June 13th, 2012

So apparently Madonna still knows how to impress her crowd and not that she hasn’t done it all, but she keeps the craziness going and we all think that’s the reason why she is so loved for all her fans.

This time Madonna chose Istanbul to make a show that left all of her fans amazed of how she keeps the sexy going on and how much she loves her body still, just when they thought it would be a regular concert she surprised everyone.

The big surprise was when she decided to flash her boob to all of her fans, and we gotta say that the only one that can pull that off is Madonna, so let’s hope that we have more of this madness of hers because she is just amazing.

September 29th, 2011

Apparently 21 years ago when we first saw Madonna singing Vogue, we weren’t seeing all of it, this new video has come out with some new footage that was not in the old video and fans all over are super excited.

We must say that Madonna looked really good back in the days, is not for nothing that she is so famous, has a wonderful voice and a sexy attitude; we think that nowadays has become more difficult to find such artists.

So come on and enjoy the new Vogue remix, with a hot and young Madonna in new footage that we have never seen before.

January 19th, 2009

It's hard to believe, but once upon a time, Madonna was actually hot even with that hairy pussy that she had and of course the arm pits, she looked hot and with a desirable body, who would knew that she was this beautiful once.

The year was 1979, and these Madonna nude photos were taken when she was a model, before becoming the international Pop star, and scary looking person that we all know today and of course before the wax was invented.

Now, the nude Madonna photo above, which leaves nothing to the imagination (except what's under that rug), will be auctioned off at Christie's Auction House for an expected $10,000 - $15,000.

July 21st, 2008

Madonna is reportedly at the center of a sex tape scandal.A cameraman claims to have a video of Madonna and baseball player Alex Rodriguez romping on a sofa doing her thing and as we all know her we might imagine how naughty she should be.

The unnamed owner of the tape claims he visited the property where Madonna and A Rod were having sex, and hid a camera, pointed at the sofa which captured the X-rated footage two months ago. Interesting huh?

Madonna, has denied rumors she has been having an affair with baseball player A-Rod and has repeatedly denied reports of a rift in her marriage to Guy Ritchie. Madonna’s lawyers are “aware” of the sex tape claims, but have refused to comment further.

June 16th, 2008



Madonna is back with a new album, and this woman is not letting age become a trouble on her career, she keeps being the same good dancer as always, and remains her sexyness intact, a really good example for everyone.rn


Of course, is not like everyone should be doing some music videos as Madonna's where the secret is act all sexy and teasing guys, I think he just adores treat her men like they were dogs, or so that looks.

But anyways this new theme is named 'Give it to Me', Madonna with the years I insist keeps getting better, though I do miss those old days when she used to crawl on the floor with Like a Virgin, but anyways here we go.

April 2nd, 2008

The Queen of Pop Madonna, never stops being a person that causes controversy, at least not until her 49-years-old, she hasn't stop her mouth to say whatever she wants, specially in what sex concerns.

On the new issue of Elle Magazine, Madonna talks about her sexual life with her husband Guy Ritchie, she gave intimate details about them, and her life with her family, and apparently one of her new songs called Incredible where she says “sex with you is incredible”, was meant for him.

But is not that this is a big secret, if you guys remember, a couple of months ago we saw some pictures of Madonna leaving a Sex Shop with Guy, and on one of the bags from the shop there was a purple vibrator, and he seemed pretty cool about the idea.

September 11th, 2007

Here is Madonna wearing a knowing smirk and was spotted leaving London's Claridge's Hotel with a plastic bag which revealed her latest purchase, a strap-on dildo sex toy.

Apparently it's a Purple Penetrator, so perhaps Madonna really does wear the pants in her relationship. I think this toy is being used on Guy Ritchie, but Madonna should consider letting Guy use it on her. I don't know, the thing is that they still have fun.

Madonna husband, Guy Ritchie, who was behind looking rather sheepish, had a carry case with him, but had the good grace to keep its contents totally under wraps.

The couple have certainly been in search of fun in recent times - last week they were spotted enjoying two big nights out in a row, first at the GQ Awards and then at Harry's Bar in London.

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