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Free Anal Sex Sex Stories - Fraternity Initiation

When I was pledging into my fraternity a couple of years ago I expected to go through some sort of initiation that I had heard about or seen on TV. I had never expected the initiation my fraternity put me through.

My sponsor Dean told me to be at the frat house at 10:00pm sharp Saturday night. I didn't want to go through this alone so when I arrived I looked around for other frat candidates but none were in sight.

Dean greeted me and led me up stairs. On the way up Dean explained what my initiation entailed. "We have a frat whore that likes to take it up the ass. All you have to do is fuck the whore's ass." Well, not only did the initiation sound easy but I was a virgin so giving this opportunity to fuck a girl was fantastic! Dean led me to a room and opened the door. The bed was empty but next to it was what looked like a pile of sheets. "The whore must remain anonymous to non frat members so all you will see
is the whores tight ass." Dean explained, then walked me over to the pile which now I could see was sheets laying over the girl's back as she kneeled doggy style.

Dean lifted up a little piece of sheet approximately 3"x3" that was cut to form a window in the sheet. I peered through the opening and could plainly see an asshole. "Here." Dean said as he handed me a bottle of lubrication. "You have 5 minutes to cum in the whores ass." and walked out, shutting the door behind him.

I was extremely excited and quickly removed my clothes. My cock was already hard and I began positioning myself to thrust my cock in the tight asshole before remembering the lubrication. I squeezed the bottle into my hand and stroked it quickly over my cock. I applied so much lubrication was dripping onto the floor.

"Finally." I thought to myself and held my cock up to the tight asshole. I pushed against the tight opening but the asshole was so tight and my cock was so slippery my cock just slipped away from the opening. I knew I had maybe four minutes left at most so I repositioned myself, making sure my cock was perfectly aligned and pushed as hard as I could.

My cock pushed into the tight asshole until my balls hit the firm little ass. The body jerked a bit and I could hear a muffled cry from under the sheets which I shrugged off as a cry of passion into a pillow or something. All I knew of for certain was that it felt great.
I started pumping my cock in and out of that tight asshole as hard and as fast as I could. When I found my rhythm my cock started throbbing and soon cum came flowing out of my cock.

It felt like much longer than 5 minutes by the time I had finished but no one complained when I opened the door. Dean and the rest of the fraternity were waiting in the hall. Dean led me back inside and congratulated me on completing my initiation. Everyone was smiling and and patting me on the back.

"Out of the 20 or so applications there were only two of you that had any chance of joining our fraternity." "Speaking on behalf of my brothers I welcome you two as our new brothers."

With that Dean pulled off the sheet and revealed the "frat whore". Kneeling there with arms and legs tied and mouth gagged was the other pledge.



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