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Free Hardcore Sex Stories - Letters

I hate being away but at least we have e-mail. It should be up steady for the most part for now. I love the thought of being able to still turn you on, still cum with me. Please cum with me. I am sitting here thinking of you and I am growing hard. After I send this I am going to crawl between your legs and lick and suck on your clit till you fill my mouth with your sweetness. Then using your wetness, I am going to cover my cock, because I really want to be inside you. I know how wet you would be. I’m aching for you. I am leaning over you squeezing your breasts and pulling on your nipples as I nibble on your shoulder. Feel me sliding in and out of you. I can feel my orgasm building. I am going to cum. I pull out of you, spinning you around and grabbing my cock. I lay you down and let it go. My cum splashing out over your breasts. Then I move to let some squirt on your soaking wet pussy. Baby, this is what I am thinking about as I strike myself for you. Watch me as I explode.
CUM WITH ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Mike:

What a wonderful surprise. I am shaking inside after reading that. You are so hot to me. I can hardly breathe. I am so wet. I want you for real, Mike. Fuck me like you described. I'm aching for you. My legs are spread really wide so you can watch me. My fingers of one hand are between them, moving through my wetness. I can hear it as I move my fingers. I am so wet for you. I need you so much. My nipples are really hard. Pinching them, rubbing some of my wetness over them. Sometimes licking it off. Fuck me, Mike. Hard as you can, please fuck me. Playing faster. Watch me play. Just using my fingers to circle the clit. I've been so horny for you. Shaking now. So ready to cum. Pushing my fingers in me deep. Circling my clit more. Back and forth over it. It's so hard. I'm going to cum, Mike. Going to cum. shaking. I’m cumming for you!!!!!! It feels so good. The chair is wet now. I’m using my hand to rub the wetness all over me. :) Lick it from me, baby. My nipples are so hard. My clit is still throbbing. :) I needed you so much. I've missed you. I'm going to take a shower if I can move. :) Wanna help?

Still aching, Debbie

Dear Debbie:

I am glad you gave into your desires. I have been doing that a lot myself. I love thinking of you all wet and ready for me. I am sitting here reading your e-mail. I miss cumming with you and being with you. Just thinking about you and reading your letters, picturing you has got me hard. I am just Horny as HELL. Want to help me cum?

Subject: Morning Kisses

It's early morning, raining, and dark out. I'm am going to daydream of you for awhile.
Last night when I went to sleep, I was daydreaming of being with you and playing with myself. I used my vibrator and my fingers and thought of being with you. I couldn't help it. I ached for you. Just like I do now thinking of last night. I was looking at the pictures I have of you. The ones in and out of clothes. I remember so vividly you in your web cam. You are so sexy. :) Happy sigh.

If you were here, I'd wake you up with my hands all over you and my mouth wrapped around your cock, giving you a blow job. :) See my legs spread and my fingers between them?
Sweet soft morning kisses
Love, Debbie

Dear Debbie:

Well, baby. Thoughts of you are every night and part of my days. With you on my mind, I find a smile and a hardness that starts growing. Last night I lay under the stars and daydreamed of you while I stroked myself. I pictured you sucking me and riding my hardness till I am ready to explode. Then I thought of you playing, thinking about me and I was over the edge. I imagined you finishing me off, letting my seed cover you and us laying there, massaging it into your skin. Soft wet kisses to you today, too.

Subject: Needing You

Dear Mike:

I'm sitting here with my eyes closed, thinking of you, seeing vivid pictures of things in my mind. Seeing your face and your beautiful eyes staring at me. I put my hand on the back of your neck and bring your face to mine and kiss you hard, not letting any willingness get away unnoticed. I want you to know how much I ache for you and need you. My tongue parts your lips and stabs continuously at yours. I press my body to yours so that you can barely move. There is an electric current that flows through you and jolts it's way through my veins to make me quiver uncontrollably. There is nothing that I want more than you. With the tip of my tongue, I lick my way down your neck, over your ear, biting on your ear lobe, then blowing ever so softly in your ear and licking an outline around your ear. I can feel my nipples begin to harden as the current of electricity flows through them. All my actions become automatic, without thought, just need, and I undress frantically. When you are completely naked, I back away, staring at you, not being able to believe the perfect man standing in front of me. You are beautiful, Mike. Your face and the shape of your body call to me, almost make me touch them. The palm of my hand travels over your cheek, down your neck over your shoulder to your chest. With both hands, I use my fingertips as light as I can touch and still you so can feel it, over your nipples and ribs. Your nipples become hard and I lick each one, circling it and nibbling lightly. My fingertips run that feathery touch over your ribs, under your arms, down your sides, over your stomach. Each hand moves over each side of your body. I feel you squirm. Then I move them to the back of your body: up your back, over your neck, back down your back, over your buttocks and the crack of your ass. And without stopping, I go to your sides and ribs and stomach. From front to back, I touch you, moving down your body slowly. You are already rock hard, even though you haven't been touched yet.

(For you in real life right now, I have removed my clothing. I am sitting here naked for you. I stop every so often and touch my body with my fingertips like that: my breasts, pinching the nipples, pulling at them, over my ribs, down my stomach and my hips. I am squirming for you, baby, even though I haven't touched my pussy yet. I am so wet for you.)

My fingertips move over your awesome hips. I admire the curve to them, the perfection, as I feel myself get wet and ache for you. I move my hands down the backs of your legs, and between them to your inner thighs. I brush over your balls from behind, then the crack of your ass and over the backs of your thighs again. Around to the front, I touch your sides, the front of your thighs, between your legs. Then I stay to fondle my fingertips over your balls and up the shaft of your cock.

(In real life, I am touching over my own thighs. I have put my feet on my CPU and let my knees drop, spreading my legs. If you close your eyes for a minute, you can see my pussy spread open for you. I tickle over the inside of my thighs, through my pussy hair. As I get more and more excited, the lips part more and my fingertips drift over my clit some. Mike, I hope you read this and get excited to either have to play with yourself as your read it or think of it later when you get a chance. I am really going to think of this and cum as I am I writing it. I need to for you. I want you to share it.)

I stroke your cock, slowly, lightly, to almost tease you into yelling at me to stroke you firmer. Then I tickle your balls again, then back up over your cock. I start to stroke your cock faster and tickle the inside of your thighs and balls at the same time.

(I keep spreading my pussy lips open wider and circling my clit then dipping my fingers way inside me. I love playing in how wet I am. I think of putting my wet fingers in your mouth so you can taste me. And for real, I put them in my own mouth pretending to share with you. I'm so wet, Mike. I wish you could hear. Feels so good to spread around how wet I am.)

I have you lay down on your back, lifting your knees up and spreading them so I can kneel and lick your ass cheeks, through the crack, up to your balls, over the shaft of your cock, and all the way down on you. My fingertips continue to touch over your body where ever I can reach.

(I am moving my fingers in me as I play with my clit thinking of this, in between typing. I am so excited for you, Mike. Now I am getting out my vibrator. I want something in me. I need it in me.)

I keep sucking you, licking your balls, touching your body at the same time. I hear you moan and your balls tighten to your body. I taste your pre-cum.

(Slipping the vibrator inside me. Slowly at first but then faster, then slower. If I keep fucking myself with it fast, I will cum super fast. I am so horny. I need to cum for you.)

You pull me up on your lap and sit me on your cock. I reach down to put it inside.

(The vibrator is on moving in and out of me and over my clit. Down to my ass and slightly inside, then back up to my clit. I can hardly breath, Mike. My nipples are so hard.)

Your hands are on my breasts, squeezing my nipples, pulling at them, biting on them. I ride you as fast and hard as I can. I can feel you hitting the inside of me. My fingertips still touch your hips, your balls, your thighs.)

(I want to cum with you, Mike. I'm so ready to cum, for real and the fantasy. If you are ready, Mike, cum with me. I'm going to fuck myself with this vibrator really hard right now. Watch mike, this is for you, sexy.)

Fuck me, Mike! I yell at you as I ride you. Cum with me! I feel your cock tighten, harden in me. Your balls are aching. Oh, cum, Mike.

(The vibrator is on my clit, going as fast as it can. I'm going to cum, Mike. Shaking all over. My nipples are so hard. Pinching one. I'm cumming. I'm cumming, Mike!)

I feel you cum inside me, your body shaking, your nipples hard.

(I’m still cumming for real. Can't hardly move.) Cum Mike! Please, baby, cum. HOLD ME TIGHT! I can't stop shaking. Feels so good. I'm so wet. The chair is soaked.)

Cum for me, Debbie



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