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May 15th, 2015

One would think it would be rather hard to be a Kardashian and manage to grab the spotlight from Daddy Bruce Jenner's sex change however Kim just managed to get a ton of attention from the tabloids for publishing these nude photos of her on a beach. The artistic twist to these wonderful portraits of one of the curviest ladies in the world is that she is wearing white body paint in the most strategic places. However, the white paint does not make such great lingerie and all of Kim K's bounteous blessings are clearly visible in these photos.


May 6th, 2015

Everyone knows that s full-time nearly naked narcissist loves to take a selfie to awe and amaze the general public, but here we have some more personal ones that somehow were leaked onto the internet. They have an artier, more personal feel, like she was trying to arouse her husband or a boyfriend. In them you get the usual good look at her tits both naked and trussed up in a really sexy push up bra. Kim is an expert at powdering and greasing her breasts so they look erotic. There are a few super hot shots of her naked and you get a good look at her hourglass figure.


March 21st, 2015

Kim Kardashian was caught by the paparazzi modeling a very sexy black net bikini for a photoshoot yesterday. The weather was very cold and her new bright wet hair was oiled or wet, so she looked a little lank. The shoot took place in Malibu, where it is normally super hot but today the weather was just not cooperating for poor Kim who looked visibly cold. There were lots of photographs of her posing on the rocks and they probably should have called the spread "Kim on the Rocks." I guess we will find out soon who the daring sexy photo shoot was for.


March 17th, 2015

Kanye West tweeted naked pictures of Kim Kardashian today in celebration of Season 10 of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." On the celebratory episode Kim is featured modelling stark naked for a fashion shoot. Kanye took a few shots of his home and posted them on Twitter with the status: "I'm so lucky." Apparently he also had a quickie with her on the set of the shoot. The shots of his wife managed to get her account up to the 30 million followers count.

During the episode Kim is videotaped talking about her desire to have a baby and all of the fertility experts that they have seen in a quest to breed. If they keep screwing on the set of the show like they are, it won't be long before the beloved pair of exhibitionists have a little bundle of joy to show off to the paparazzi.


March 8th, 2015

It seems that attention-getter Kim Kardashian has captured world headlines once again this time simply because she died her hair from brown to platinum blonde yesterday and now today is walking around with with hair dyed completely snow-white. I guess she didn't think blondes had more fun. The white she has adopted for Fashion Week is a very Lady Gaga style bleached out white. It's very arty and a hard color to achieve, but here she has done it. She was then seen later out on the town attending various London Fashion Week performances in a sexy sheer dress that showed off her huge jugs and famous enormous rear end.


March 7th, 2015

Kim Kardashian has been blonde before. She dyed her hair blonde in 2012 to go to a Halloween party as Venus the Love Goddess and wore a green dress with shells that cupped her enormous tits. She has also been an ombre blonde, which means that her hair was blonde on top and platinum at the ends. Yesterday Kim Kardashian took lots of selfies of herself getting her hair dyed blonde before attending a fashion show in which her gorgeous sister Kendall Jenner was doing some modelling. Gossips say that Kim did not like the idea of Kendall being in the spotlight so she dyed her hair this outrageous colour to take the media focus away from her event! Then she upped the ante by wearing a completely see-through dress that showed off her humongous tits and camel toe! What a narcissist!


March 1st, 2015

Kim Kardashian wowed everyone in London when she showed up for a dinner date with Madonna wearing a skin tight pinkish flesh colored rubber dress that hugged every single curve of her body. Even though Kim was not theoretically naked, the dress was so tight that it exposed her nipples and stretched very tightly across her huge butt and beefy thighs. The dress was so constricting that she could barely hobble about in it in her obscenely high stiletto shoes. She certainly outdid Madonna who showed up in a mini-dress and boring old fishnets. Kim's dress was so tight it looked like a second skin. However, we would expect nothing less from one of the world's most daring exhibitionists.


February 7th, 2015

True to her usual cock-teasing style, Kim Kardashian only releases a few photos a day to leave her fans wanting even more. Today, more photos from her scandalous February Love Magazine shoot were revealed online. In this spread, she is supposedly modeling Prada clothing in a feature spread on the famous fashion house, but from what we can tell, this photo spread his mostly all about "the base" -- the huge tits and that famous Kim Kardashian booty.


February 4th, 2015

Love Magazine is known for its erotic spreads of gorgeous famous women that are just a little bit kinky. Today we are featuring photos that were taken behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot that Love Magazine is doing of Kim Kardashian. These photos are quite kinky and feature her with a naked butt up in the air, hugging an inflatable doll and posing in stilettos with a trench coat over her head as if she has just been raped and abandoned in a stairwell. Enjoy this odd photographs that give us a glimpse of what the real Kim is like in between poses.


January 4th, 2015

It seems that all Kim Kardashian wanted to do for Christmas is go to Las Vegas and show off her awesome burlesque dancing skills. In this video she wears a very revealing one piece with poufy sleeves and poses provocatively inside a clawfoot bathtub. She also whips her hair from side to side. Another highlight is when she picks up a soaking wet sponge and squeezes it over her hair and breasts and then wags that full round rump at the audience. Talk about being a full bawdy sensation. As you can see in this video, the audience loved it!


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