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Free Hardcore Sex Stories - Deep Massage

My life couldn’t be more perfect than it is. I have the greatest set of kids, a nice house, and a husband that believes that my job is to be at home taking care of the house, the kids, and him. We have the traditional “old-fashioned” family. I take on the status of housekeeper, wife, and mother, and he is the provider. Although, we do help each other a lot. Johnny will help with the kids and house, and I bring in extra money with my writing. All in all, it’s a wonderful life, and we are very happy together.

One of the things I love to do most is to please Johnny in any way that I can think of. By keeping the house clean and having dinner on the table every night when he gets home, I make life easier for him, and it makes him happy. Sometimes though, I love to do something extra for him.

Johnny is a great husband and adores the kid and I. We’ve been married for four years and never have any real arguments. We both know our roles and how to make it work with minimum conflict. The one thing Johnny really enjoys is surprises. A few days ago, I gave him a nice one.

On Fridays, when Johnny slinks in the house after work, he looks so frazzled, kind of like a plant that hasn’t been watered in a long time. So, this week I planned on making it nice for him. The house was clean and dinner was cooked and on warm in the oven.

Dressed in a satin, pink teddy, I greeted him at the door as he walked in. Pressing my slim body against him, I kissed him very passionately.

He pulled back to look at me in my makeup and barely there outfit. “Wow! You look great! Where are the kids?”

“At my mom’s,” I said, happily. “They are spending the night over there, so we have all night to ourselves.” I kissed him again, not waiting for a response. I’d do anything for him if he wanted it. Whatever he wanted that night, it was his.

“This is really nice,” he said. “And I smell something great for dinner.”

“Whatever you want. This is your night. I will give it to you,” I said. “What do you say to a nice massage?” I grinned from ear to ear, looking up at him hoping he would like the idea. “Dinner will keep for awhile.”

“I’d love one,” he said, giving me a small kiss. “As long as it leads to more.”

“Your wish is my command,” I said.

I knew he liked my massages, and I really enjoyed giving them to him, especially when they led to more. What I really like is that he loves getting them so much. I laid him on the floor on his stomach first, sitting on his ass and began to rub the palms of my hands into his back and shoulders. I moved my continually down his body to his buttocks, thighs, legs, even his feet. It felt so good to make him feel like that. He sounded so happy.

“This is like good sex,” he said. “But then I hope that I get that, too.”

I flipped him over on his back and started to work my fingers and hands over the front of his body, every inch of it. Then I squeezed, massaged the already hard member between his legs, letting my fingertips move lightly over his balls and thighs. He moaned and smiled.

“Wait!” He said, moving. He pushed me back, kissing me, pulling off my outfit. “My turn,” he said. I laid back letting him touch me, do what he wanted to me. He moved his hands over my body, my breasts and down, and then between my legs. I spread my legs wide for him to put his fingers into me. He began to massage my clit in just the right manner. I lifted my ass off the floor, so he could get to the places I wanted him to reach. I rocked back and forth over his fingers.

“You like that, don’t you?” He asked, listening to me breath heavily. Then I felt his fingers go so deep into me that it touched the most sensitive spots in me. Oh, it felt so good. I pushed against it over and over. His fingers still moved over my clit.

“I’m cumming, baby,” I moaned as my body shook in orgasm. He continued to touch me and move his fingers into me. It was like one continuous orgasm for me. He crawled up on top of me. I felt him pushing his hard cock inside of my soaked pussy. By then, I never wanted a cock inside of me so much. “Fuck me!” I told him. He pushed inside me, almost hard. I thrust my ass up to meet him and give him better access. As I tightened my pussy muscles around his hard shaft, I heard him moan. He was so hard, and it felt so good. As hard as he could, he thrust in and out of me.

“I want you so much. Fuck me, baby. I’m going to cum in you,” he said, as he continued to thrust, then moan as he shot his cum deep into me. I quivered all over as I came with him. For a moment, I didn’t feel inside my own body.

“You are so good,” I moaned, as I came back to reality.

“Wow! I’m so glad that you know just how to please me,” he said.

“I think you do a lot of pleasing yourself,” I smiled.



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