November 7th, 2013

We are not sure what the poor animal is doing there but we guess is one of those photo shoots that are made to be sexy but they turned out pretty creepy, either way the naked body of Rihanna is nothing new.

But if you are a big fan of hers we are sure you will enjoy watching the sexy body of Rihanna naked for a magazine cover.

October 6th, 2013

Rihanna has gone from girl next door to stripper; the singer is embracing this new phase of hers where she tries to prove the world that she is no longer a girl but a grown up woman that has a lot of sensuality.

Now she has come out with a video of her in a throne wearing tiny rhinestone lingerie that allows pretty much to see everything, and Rihanna takes it to the maximum with her sassy dance moves.

So if you are into twerking, you sure will enjoy this new video of Rihanna ?cause apparently she decided to show Miley Cyrus how a sexy twerk is done.

July 25th, 2013

Now we can always see her wearing these daring outfits that allow people to see her most private parts, and for what we can see she looks pretty comfortable and happy doing it so we can say Rihanna has become in a exhibitionist.

Rihanna went out wearing a see through shirt that allowed everyone to see her nude tits and nipples, and just to make it clear, we are not complaining in fact we would love her to keep wearing stuff like this or even less.

March 13th, 2013

Topless photos of Rihanna in black and white are appearing and according to the news these photos were taken so she could add them to this blog of hers that I think none of us knew she had but that we will definitely visit from now on.

So let’s check out these hot photos of Rihanna and her curvy body seminude.

February 18th, 2013

What better way to begin the week than watching one of the current hotties showing herself nude in a bathtub for her new music video, and yes you read correctly we are talking about the brown hottie Rihanna. rn


Rihanna has a new video for new single called Stay and she decided to show up on it completely naked covered just by water and we can certainly use our imagination to see everything in detail under that water.

So click on the video below and enjoy the Barbados cutie showing her curvy and amazing body naked, Rihanna always making us drool a little bit on our keyboards.

November 15th, 2012

I think one of the reasons why Rihanna is one of our favorite girls in Hollywood, is her willingness to lose all her clothing and allow us to see her nice curves with pretty much nothing on, I guess we are pretty familiar with her curves now.rn


So, once again GQ magazine got Rihanna to pretty much strip naked and make a photo shoot where we can see a boyish look of the singer but even so, she still looks pretty hot and we remain in her fans club.

Come on and take a closer look at the few photos that we got as a sneak peek of the brown hottie that we all love so much, Rihanna has definitely taken advantage of her sexy body and she isn’t afraid to show it.

May 15th, 2012

We all know that Rihanna has that type of body that makes all of us drool all over the keyboard, and that who denies it is a big fat liar because she really is that hot and we all love to watch stuff about her.rn


So for today we have found a hot video with some hot photos of Rihanna in shorts and showing some skin for a photoshoot that she did for the famous photographer Terry Richardson, and we are all grateful with him for what he did.

Anyways come on and play the video below and you will be pleased to watch some sexy photos of Rihanna in black and white and wearing some really nice shorts that allow us to see some of that sexy body.

March 11th, 2012

We have seen several ads where Rihanna is modeling some stuff, and apparently Armani keeps giving us the chance to take a look at her body in sexy lingerie, this time he is complementing the lingerie with some tight jeans.rn


So, for all of us that are big fans of this gorgeous brunette this is a well done ad where we can appreciate the sexy curves of Rihanna wrapped in sexy lingerie, and she laid down in a bed is like an invitation from our wildest fantasies.

Anyways, come on in and play the video we are sure that you will enjoy watching the hot body of Rihanna just in lingerie.

November 8th, 2011

Apparently she spent her vacations in some sort of beach, and took plenty of photos of her in a yacht where she posed in pretty naughty poses and allow us to see that Rihanna is taking her wild side of hers out.

So, come on and go on vacations with her, imagining that you are there putting sun block in all her curves and receiving a smile like the ones in the photos full of promises, Rihanna will be really busy in lots of dreams of people tonight.

October 11th, 2011

We have to say that there is no argument on this one, Rihanna has come out of her shell and stopped being the cute girl to become in the sexy beautiful woman that she is now and we all love it.

So come on in and watch the sexy Rihanna in a hot photo shoot for Esquire, who we all should be thankful for taking these amazingly hot photos.

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