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Free Group Sex Sex Stories - Rich milf housewife fucks all the Mexican workers

It was a Saturday morning and I woke up by the noise of the Mexican gardeners in my backyard. My husband unlocked the front gate for them before he went off on another business trip. He just got back from one the weekend before, which means that I rarely get to see him because he would be off working, would come home to sleep and then was off to another business trip. I was really horny last weekend when he left, but all I did was touched myself in my room and played with my clit and dildos.

Anyhow, the day he left, the usual group of big and strong Mexicans were working on the lawn and garden, but for some crazy reason, I felt more horny than ever. As I woke up, I felt my wet pussy and all I thought about was sucking on some thick Mexican dick and getting overwhelmed with cock. The doorbell interrupted my daydream, argh! I put on a nice silk gown and pink panties and headed downstairs and opened the door. Two of the guys asked to use the bathroom.

"It's down the hall on the right", I said, with a little annoyance.

I saw it in their eyes that they were mesmerized of how sexy i looked, with my big fake tits that my husband got me for our anniversary. I love how my firm breasts and nipples pop out of the gown - I used to be a flat-chested gal.

"What are you boys staring at, hurry up and go use the bathroom", I said.

I told one of the guys to go upstairs and he used the bathroom up there, while the other guy used the bathroom downstairs. I walked upstairs to see if the guy wasn't snooping around in the wrong rooms. I found him with his pants down in the bathroom while stroking his cock and holding my picture that was usually placed near the faucet.

I walked up and yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK?!", which completely shocked him. I noticed his cock was stiff and hard and ready to be shoved into a pussy though. Little did he know, I was already kinda horny and a little turned on after watching him stroke his cock in my bathroom and masturbating to my picture. Awkward silence for a moment, but I started off with, "If you really wanna fuck me, I'm right here." I dropped my overalls and his jaw dropped as well.

The man's dick was completely erect, but his cock looked like it was ready to bust as I stepped towards him and caressed his meatpole. Slowly, I kissed him on the tip of his cock and started tonguing around his shaft while cupping his testes with my right hand. As I started sucking and swalllowing his dick, the other mexicans were looking for him and yelled out his name. I asked the guy, "Do you mind if they all come up and give me a hand?" When I said hand, I thought dicks. He nodded his head yes and I said, "Fuck yeah baby. Anal is my favorite position. I get turned on when a dick penetrates my ass."

As I finished my blowjob, he yelled out to his buddies, "Amigos! Senora want some beef and huevos!".

All his buddies ran upstairs laughing, like they've done a gangbang several times before. One of the guys took his time and was already stroking his cock. I continued stroking the man that I was with while the other guys took off their clothes. I told the guy with a big smile on my face, "You can put your cock in my pussy sweety." He spat in his hand and rubbed my cunt real quick and shoved his wet and hard cock into my tight pink hole and started to fuck it. His cock was thick and meaty, yet it felt so good! I was moaning and watching the other guys stroke their dicks while I was getting fucked from behind. They came closer to me and one of the guys shoved his cock right into my mouth.

The other two guys were stroking their own cocks, waiting their turns to fuck me. I told the guy that was fucking me in the ass to lay down so I could get on top and ride him cowgirl style. This made me feel very dominant and I felt like I was in control - my asshole was throbbing with pleasure. One of the guys stood by me and shoved his cock into my mouth while I was riding up and down. Almost at the same time, one of the 2 guys lubed up and slid his penis inside my wet cunt. I kept on screaming and moaning because it felt so good with 3 guys at a time. I grabbed the 4th guy's cock and stroked it while getting airtight penetration.

After a few minutes, the guy fucking my pussy from the top yelled, "Her pussy is fucking wet!!". He pulled out his dick and I squirted all over the place! The man I was stroking with my hand got down and licked off all my excess cum. My clit was big and popped out at this point - it was so sensitive that it turned me on more. The guy who was cleaning up my pussy stood up from his knees and went straight to my face. He said, "Oh fuck. I'm going to cum. Ohhh yesss. Fucking all over your face!", and let all the juices flow off my mouth and tits. Soon afterwards, the man I was blowing started oozing into my mouth and all over my chin.

The guys fucking me double penetration in the ass and pussy pushed me off and started stroking their cocks until it was ready to pop. By now, I had all this semen on my face and chest, with 4 cocks around me. I felt relieved and relaxed after a good gangbang from the mexican workers. I licked all the cum that dripped down my mouth and rubbed all the cumload that was on my titties. It was such a great fuck and so hot that it felt like a fantasy that came true! I told the guys, "Next week, I'm going to need you guys to come over and help me out some more if my husband is on another business trip. When I say help, I mean come over and bang the shit out of my pussy and ass!"

"Si Senora", as they picked up their clothes and left.

By: Mike


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