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Free Fetish Sex Stories - Santa and His Two Elves

“Well, it’s a job, isn’t it?” I said to my girl friend, Tammy. She was watching as I dressed in my elf uniform. I thought with my red hair, blue eyes and freckles that I made a pretty nice elf. Santa sure seemed to like me.

My uniform was quite suggestive, I thought. At least it was to wear in front of children. But Santa really like what I was wearing and told me quite frequently.

“Don’t you think that outfit is a bit much for the children to see you in?” She asked, looking at my short, little green dress, cleavage hanging over, and green nylons.

“Santa seems to like it,” I said.

“But Santa is a pervert,” she told me, laughing.

“How can you say that about him?” I asked. “That’s not being kind.” I was laughing myself, because this particular Santa really liked his elves.

“You know he is. I’ve seen him after all the kids leave, putting you all on his lap at the same time, and you all seem to like it, too.”

“Well, if you saw what was under that Santa suit, you would like it, too. And I Santa’t mean just his cock. I mean his whole body,” I said, winking at her. He was gorgeous under that outfit, and he had a huge cock. His hair is not long and white but soft, short, and brown. And he has the biggest, darkest eyes I’ve ever seen.

“You are just as much of a pervert as he is,” she said, laughing. “No wonder you like it.”

“Absolutely, and I’m late, so I will see you later,” I told her, grabbing my coat and running out the door. I hated to be late. Sometimes if we were early, we got to spend some time with Santa. He was a lot jollier after he had had sex.

Jenny was already sitting on Santa’s lap when I arrived. They looked so cute together. I often thought of what it would be like to help Jenny off with her outfit.

“Hi, Santa. Hello, Jen. Don’t forget about me,” I said. I went over and sat on the other leg that Jen wasn’t taking up, wrapping my arms around Santa’s neck, and kissing him on the cheek.

“You have to give me a better kiss than that,” he said, and I was pleased to, letting him play with my tongue and press me up against him. His hand went straight to my cleavage, and I let him touch me. It was exciting to have Santa touch me in front of Jenny.

It wasn’t time to open up yet, and I could tell that Santa was terribly horny.

“I want to watch you touch each other. I dream of it,” he said. Jen seemed to like that idea. She stood and looked at me.

"You want to touch these?” She asked as she touched her firm, large breasts. Sweat began to form upon my forehead and the palms of my hands. I touched the mounds in front of me. As soon as I did, her nipples stiffened without thought. I went straight for the nipple, biting gently through the thin fabric that covered them.

Jen hooted happily taking me into her arms to tongue my mouth, grope at my tits. My heart thumped upon my chest and my breathing became shallow. My body pressed against hers, while her hands squeezed my cunt. Jen lifted her shirt over her head, while moans came from within as I touched her naked mounds. I let her face Santa, who was content just watching, as I licked a nipple while kneading her other. It took all my self-control not to bite them. My pussy already leaked wetness against my panties. Jen removed my shirt to suckle on my tits, as I squirmed out of my skirt and panties to wait for her fingers to touch me, her firmness against my swollen pussy lips. As if reading my mind, she touched through my pussy hairs to make me tingle all over my body. My hips moved from front to back and side to side. "Oh, yes, baby." Your pussy is so wet," she said.

She seemed to enjoy touching me immensely, and I had no doubt she wanted her tongue licking the wetness. I lay on the floor in front of Santa with Jen with me. Santa had his cock in his hand watching us, jacking off. It was exciting for him to watch us like that.

Lying on the floor with my ass up, I spread my thighs wide to expose the bulb that anxiously awaited her tongue. She parted the pink lips and as soon as the air hit the folds within, I squirmed. She dove between my legs with her face disappearing into me and the sweet feeling of the tip of her tongue on the center swelling made groans come from my chest. Her fingers probed into my drenched hole as she fucked me with them. Her tongue flickering against my clit and fingers danced in my cunt drove me mad.

Jen slid out of her outfit and onto my face. She reached down to part her pussy lips for my penetration. I did what she did to my cunt, finding the right spot. Her pink flesh jumped as I licked. Reaching over to my purse next to me, I grabbed a vibrator out of it, never taking my tongue from her pleasure.

I turned the vibrator on to rest it against her clit then moved it into the depth of her wetness. She quivered as I watched her fucking the dildo silly. Her fingers were still burying in me. I could hear the wetness of her pussy and mine. Now I knew why Santa loved eating beaver. It tastes wonderful. I couldn’t get enough of it. Her hips moved over my face. I kept playing with her, diving as deep as I could into her. My hole tightened around her fingers as she dug more into me.

She groaned as she thrashed all over my lips.

"Make her cum," Santa said. "Taste it."

"Bury the dildo in me now," she said. I continued to fuck her, lick her, and make her squirm, shiver, and moan. A high-pitched sound escaped her as it did me. I bit her clit and she yelped, but kept the pace against me, in me. My orgasm took over my body as hers did to her.

Santa started to moan as he stood over us, cumming all over our naked bodies. Jen and I rubbed it into each other and licked it off each other. It was the most exciting time that I had ever had.

It was one Christmas season that I would never forget.



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