was the most exciting thing I had ever heard in my life. It turned me on more than ever to know that I could make him feel that way.

We fell on the bed to tired to move. I lay in his arms; my head on his shoulder and it didn't take long for us both to be sound asleep.



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