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Free Hardcore Sex Stories - Insurance Salesman

I used to hate salesman. They used to really piss me off when they came to the door because they were so pushy and didn’t like no for an answer. It got so bad during one time period that I stopped answering the door. I just didn’t want to deal with them.

“Ugghhh,” I said to myself, as I peeked out the window at the man coming up the walk. “Another salesman.” The walk was fairly long so I watched him, deciding whether I really wanted to open the door or not. He carried a briefcase, but wore a black t-shirt and blue jeans. His brown hair was cut short and feathered back. He wasn’t terribly tall, but very built. He had defined shoulder and chest muscles, flat abs, curved hips, and muscular thighs. He was awesome looking.

I practically ran to the door after checking him out like that.

“Hi, my name is Chris Parker, and I am here from Weststate Insurance Company. I’d like to leave some pamphlets and information about our services for you to examine. If you don’t mind, I’d like to give you a call in a few days and see what you think of it.” He held out his hand to shake mine, while he made complete eye contact. His touch sent shivers through my body to make me quiver inside. And those eyes….Oh, my, they were so beautiful.

“You aren’t going to sit here and tell me what kind of insurance you have?” I asked. “Most salesman are so pushy.”

“We don’t believe in being pushy. Our company believes that good insurance will sell itself. If a customer needs insurance and finds our plans acceptable, you will purchase it.” He was very business oriented and handsome. He knew what he was talking about and was very professional, even in the t-shirt and blue jeans.

“That’s very refreshing. You look hot. Would you like some lemonade to cool off?” I asked. I stared into his eyes. The comment about being hot was meant for him to think I meant from the weather, but I really meant he was hot looking.

“I’d love some,” he said, with one bright smile across his clean shaven face.

“Follow me,” I said, wishing I meant to my bedroom.

I gave him some lemonade and we sat at the kitchen table. I flipped through some of the brochures. They were good policies after all. “I will take this one,” I said pointing at the page.

“I’d be happy to start you on it. That’s one our best overall policies.” He reached into his briefcase and pulled out some paperwork, a pen and another brochure. It was on the policy I had just told him I wanted. I grew ever so much closer to him as I helped him fill out the paperwork to get it started. His cologne smelled rugged but subtle.

“Do I get a bonus?” I asked him as I brought my face close to his.

“What did you have in mind?” He was very close to me, his eyes fixed on mine, his body close, and his lips so near that it was almost like kissing.

Without a word, I brought my lips to his and kissed him. After a long moment, I pulled away and looked at him. He grabbed me up in his arms and kissed me firm, putting his tongue deep in my mouth. His hand wandered up my shirt and inside my bra. My nipples were hard on contact. It was so exciting to have sex with a perfect stranger. I wanted him to take me. He ran his fingers through my hair, pushing my head closer to his. The control he had over me was amazing. With one swoop, he lifted the shirt and bra over my head to the floor. His mouth went straight to a breast to lick and bite the nipple. Goosebumps ran over my body. My pants dropped to the floor after I squirmed my way out of them. I wanted to be nude for him, to let him touch my entire body.

"Take me," I said. He pushed me into the living room and against the couch, laying me back and spreading my legs.

"I want to eat this pussy," he said as his mouth went to it. Immediately he began licking and sucking my clit. I gasped for air. I couldn't breath. I didn't know if I was excited, because he was good at what he was doing or because of fucking someone I didn't even know. I never did anything spontaneous like that. I squirmed over his face as my hands felt up my tits. I ached for more, for his fingers inside me. Just like he was reading my mind, his fingers buried themselves inside my pussy. I was so wet, I could hear it as he fucked me with his fingers. I bucked against them as he continued to suck my clit. I raised my feet up over his shoulder and spread my knees even wider. He needed full access to every part of me. I was so horny that I nearly wanted him to hurt me. "Harder. Fuck me harder. Bite my clit," I said. He was so good. He just kept at me: playing, fucking, eating, wanting. "I'm going to cum in your mouth," I said.

Moaning loudly, my body quivered as I came while he sucked it from my pussy hole. He didn't stop at that, he just kept sucking and licking my clit. He fucked me so hard, I ached. I came again for him as he licked it from me.

Suddenly, he backed away from me and pulled his pants and shirt off. "Now it's your turn. Suck me," he said. He brought his cock over to my mouth and let it disappear inside. I played with his balls and hips, then grabbed his ass, forcing him even deeper. He grabbed my head, banging himself inside my mouth. I didn't care. I wanted him, too. I wanted to be his slut for a few minute. "That's it. Oh, that feels good," he said as he went faster. "I'd bet you would even swallow all my cum, wouldn't you?"

Of course I would, I thought. Just cum and I swallow every drop of you. I couldn't tell him, because his cock was buried too deep in my mouth.

"Well, you aren't going to yet," he said, pushing me back and spreading my legs again. "This cock is going to be buried in that wet pussy."

"Go ahead, fuck me hard."

"I intend to." He slid right inside as far as he could go. I grabbed his hips and forced him to bang me extremely hard. It hurt, but at the same time, I ached for it. I was about to get off, because of it. I reached down with my fingers and moved my clit from side to side.

"Cum in me!" I yelled at him. I was cumming and wanted to feel him cum as well.

"Not yet." He was out of breath, but kept going. I thought he would never stop. I came again, screaming in pleasure. This time it set him off. He moaned the sweetest sound. My nipples hurt so much from being so hard, that I reached up and squeezed them to the point of pain.

"Oh, that's it, play with your tit and pussy." He kept his eyes on my hand moving on my pussy and the other on my tit. He reached down with his mouth and bit one. It felt so good, because I was so horny that I couldn't contain myself.

"Keep going if you can," I said. I didn't want it to stop. "Please try."

"Awwww, the little slut wants more cock."


He kept fucking me at the same fast pace. His cock remained hard. My fingers played with my clit in circles. "Cum," he yelled at me. I obliged him, shaking madly. That sweet moan came from him again as his liquid leaked out inside me.

When we finally stopped, he lay on top of me, kissing my neck and nibbling my ear. Awhile later, he dressed, kissed me, and headed for the door.

“I will still give you a call,” he said hugging me at the door. “But next time, it won’t be for insurance.”



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