September 7th, 2010

God bless Twitter, not only because people get addicted to it, but for the things the girls post in it, for examaple taking half naked photos of themselves.

Here are some pictures of Demi Moore showing off her sexy, tight, older and sweet body in some self photo shoot in bikini using the classic and amazing iPhone mirror technique.

The fact interesting about Demi Moore, or as I call her: the ultimate hot-smoking-true MILF is that she is 47 years old, yes my friend, it's freaking unbelievable with a body like that. I know a couple  of girls in their 20's with bodies half hotter than Demi has.

June 25th, 2007

Demi Moore's double d's nipple winked at the paparazzi yesterday at her house on New York. This might not be a complete striptease but the guys aren't complaining.

Demi Moore was wearing a see-through top and maybe forgot to put her bra when she left to a party friday night after attending the Die Hard Movie Premiere that stars her ex husband Bruce Willis for the fourth time.

If you are worried about whether Ashton allowed or not the outfit of his Mistress, maybe she didn't left the hotel dressed like that so he didn't knew anything about it. But all that we know is that Demi went to party Friday night, and apparently had a great time, cause she left the party at 9am Saturday morning.

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