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More Naughty News

December 10th, 2014

One of Canada’s sexiest citizens, pop singer Avril Lavigne, recently tweeted that she has not been feeling well since the Fall and she has cancelled all kinds of performances and tours as a result. The thirty year old has confessed that she has been having some health issues. This might have beed partly due to her recent conflicts with Nickleback singer Chad Kroeger. As it seems,that sexy Avril might be having some real sorrows these days, one nice way to keep her in our thoughts is to take a look back at some of her hottest photos from the past.


September 18th, 2014
Today’s big news is that Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are about to get a divorce. This means that’s Canada’s royal pop music couple may be no more. This is not breaking that many hearts as many people are not fond of the 39-year old lead singer of Nickleback’s work. The sexy 29-year old Avril Lavigne usually wears a 17-carat diamond ring that Chad gave her for their first wedding anniversary. However, it seems she has now taken this ring off for good and is now one of the hottest single women in North America


June 26th, 2011

Avril Lavigne is hot, young and sexy. However, that does not mean that she is not immune to wardrobe slip ups. In these photos the wild child was not pretending to be wild as usually. Instead she was playing on a yacht in some luxurious locale in a teeny weeny strapless purple bikini and her breasts began to pop out of her top, exposing her assets for all to see. Thankfully the star-stalking paparazzi was there that day to capture some shots of our favourite skinny but still shapely Canadian beauty in all of her nearly naked glory.


January 27th, 2011
Whew! Canadian pop superstar cum wicked punk released her newest video this week and it is a seriously sexy piece of video featuring her generous wobbly boobs packed into a silk push up bra. We also get a good look at her tight little ass, long legs and taut muscles. Her face is also really whorish, with lots of red lipstick and dark raccoon eyes, reminding us all that punk rock will never die, as long as she keeps making dramatic sultry music videos like this one, which is called What The Hell.


August 2nd, 2010

Avril Lavigne has been kind of out of the spotlight when it comes to celebrity gossip lately, but today she has made her come back by appearing in a slew of photos. We'repretty sure that her fans will be thankful for it,be cause we gotta accept that she is looking real good.

After all the mess that she has been involved with her divorce, and her continuous dating, she has finally settled down for the moment with Brody Jenner, and now Avril Lavigne is looking pretty happy about it.

Of course, we don’t give a shit about that, but what we do care about is that here they are on a beach and that we are able to watch Avril Lavigne's tiny ass bouncing around in a hot pant. She even gave us a wink at her nipples with a bikini malfunction. So enjoy!


October 8th, 2008

So here we have some Avril Lavigne photos that we have found on the web. She is a really popular celebrity specially among the teenagers that dream of being pop singers with pink hair who get married to rockstars.

Anyway, don't know if you are aware but Avril Lavigne usually does not use her looks at all to attract men. She always wears the creative, crazy clothes of punk pop singer or whatever she is, and sometimes she even looks like a boy.

Well for those of you that are interested, we have some photos of Avril Lavigne naked, if they are real or not we can't be sure at, but at least you will got a picture of how you would like to see her in any future time, enjoy!


February 17th, 2008

It seems that the so called rebel Avril Lavigne, lately has been trying to change her image of punk rocker and messy girl, with big pants and ugly hair, into a more sexy one, perhaps is the marriage vibe or something, but the girl is trying to become a woman.

On this new issue of Maxim Magazine, the chick is looking hot, no bikini though, but at least she is wearing some nice tight clothes that makes that skinny Avril Lavigne body looks hot. It seems that when she wants to, she can look hot and desirable.

It's possible also that her publicity peopleare trying to change her image,into one more popular right now. Not everyone that wants to see a pretty girl being all messy, vulgar and rebel. We think it is always better to look at a sexy looking chick like Avril Lavigne on this photoshoot.


January 29th, 2008

Avril Lavigne was spotted on her bikini this weekend, and we gotta say that this punk rock princess that almost always is using baggy clothes, and things that have nothing sexy on it, has a really nice body and on this bikini we can surely see it.

It's pretty rare to see this chick on a bikini but here you have her, Avril Lavigne on a nice bikini on her signature color pink, we can see some nice cleavage, and boy she has nice tits, definitely we would like to see her more showing her atributes.

Let's hope that next time we can get a shot of Avril Lavigne's ass as well, and then we can fully confirm that this chick might be all punk rocker, but at least she has a nice body to see sometimes, lucky hubby that she has.


November 7th, 2007

Avril Lavigne can be hot when she wants to, that's for sure. She was seen on the MTV Europe Music Awards, wearing a dress and looking good on it, i mean we just can't understand why such a pretty girl tries so hard to be and look like a tramp.

Later we saw Avril Lavigne on another of those award events, and she was back been the old Avril that we know, yes that one that looks completely weird and not sexy, but for our surprise the dress that she was wearing gave us a surprise.

Yes, the surprise was that it was a see-through dress the one that Avril Lavigne was wearing and that gave us a nipple wink, well almost, cause she was wearing some kind of shiny pasties and all we could see was shiny nipple, which is pretty cool also, like she was a robot or something.


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