July 14th, 2011

So today’s photos were taken in Italy where our beautiful blonde is taking some vacations with her husband, that lucky bastard that no one cares how is he called, so if you are Hilary Duff fans run to Italy and you might find her in the street.

November 15th, 2009

I think all of us should be watching Gossip Girl! As most of you probably know, super cutie Hilary Duff has been a regular cast member on Gossip Girl this season, and she even has showed her lesbian skills making out with Jessica Szohr.

Well, you can add a steamy cleavage-popping vampire scene to list as well. Here’s the Hilary Duff playing a sexy vampire and busting out some Victorian-style cleavage in a ten-second scene that will make you drool like a damn fool and put the whole Twilight franchise to shame. Enjoy!

Even if the vampires are some teenage trend right now, I assure you that on this 10 second video Hilary Duff looks anything but, this girl sure has grown to be a real hottie, so take a peek.

December 15th, 2008

We have found some new photos of Hilary Duff showing her sexiness on the new issue of Maxim magazine which is a xmas gift all the year with that amount of sexy stars that they got semi-naked for us.

Hilary Duff without a question is one of them, this is a girl that has become a woman in front of our eyes, and instead of getting messed up, she hasn’t change at all, and that is what her beauty is about.

So in a photoshoot that has it all, we have Hilary Duff cleavage, legs, booty and that’s all part of that curvy and hot body that she has, I hope that she keep it going cause we would definitely love to see more of her soon.

August 24th, 2008

Oh my god, check this pictures of Hilary Duff sweet nice booty.  She was making grocery shopping with those tight jeans.

I don’t know if Hilary Duff did a surgery to herself, or maybe she has been working out, or just is the jeans that make her ass really yummy.

Definitely she is super hot with that tight back; I will bang Hilary Duff with or without those jeans.

November 5th, 2007

Lately, we have seen some damn hot pictures of Hilary Duff, I mean the little Lizzie Maguire is gone and we now can see a new Hilary, that has become a really beautiful and sexy woman, we gotta love her.

Recently we saw Hilary Duff on the MTV Latin America awards, with a green mini dress that let us see her hot legs, and hot ass too. And now she's on the issue of FHM magazine, and boy she's looking busty and hot.

So for those Hilary Duff lovers, we got a fine selection of hot pictures of her, she is not skinny as Paris and not that slutty like Pamela, she is on the right measure, and the best of all is that it means that she is hot, period!

September 30th, 2007

Hottie Hilary Duff is well known for her role on Disney shows like a sweet teenager, well far are those days when she was a child and now she has blossomed on a well grown-up woman and apparently her age is not the only one that has changed, her body is as well.

We recently saw Hilary Duff on one of those red carpet shows, and man oh man, we gotta say that she was looking HOT, and one special accesory that called everybody attention were her big boobs who nobody knows if she got operated or she is just using not a wonder but a wonderful bra.

So here is Hilary Duff, looking as cute and adorable as always, but also looking really really hot and sexy and those big breasts make us forget for a while that she is only 20 years old and that she is even illegal on some states, but who cares, looking is ok, right?.

June 28th, 2007

Hilary Duff's bikini photoshoot for Shape Magazine was really good, she looked hot on her red bikini that show up her really tight and sexy body. Hilary Duff's abs looked incredible at the photoshoot and also she looks really pretty.

Is with this type of things that Hilary Duff proves that she deserves to be on the cover of all this magazines, although she has her particular opinion about how much it sucks to have people taking your picture on a bikini. But anyways she looks hot on it!

Hilary Duff words were: that “being in the public eye its difficult” and that “everyone is constantly criticizing, and its hard and mean to hear everything that people says on the different spots like the beach, etc.”

Though its hard to be on the business with all this critics, she does look pretty hot on this photo session and we expect to see many more soon.

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