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Free Fetish Sex Stories - Mother-In-Law

I know what everyone says about their mother-in-laws. It was okay for them to say those things, and I understood from my best friend, Julie. Her mother-in-law was a bitch. She was mean to her and called her names and said how fat and lazy she is and things. It was terrible how mean she was to her.
Julie was a truly good person and she did everything for her husband. She never put her needs before her husband's or her children but yet, this woman thought she was such an awful person.
During one thanksgiving feast, her mother-in-law, in front of all of us, stood up and said that wished her son would divorce and find someone that deserved him. I was floored. Her husband never sticks up for her, which is also terrible. I knew that I couldn't live like that.
I was very lucky to have the mother in law that I did. She was a wonderful person and there was nothing she wouldn't do for us. She seemed to love me for her son and was thrilled when we gave her a granddaughter.
I had to admit that Mary was a beautiful woman. I loved the way she was around me, very tender and caring. She did not look her age. I had fantasies of being with her but they hadn't come true until we went down to the pier to watch the sunset and drink a bottle of wine.
No one ever went to that pier but us. Sometimes Jack would join us there. This time it started out to be just us. We lit some large candles so we could see after the sun went down and continued to drink.
"I like being with you," Mary said. "You are so good for my son."
"I'm glad you think so. I have a lot of fun being around you. Jack will probably come down here later when I don't go home." I laughed thinking about what he would think. He didn't mind us together. One time he had even told me that he had fantasies of me with his mom. He said he couldn't join in, but he would love to watch. For a while it had been a real fetish for him. I liked the fantasies myself.
"Let me brush your hair," she said. She took her brush from her purse and I sat near her while she brushed my hair softly. I was getting quite turned on by the softness of her touch.
I turned to her and she reached down and kissed me. I didn't stop her. I wanted her to.
"Is this what you do when I'm not around?" My husband asked as he came up behind us. I pulled away fast from her and looked up. "Don't stop on my account. I want to watch."
I looked at his face. I could see he really meant it, that small smile at the corner of his mouth, the hungry gleam in his eyes, wanting the fantasy I knew he dreamt of. Could it come true? I turned to Mary, not realizing she had taken my hand in the last few moments and let it lay on her thigh. That was all I needed to know.
I looked again at Jack, still standing there silhouetted against the darkening sky, and his eyes signaled his desire. Slowly I gently moved my hand along Mary's thigh, exploring the growing warmth between her legs.

"No," she said, with a tone in her voice I'd never heard before. I felt suddenly chill, and it wasn't just the cold creeping in from the ocean. "Like this!", and I felt Jack pin my shoulders from behind. This wasn't what I expected! Mary pushed me back forcefully against the rough timbers of the pier, and the bottle of wine spilt, splashing red on my clothes. Jack's hold on me was beginning to hurt, and I moaned softly.
"Quiet!" snapped Mary, "or you'll regret it. Stay still." Suddenly I thought Julie's mother in law wasn't so bad after all, I mean, you knew where you stood with that bitch. Mary clawed my blouse off, it ripped as easily as tissue paper, and I felt cold and naked and helpless in Jack's iron grasp. She picked up a still burning candle, and dripped some of the hot wax into my navel. The heat after the chill of the air was unbearable, and I cried out in pain.
Jack covered my mouth with the torn blouse to silence my scream, and I felt my skirt being removed, none too gently. Burning wax was poured onto my panties, and it hurt so bad I managed to take them off before I'd realized I was now naked. Mary laughed.

"Thank you, now we'll begin. Are you comfortable?" I shook my head, my eyes showing my fright. She laughed again, a low chuckle, and I wondered what was going to happen to me.
I felt a long, cold object between my legs, exploring deep, and finally insistently penetrating me, without mercy. I wasn't ready for it and had trouble keeping quiet - when we made love; Jack was so gentle, so considerate. This bitch was forcing what? A candle! And still burning - she was violating me, and I wriggled in fear. Hot wax spilled on my thighs, and I could feel a stretching, more pain, as she pushed another candle into my vagina. I could feel her fingers spread my lips, and expose my clit to the cold night air. There was searing pain, as more hot wax was poured on it, and I moaned, tears
streaming down my cheeks. I could handle no more of this!

Mary was twisting the candles inside me, pouring more hot wax on my body, and I suddenly saw through the blur of tears, Jack's cock, erect and ready, in front of my face. I opened my mouth to try and speak to him, to beg him to get his mother to stop, but before I could get a word out he had thrust it deep in my mouth, making me gasp for air. I knew what I had to do, or else I would be in more pain, so I took his cock in my hand, and sucked and licked it until I could hear him moaning, that sound he made as he was about to come. A moment later, I could feel the hot fluid coursing down my throat as he spent himself inside my mouth. I lay back, breathing hard, covered in wax and cum,
with two candles stuck deep between my legs, clothes ripped and shredded and covered in wine - and a bright flash split the sky, blinding me.
Jack's camera! The flash came again, and again, and I tried to curl up on the hard wooden boards, to hide my ravished body against the damning photos they were taking.
Mary laughed again, a low evil chuckle, from a cold, calculating mouth. "You don't deserve Jack. So, I've found him someone else who does. Just try to stop me."



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