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Free Fetish Sex Stories - Tied

“Not a chance in hell would I let any woman tie me up?” Leo said, as we laid in bed together. I couldn’t help wanting it. I had dreams and fantasies of tying this man to our bed. I wanted to see him naked, sprawled out with his hands and feet tied to the bedposts. I wanted total control over how he felt and how I would please him.

“Please. I won’t do anything bad to you,” I said, as I crawled up closer and kissed his cheek, giving him my most sweet and innocent puppy dog pout.

“You think I would trust you with me tied up?”

“I thought you trust me,” I told him, sort of shocked that he would say that to me. After all, we had been together for a year now. You would think that some trust would have grown out of the relationship. I sat up and looked right at him. I know I must have had a hurt look on my face.

“I trust you, but not with a rope,” he said.

“Do you really think I would hurt you?” I asked, very seriously.

He sat up and looked at me. I guess I thought we were a lot closer than it would have appeared at that moment. “You have me there. No, of course, I don’t think you would hurt me. You’ve never been anything but loving to me.”

“Then what’s the problem?” I ask him.

“I just associate being tied up with being hurt. It really has nothing to do with you.”

“I bet I can do things that you would like,” I said, with a grin.

“I bet you can do them without tying me up, too,” he said, giving me a light kiss.

“But it isn’t the same,” I said with the pouty face again.

“Alright, but if you do anything horrible, I’m moving out,” he said, laughing. I was pretty sure he was just kidding, or at least hoped so.

“Really?” I said, all excited. We were already naked and what he didn’t know was in the end table, I had some Velcro restraints for just such an occasion. I reached over and got them out of the table and the look on his face was one to remember.

“Where did those come from? Who else do you use those on?” His eyes were wide open and jaw nearly to the floor.
“Come on, you bonehead,” I said. “You bought these to use on you. Why do you think I was bugging you about it?”

“Because you discovered it was great with someone else,” he said.

“Fine, then forget it,” I said. I hadn’t even thought that he would think I was with someone else. When did he think I was going to do that? I was always with him. “Men are so stupid.” I turned away from him, not wanting to look at him. “I just wanted to do something different to keep you interested.”

He came near me, hugging me, “I’m sorry. You know I am always interested. It’s sweet that you want to try new things. And yes, you can tie me up. I really do trust you. But it remains that if you hurt me, I’m leaving.” He stuck out his tongue at me to get me to smile.

“I promise not to hurt you. Lay down.” He did as I asked him to do and I tied him to the restraints. Then I proceeded to blindfold him.

I ran my fingertips through his hair, then over his body: nipples, hips, stomach, thighs, balls, then I would completely miss moving over his straight, hard shaft and start over at his nipples, sides, stomach, hips, thighs, balls. As I started back at the beginning again, he moaned. I could feel goose bumps trailing over his body.

"Oh, you are so gorgeous," I sighed as if it were me being touched. Then I ran my fingertips over his back and ass and back of his legs, then around to the front again. This time when I got to the aching shaft I ran my fingertips up and over it. His moans this time were so cute. I thought he would cum right there and then. "Don’t move," I said. "The whip is right here by my side, and I am not afraid to use it."

"Yes, Mistress. But you are making me feel so good, it’s hard to stand here."

"You will get over it," I said. All of a sudden I gave him this grin and brought my mouth down around his hardened cock, until I came to his balls.

Leo didn’t budge after that. I took hold of his hips and shoved him toward me. With alternating slow and fast rhythms, he really got into it. I licked his balls, which now desperately needed to cum. I kept at sucking him as his hips moved and my fingers traced circles continuously over his body. The groan came from deep inside of Leo, as he came in my mouth. I was so happy to taste that special part of him. I was so lucky to be playing his Mistress and get what I wanted from him. He quivered while I drank the last of his happy orgasm, but still he did not move. Before long, I pulled away, let him out of the handcuffs, sat on the bed, and spread my legs. "Please me, slave. Show me you are worthy."

He came over to me and kneeled on the floor. The hungry look in his eyes showed me how much he wanted to lick me. He spread my legs so wide that I was completely open. As his tongue went to my clit, his fingers went deeply inside me. He wasted no time to start fucking me fast and very hard with his fingers. I ran my fingers through his soft, long hair that tickled me in all the nicest places. After only minutes, I was dripping wet. I felt him play in the wetness of my juices and then sliding it down to my ass. Very slowly, his finger slid into my ass as he skillfully licked circles around my clit. I moaned rather loudly. It just felt so good. My hips bucked up to greet his finger and his tongue. Before long I was begging for more fingers in my ass. It was such a turn on.

"Mistress, do I have permission to fuck your ass. It’s so wet and willing, and I know you ache for it," Leo said.

"Yes, my little slave. Fuck my ass. You are right, I ache for you there." I flipped up onto all fours with my back arched. Leo got up onto the bed behind me. He ran his cock between my legs and through my pussy lips to create a wetness on his cock. I certainly was wet enough to get him lubricated. He dipped deeply inside my pussy, thrusting hard. "Yes! Yes! I’m ready for you," I said. Leo slipped his cock from my pussy and put it to my ass. So very slowly, he slid inside of me just a little at a time. I reached between my legs to play with my clit. After only a minute, I began to push back against him. It was the best having him in my ass. I didn’t want it to stop. His fingers reached for my nipple and pinched it hard, then he arched his back straight up and swatted my ass. His fingertips ran over the red area, then he swatted my ass again. I could barely remember at that moment that I was supposed to order him to do things to me. But he was so good, I needed not do anything but enjoy the sensations that ran through my body.

"Cum, Mistress. Please cum while my load empties in your ass," Leo moaned. We came together, quivering as if we were one entangled together.

When reality set in, we fell on the bed together. We were both out of breath and sweaty, but cuddled together just the same. Leo propped himself up on one elbow slowly running his fingers over me. “I loved it. I really loved it. And I’m sorry I didn’t trust you to please me,” he said.

“You should be,” I told him, sticking out my tongue at him.

“Don’t stick it out if you don’t plan on using it,” he said, then kissed me passionately, letting his tongue play with mine.



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