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Free Fetish Sex Stories - The Two Brothers

Mike and Mark are siblings that live next door to me. I am single and live alone, so I can do whatever I want without feeling guilty about it. I figure if they want me then they can put up with any other man that want me. As for Mike and Mark, well, I started seeing both of them a couple of months ago. They both insist on keeping it a secret from the other one, which I find rather amusing since they must wonder why the other one is here in my house at any given time. Neither of them mentioned it to each other, at least not in front of me, so I assumed, they either didn’t know or chose to ignore it. They couldn’t possibly be dumb enough to not know that I was sleeping with both of them.

At night after one or the other would go home, I would lay in bed, still naked and spread my legs and play in the wetness of our lovemaking. It felt good to know that I was touching and rubbing both of our orgasms into me. Sometimes, I would bring my fingers to my mouth and lick it off or rub it over my nipples. Then I would play with my clit and make myself cum thinking of having both men at the same. It was a major fantasy for me. To have one in my ass and one in my pussy or one in my mouth and one in my pussy or any number of things would be great for me. What a turn-on and I was bound and determined to find a way to make it happen. Part of me wanted to find a way that one sibling would catch the other sibling having sex with me. It was my hope that the other would want to join in. Although I knew it could backfire and neither would want me anymore.

So one day I had both men over for dinner. Told them I made it special for them. As we sat down to eat, both men kept staring at me. During dinner, I would run my hand over one or the other’s crotch and tease them until they would get hard. I was soaking wet as I teased both of them. They both looked like they were being so sneaking. It was like watching the grins of cats that think they ate the canary and no one else knew but everyone really knew.

“Listen guys. This is silly. You might be mad at me, but I gotta talk to you about something,” I said, bravely. My heart was actually pounding loudly but I felt like this needed to be done. And better in my house than on Jerry Springer.

“What is it?” Mark said.

“You both seem to like me, yet you try to hide it from the other. You must know that you both want to be with me.”

“Yes, we know,” Mark said, looking at Mike.

“So why don’t we quit playing around and just all go to bed together?” I openly asked. “I’d love to be with both of you.”

“I would like that, too. What do you say, Mike?” Mark asked.

“Let’s go for it,” Mark said. They were so anxious I wondered what took me so long to bring it up in the first place.

We went into the bedroom and they undressed while watching me stand on top of the bed and strip slowly for them. As their hands would come up over to me, I would push them away. I let my own hands wander over my naked body to tease them, show them how I like to touch myself. My fingers drifted softly over my breasts, stomach, hips and thighs.

“You are driving us crazy, girl,” Mike said. He got onto the bed and knocked me down and Mark came together with him. I had one man on each side of me. They were both kissing and touching me. I wasn’t sure from one minute to the next who I was kissing and where my own hands were. I touched whatever part of one of them that I could reach. We were hands, tongues, and limbs everywhere. Mark came up to me and put his cock to my face, and I took it into my mouth. He moaned as I sucked him. I felt Mike’s mouth drift down my body to my pussy lips. He licked my clit and put his fingers deep inside of me. I couldn’t remember being that turned on. There was so much going on that I couldn’t think, just react to it all of it with moans and movements that I didn’t know my body could produce. It was exciting in a way that I hadn’t been before.

“You wanted this,” Mark said, “now suck me hard.” He pushed as deep as he could down my throat but I gladly took it in. My hands reached out and tickled his balls. As I looked up at him, he had his eyes on what Mike was doing between my legs. Mike certainly knew how to please me. He was always good at sucking my clit. And he was able to get most of his hand inside of me to fill me deeply.

“I’m going to cum now. Swallow me!” Mark moaned. He tasted so good that I just wanted him to keep filling my throat with cum. I put my finger inside his ass and kept sucking him until he pulled away. He came to start kissing me and touching my breasts, and every part of me that Mike was not. In moments I found myself cumming harder than I had before.

“Fuck me, Mike. Put your cock in me,” I moaned. He got up and slammed his cock into me. Mark touched me and played with my ass. His fingers, and I am sure there were more than one entered my ass as Mike continued to fuck me as hard as he could. There wasn’t a part of me that wasn’t being touched or kissed. It was amazing how being covered in two men can drive a person wild. I came over and over before I heard the loud sounds of Mike as he pulled out and shot his cum all over my body. I rubbed it into me, tasted some of it. It was warm and tasted sweet and exciting. In one movement, Mark flipped me over on my hands and knees, and pushed down on my back. He rubbed some of Mike’s cum on his fingers and slipped them into my ass, then removed them and put his cock to my ass. He pushed gently at first until he was deep in my ass. Mike crawled under my body between my hands and knees and started to eat my pussy again. I leaned over and started to suck his still hard cock. We all were in a rhythm that couldn’t be beat. Mark fucked my ass, I sucked Mike’s cock, and Mike licked my pussy and had his fingers buried inside me. Mark started to moan and cum in my ass, and Mike came in my mouth. Mike bit at my clit and pushed his fingers hard into me sending me hurling into my own orgasm. It was all so wonderful.

We collapsed into a pile, one man on each side of me. They kissed and touched me even as we relaxed.

“We should have done this before,” Mark said.

“That’s what I was thinking,” I said.

“No fear, now we can just keep doing it,” Mike said, smiling.



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