October 15th, 2013

We don't get to see much of Paris Hilton nowadays and that is why it's fun when we get some updates on what she is doing with her life, and what she is doing is music videos because if you don't remember she is a singer.

Paris Hilton chose Lil' Wayne to be her partner in crime, and we don?t care that much about who she is within the video, the main thing is that she shows some skin and give us a nice view of what we have been missing.

So come on and enjoy the preview that we have for you of Paris Hilton?s new music video, we are not sure about if you?ll enjoy the music but at least you will enjoy watching her in a bikini.


July 14th, 2013

So maybe the time that she has been away worked a lot because Paris Hilton is looking much healthier now, also is that she looks like a more grown up woman not that younger style that she had before.

Anyways, we think that Paris Hilton doesn’t need that much presentation, here she is in a hot bikini come on and click on the photos below and enjoy.

February 9th, 2013

Over the years, dilettante Paris Hilton has taken a lot of daring photos and she also starred in her own leaked "sex tape." Hilton is one of those ladies who is always accidentally having nude or sexy videos from her laptop stolen or somehow leaked. Its great publicity for Paris Hilton who is the queen of sexual attention mongering and has been seen nearly naked at all kinds of awards ceremonies, fashion shows and parties.

Although photo stills from her sex tape and many sexy selfies are in evidence, the photographs of her wearing latex, leather and bondage outfits are a little rarer. From these nearly naked photos and very hot photos we are posting of Paris Hilton today you can see why we want to call Paris Hilton the Secret Queen of the bandage dress and black leather "Cruising" cap.

July 10th, 2012

This time Paris Hilton was running away from the paparazzi and fighting with them when she  apparently lost balance and fell down what made her panties visible for the whole world to see, so what do you think about them?

I think that is just something that is getting old to see her in this kind of situation though is always fun to watch we would really like to see something new about Paris Hilton, anyways here you will be able to see her panties.

April 3rd, 2012

Apparently Paris Hilton has decided to get away from the media, or maybe paparazzi aren’t interested anymore in a girl that already did everything that could call the attention, so these photos are quite rare.

Anyways, come on in and enjoy some photos that we found of Paris Hilton wearing a tiny dress that is kind of see through, though we can’t see the good parts, we get to see at least a bit, enjoy.

November 24th, 2011

This time we can see that Paris Hilton is at Bali promoting herself, and decided to take a little break on her “job” and escape to the wonderful beaches over there, and we have to say that she looks fine in a bikini as usual.

Anyways, maybe you have missed Paris Hilton and her skinny hotness, so that’s why we brought these photos of her in bikini.

March 29th, 2011

It’s been a while since we saw our favorite blonde around, Paris Hilton has been hiding for us maybe, now that she has a new boyfriend and wedding bells are in the plans for many who say that she is ready to tide the not.

So, for those of you who enjoy watching girl in spandex pants running around your neighborhood, here we have Paris Hilton doing so to complete your fantasies that you would go out to your balcony and she’ll be passing by.

February 21st, 2011

Of course, when you are Paris Hilton, you celebrate your birthday by going to David Letterman and celebrating it with your fans, though I guess that she had some sort of birthday blast later, but first she gave us this gorgeous view of her.

So, here we have her, Paris Hilton is thirty and she keeps looking as hot as ever, I believe that she will get even hotter on this new stage of her life, let’s hole she just keeps getting sexier and naughtier.

December 27th, 2010

For us this is no big deal, but we have to enjoy the pleasure of watching Paris Hilton on a bikini every time we can and on these photos we have to say that she doesn’t look bad at all, apparently the glow on her face makes her look prettier.

So, come inside and watch Paris Hilton on a bikini alone, and of course watch her with her new boy toy also, we know you wanna see some pics of him and ask yourself what does he have that you don’t?

November 23rd, 2010

Apparently the famous heiress has decided not to fight with the paparazzis anymore and just give them what they want, scandalous photos of her doing anything, so Paris Hilton we can say that we like your new attitude, keep it coming.

So for all of you that are fans of her, you will enjoy watching her round ass on these photos, it looks awesome for an ass that has been spanked and bite and all of that, Paris Hilton keeps the sexy going on.

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