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Free Fetish Sex Stories - A Pirate's Conquest

In 1492, Columbus might have sailed the ocean, but he was not the only one out on the open seas. There was a much darker force also about. These people were called Pirates. These pirates filtered goods from other ships, had no qualms about killing, and enjoyed themselves by drinking and partying every change they got. It was a hard life being out to sea for months at a time. The pirates often get crabby and start fights with each other. Captain Charles stops them from killing each other, and sometimes, I wonder why.
How do I know all this? Because I'm Captain Charles daughter. Yes, daughter, but the other pirates on the ship don't know I'm female. I dress as they do, can drink and party with the best of them, and will protect my ship standing next to them. I also have no qualms about killing someone.

The only person I love is my father. I don't even know what happened to my mother exactly. This is the only life I know.

But it's a good life for me. It's boring much of the time, yet it gets quite exciting at other time.

Earlier in the day, we spotted a ship in the distance. We raised the black skeleton flag, which represented the Captain of the ship. We proceeded at a very fast pace so the other ship would not get away. My heart was pounding with pure adrenaline. It was not fear. There was nothing for me to fear. I wasn't afraid of dying and there wasn't a man yet, who could beat me. I've proven myself many times over. On this day, it was a dark, rainy, gloomy one, but for us, it would be a great day.

The ship put up a white flag, surrendering immediately. The ship was for cargo. It carried no weapons, just food and drink. We hit the jackpot. While they loaded the supplies of the ship on ours, I instilled a little more fear into every man aboard. It felt good to have such an upper hand. To put my sward to their throats and watch them quiver was a great thrill. To know that if I wanted to I could kill them. Their life was literally in my hands. But I just felt like watching them squirm today.

What a party we had after the raid. We ate and drank and gambled and fought with each other. It was great until out of nowhere in the dark, men came aboard our ship. We never saw them coming so we were unprepared enough not to win, but his crew didn't win either. From the blood shed, we were pretty even. As many of their men went down as ours. I got one myself, until there were only three of us left standing: Captain Charles, the Captain of the other ship, and myself. Captain Charles motioned for me to stay out. He could handle it, so I didn't interfere, but only watched them swing their heavy swords at each other, each swinging bringing a shocking force against the other, each blow having the potential to be their last.

Then as suddenly as the fight had started, it ended with a sword in my father's chest. I screamed without thought and ran to his body.

"You asshole," I said. He could have/should have killed me, but didn't. He reached over and took the hat off my head and looked at me, staring with deep, black, icy eyes. He was tall and handsome, yet he would have looked much better at the end of my sword.

"You're a fucking woman," he said, laughing.

"So what. If we hadn't been drinking, we would have kicked your ass. As it was we were even."

"Well, it don't seem so at this moment, does it?" He grinned walking around me, gawking at me like I were part of the treasure he had just won.

"What are you going to do with me?" I asked. "I would rather if you kill me than touch me."

"I am thinking I can take you back to land with me and auction you off to the highest bidder." I had seen those auctions; they were awful. "For now I need to load all this cargo onto my ship. It's mine now."

I wouldn't let him take me back for that. I wouldn't be auctioned off like a piece of meat. I knew I would find some way out of this.

He grabbed my arm and led me over to a pole and tied me to it with his belt. As I watched him load up his ship with our stuff, I thought of how I might get out of this mess. And I said a goodbye to Captain Charles.

Once he had everything loaded, he untied me and dragged me to his ship. "If you get out of hand, I will tie you back up," he said. He probably didn't know who he was dealing with. I knew it could be my chance to escape the wrath of being sold. "Don't even think about it." He looked right at me, glaring. "You won't win.

"Don't take me back there. Let me serve you instead. I fight and kill as good as anyone. Why sell me when you can keep me for yourself?" I went over to him, pressing my body against his. "I won't turn against you."

"How do I know that?" He asked. I could feel his hardness against my stomach. He wanted me. Probably hadn't had sex in years.

"Cuz you know it," I said, sitting on his lap.

"Well, prove it then," he said, bringing his lips hard on mine.

He grabbed me up in his arms, pressing me against him. He was so warm that I hated to admit it. He kissed my neck, my ears, my shoulders, as he peeled away my clothing to expose each bit of flesh. As the ship floated in it's own direction, we undressed each other fully. I kissed my way down his body, licking in small circles. My fingers rubbed the parts of his body that my tongue didn't. When I had licked my way to his cock, I could only stare for a minute before licking around the head, then down the shaft to his balls. I heard his moans, which made me want to please him all the more. My mouth opened to take Captain John's entire shaft deep down my throat. I knew I had to win him over. I had to please him. Faster with each thrust, he fucked my mouth. His balls grew tighter to his balls. As he grew more excited, so did I. I didn't need to be touched to be wet and aching.

"I'm cumming," Captain John said. I happily swallowed his juices, letting some drip onto my breasts. It was warm on my flesh.

As soon as he stopped cumming, Captain John pulled me up to him, then led me over to a wooden bench. I sat upon it while he sat in front of me. He put my feet on his shoulders and let my knees drop, which gave him full access to my pussy. At least he seemed to like pleasing me, too. I could get used to this. I squirmed as his fingers touched my clit to wiggle it back and forth. He let his finger dive deep inside me. Then I looked down to watch him bury his face between my legs. His tongue licked my clit, then he sucked it hard. It felt so good. I wanted more. My hips moved with his tongue and my moans came as gasps. The ship rocked in an erotic manner to help my feelings out as he continued to eat me. His fingers fucked me hard and fast as his tongue danced on my clit. I screeched as my body burst into orgasm. Before I finished cumming, Captain John got between my legs, pushing his cock deep inside of my wetness. It was like cumming all over again. We were in a frenzy of passion, rocking together, kissing, touching, and nibbling. My knees parted as wide as they could for him to deeply thrust into me. The winds blew a fresh breeze over our sweating bodies. Then I grabbed onto him as I came again, this time, Captain John moaned and came with me.

"What do you say? Did I win you over? Try me out and see," I said. "I will not only be your lover, I will be your pirate and fight for you. You can't hardly beat that."

"You can stay on a trial bases, but the first time you disappoint me, you are gone one way or another," he said, and I believed him. I knew that I would not disappoint him. I was good for a lot of things, and he would soon find out what they all were.



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