March 11th, 2014

The most recent shoot for Cindy Crawford in February 2014 is session that she did for W Magazine called Pillow Tweets. Some of the sexiest pictures of this legendary model, often called the perfect girl next door or the perfect ten by so many men’s magazines, have been taken when she is a bit older. Many recent nude or nearly naked shots of Cindy Crawford reveal that her body is as svelte and hot and sexy as ever.

Cindy the incredible sex tease has done many sexy photo shoots over the years and the result has been some very famous pictures including one with her hair in dreds that features her rubbing a towel between her thighs, one with her naked on a tan leather photo and black and white ones that feature her reclining and stretching like a contented kitten.


November 25th, 2007

Here are some bikini pictures of ex-super model Cindy Crawford. Actually Cindy is looking super hot at her 41 years old. Can you believe that? She looks so sexy in that black bikini. Seems more like a 21-year-old co-ed to me.

These pictures were taken on a vacation trip to Hawaii with husband Rande Gerber and their two kids, Presley 8 years old and Kaya 6 years old. So she’s not only 41 years old, she’s a mother of two, and let me tell you my friends, she will still look so sexy after the 50ths.

Need I say more about her in bikini? I can describe Cindy with simple words like these: the ultimate true MILF!

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