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Free Hardcore Sex Stories - My Cousin's cousin

After about eight years of not seeing each other, my cousin’s cousin and I had inadvertently crossed paths a few times in a variety of places. Each time we would see one another our conversations broadened. The last time we recalled seeing each other was at our cousins Sandy’s wedding. We had always have had an unspoken attraction for each other but we couldn’t act upon it because at that time we both were in binding relationships.

One night I was out with some of the guys at the Mexican restaurant where Sandy tended bar. I just happened to look up from the table where my friends and I were sitting, when I noticed that Sandy was talking to a small group of women. Sandy pointed in my direction, when the girls turned Kim and I made eye contact. I immediately went to the bar where the three of us shared conversation for the first time in nearly a decade.

Throughout the evening Kim and I talked, had drinks together and mingled with the crowd. The following day Kim surprised me by showing up at my place of business where she surprised me even more by asking me out to dinner that night. We had dated a few more times when we got to the point where we began to talk more in depth of our past, and of our binding relationships that have since long dissolved. Our time together was totally plutonic, then, one night after a movie we went back to her apartment where she really unloaded on me.

Kim told me of her bad relationship that made her decide to abstain from sex for over five years. She was a little upset and had tears in her eyes so she excused herself to the bathroom, then to her bedroom where she locked the door behind her. I figured the night was over so I tapped on her bedroom door and told her I would call her in a day or two. She told me that she wanted me to stay and that she would be out in a minute.

I sat on the couch and within a minute she appeared from her room wearing a powder blue satin teddy. I was totally shocked and speechless as she held her hand out to me. Kim’s short blonde hair, blue eyes and slender body radiated her beauty, as I had never seen before. She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom where she had candles illuminating the room, especially her queen size brass bed. The scent of the candles was very stimulating as well as Kim was as she disrobed me in a very sensual manner. I stood there naked while her hands held me gently on my hips, my cock thumping with every heartbeat. Her breathing began to get heavy, shuttering with each and every exhale.

Our eyes were fixed in a deep trance, searching, our trembling lips came together, then, our bodies touched in a soft tenderness. My thumping cock was pressed between my stomach and her satin teddy as our lips locked in a tight hold while we slowly collapsed onto the bed.

Kim laid on top of me as we kissed in a passionate hold of high energy. After a few minutes we laid side by side kissing slowly and softly while exploring each other’s body with fingertip caresses. We hugged and kissed contently as we enjoyed our hot bodies lying next to one another. Nearly half an hour went by before our lust level began to peak again, then Kim made a move on me. She lightly bit my lower lip then started to kiss my neck and shoulders on her way down to my nipples.

I was flat on my back as she licked my nipples and fisted my rock hard cock. Her grip was firm on my shaft as she moved her body between my legs. Only the head of my cock protruded from her grip as she swirled her hot tongue around and around, making my body tremble with excitement.
Next she wrapped her soft lips around the crown flicking it wildly with her tongue. She made a little puddle of saliva on my head, held there by her thumb and forefinger. As she opened her mouth to engulf my manhood her beautiful blue eyes met mine, expressing her hunger for my pulsating cock. Her lips slid softly, lubricating my shaft with her saliva, her head bobbed up and down slowly working my tool into her throat. Her head moved in small circles as her muscles sucked me deeper, inch by inch down her throat. She cradled my balls in her hands, massaging them lightly while lifting them towards her extended tongue.

Kim’s tight throat muscles flexed around my engorged member as the tip of her tongue caressed my sack. With my head propped up on the pillows, it was exciting to watch her mouth work my big cock in and out of her throat as she got herself into a rhythm. Her smooth lips were wrapped tight around my swelling cock on each up stroke making my manhood seem longer and harder than ever before. With the down stroke into her throat I felt hot tingles rush through my shaft into my balls and legs. I didn’t want this blowjob to stop, but she controlled me beyond my own power.

My cum boiled in my balls and started to rise through me. My body tensed and I held my breath trying to hold back, but I couldn’t. Our eyes met, Kim knew, she increased her suction as my self lifted off the bed, the first of many uncontrolled explosions and thrusts into her throat. The bed sheets were clenched in my fists as my body rumbled with orgasm and aftershocks.

Kim was still feverishly sucking my cock, milking every last drop, as though she was making up for the last five years. I held her tight in my arms, feeling my aftershocks starting to subside, caressing her face with soft, hot kisses. After a few deep breaths, I laid her gently on her back and began to nibble and lick her neck and shoulders while removing the spaghetti straps, pulling her teddy with my teeth to expose her luscious breasts.

With my knees between hers, I lightly teased her erect nipples with my open palms, then licking the valley between her breasts. Her breathing increased as I squeezed her nipples between my thumb and forefingers while rubbing my cock lightly across her satin covered crotch. I leaned forward, squeezing her tits together so I could suck on her nipples at the same time. As I sucked and licked, her head thrashed from side to side, and her body heaved beneath me. I positioned myself flat on the bed with my face in her love nest. I first noticed her snap crotch teddy was soaked with her juices, then the clean-shaven outer lips of her swollen pussy.

I inhaled her very pleasant womanly aroma then began to lick her thighs towards her wetness, taking the crotch of the teddy into my mouth, using my teeth to unsnap it. Kim was so horny and wet her flower was in full bloom, open and waiting for me to extract her nectar. Her beautiful, soft, pink labia overflowed with nectar, dripping onto her asshole. I didn’t want to waist her juices so I curled my tongue and started at her anus and slowly licked my way to her love canal, up her lips, and finally flicking her clit. I could actually feel her juices flow over my tongue to my throat. I licked and drank her juices a few more times before opening my mouth wide to engulf her entire inner lips, including her clit.

I swirled my tongue over Kim’s clit a couple of times when she reached her first orgasm, then her second in a matter of one minute. Her juices flowed heavily with each orgasm, and her breathing became deep, short and quick, as though she was in labor. After eight orgasms she begged me to stop, her body numb and shuddering.

We cuddled for a moment before I mounted her and began to rub my cock over her soaked pussy, eagerly wanting to plunge into her depths. I placed my hard cock at her entrance, leaned forward to passionately kiss her as I tried to enter her love canal. Kim was so tight, tight like a virgin, that I couldn’t penetrate her. I tried three or four times before she wrapped her legs around me to help pull me into her. With the combined force from both of us, I could feel the very tip of me beginning to open up her love canal.

Her body was tense, her eyes expressed pain but anticipating pleasure as I split her open, little by little. The head of my cock was completely in before I relaxed a moment to feel her extreme tightness and to gain more energy before surging deeper into her regenerated virginity. Her inner muscles were very tight, as though I was tearing them as I penetrated deeper into her. Half my length was in her when I started to pump her slowly to lubricate her love canal.

I looked between us to gaze at the beautiful joining of our bodies when I saw her blood on my shaft. If I hadn’t known better I would have believed she was a true virgin. After a few more thrusts, my whole manhood was enveloped into her cunt. We lay motionless, except for our smiles and kisses as we enjoyed the success of our joining. Moments later we began to make love, full of passion, and tenderness that was fully erotic and sexually satisfying. Our bodies bonded and responded together as though we had been long time lovers. Our bodies slammed together in a relentless high-energy thrashing.

Her pussy began to spasm around my swollen cock; her hips were thrusting harder and faster into mine as her orgasm swept through her like a massive earthquake. Kim’s cunt flowed heavily with her cum, her warmth and wetness washed out over our loins and my balls, sending me on the way to an orgasm. I needed her to cum with me so I fingered her clit, as my thrusts became a steady rhythm.

My cock was swollen to it’s max, and I could feel my cum rising through my shaft. My body convulsed into an orgasm, bringing Kim to hers. We held on tight to each other as we came together in a furious unleashing of energy.

We bounced and rocked back and forth on the bed entangled in our sexual being. Our loins were soaked with our cum and sweat as we lay cuddling and kissing



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