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October 6th, 2015

Rihanna is outdoing herself again when it comes to being the ultimate yard stick for all things sizzling, hot and sexy. In fact, just looking at her firm young rump and sensuous smooth skin is enough to make any guy really hard. However, these photos prove that this hot young superstar and singer does not just look great naked. She also looks equally erotic when clothed, especially when she wears fabric that hugs all of her curves (and especially that fuckable rump of hers) and allows her huge nipples to poke through the fabric.


September 9th, 2015

Dam that Rihanna is one hot sexy lady and she can really twerk that big sexy rump of hers like no other! In this really great compilation we see the fmaous pop star and actress twerking her ass off in a number of situations and videos. This revealing little video stars out with her bouncing her booty in a sheer long silver dress and then the imagery moves into various wriggling and bumping party and concert footage and finishes up with a wet photo of her dry humping a log in water while decked out in a blond wig.


August 5th, 2015

Rihanna travels back to her native Barbados every single year to take part in the classic Caribana carnival tradition where people dress down to the glitzy minimum, drink, dance and behave in an all-over sexually provocative manner. Rihanna, being naturally beautiful and an amazing dancer and singer was completely in her element participating in this exotic event in her native tropical paradise and we have the pics of her booty and boobies to prove it.


July 25th, 2015

After you watch this latest musical offering fro Rihanna you might think twice about pissing her off. There is just something about seeing her covered in blood after kidnapping a rich white bitch who owes her mother To make up for the wierd terror, there are also plenty of scenes in this creative, musically catchy, little tale of Rihanna strutting around topless and stark naked and spreading her legs for the camera (with a pair of slutty shorts on of course.) There are also scenes where she hangs the poor hapless blonde lady upside down, completely naked and she also spends some time harassing and torturing a much older half-naked man. If you love your Fifty Shades of Rihanna with a bit of an edge, this violent, sexually explicit video is for you! Sweet Wet Dreams!


May 11th, 2015

Rihanna has been touring Holland with her latest concert and her latest naughty act is to haul audience members on stage and treat them to a lap dance and dry humping while the audience cheers her gyrating ass on. In this video you can see a succession of lucky men and women being pushed down on their back by Rihanna, who is wearing sexy leather shorts and a bustier, and then being squatted over by the erotic pop star while she gyrates and thrusts those hot hips of hers. She is getting almost as daring and lusty in her moves as Madonna!


April 27th, 2015

This week Rihanna is the star of the latest sexy scenario caught by paparazzi on the beach as she plays with her mangos on a beach in Hawaii. The hot pop start appears to be joking as she swings two mangos around her nether regions and holds them up against her chest, as if to allude to her breasts also being mangos. She also looks so hot in that bright white filmy bikini get-up that does not leave much to the imagination! She also looks quite whacked out in some of these pictures. It seems that the beauty of the waves and the beach gets some people feeling really high!


November 4th, 2014

According to Esquire UK, Rihanna or Ri Ri as she is often known is the biggest pop star in the world and trumps Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Beyonce when it comes to pure sex appeal. In this photo shoot for the well-known British version of the popular men's magazine Esquire, Rihanna is nearly naked and doing naughty things such as squirting water down her pants and posing topless. The photographer behind these examples of pure erotic genius is EllenVon Unwerth which is explains why they are so artistic and why some of the hot hots are in black and white.


November 2nd, 2014
There are not too many women on this planet who could pull off a dorky kid's cartoon costume and still look hot, but pop star Rihanna sure did it for Halloween 2014. Check out the lovely green breasts and legs and the big red lips paired with the mask, that makes such an innocent kid's cartoon character seem more like a wierd dom from a kinky high-end brothel. Rihanna, who is only 26, is looking pretty sophisticated for her age and sexier than ever. In case you did not know, the specific Mutant NInja Turtle she is dressed as is Raphael who is known as the most rebellious of the gang.


September 4th, 2014

Rihanna could wear a burlap sack and look sexy but recently she stunned her fans, in a good way, by wearing this beautiful flesh colored suede bikini that features her wearing chains dangling in all the right places. The flesh exposed in these photos also showcase the pop singer’s many beautiful tattoos, including a beautiful webbed cuff on her hand. These photos of the Bajan beauty were taken by a good friend, and posted online. The singer’s Instagram account was actually shut down in April after she posted a series of photographs that were just too racy in April. We have posted a few other photos of this hert-thumping babe in a bikini from Summer 2014 for you to enjoy as well.


May 15th, 2014

If anything Rihanna is getting sexier as she get solder. She takes selfie, after sexy selfie and posts them on Instagram and Twitter with thousands of fans eagerly watching to see what part of the body the hot superstar will reveal next. The sensuous Pisces is originally from Barbados and is only 26 years old. In the short time she has been on earth she has managed to become one of the best-selling recording artists of all time, selling more than 150 million records world-wide. She is also an accomplished actress and fashion designer and the fact that she is also incredibly good looking with hot cocoa-colored body is just icing on a very luscious cake.


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