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Free Anal Sex Sex Stories - Farm Hands

Jake and I had worked on the Smith’s farm for a little over a year now. We were pretty good friends by then after seeing each other so much. We had grown a lot from the constant stress of farm life. Winters were hard and lonely, and if we happened on having baby animals, it grew an even harder burden. This Winter was no exception. Some sheep had been born and the electricity had gone out. We had to go buy generators to keep them all from dying. It had still been cold in the barn, but it was warm enough to keep them alive.
Jake and I stood by the sheep watching to make sure everything would be okay. Suddenly we heard a noise from another corner of the barn. We walked over to the sound. I smiled to Jake knowing what it was.

"Animals are keeping warm tonight," Jake said.

I laughed. Two sheep were making more babies together. The male had already mounted the female and fucking her good.
"Looks like fun," I said.

"You want to fuck a sheep?" Jake said teasing.

"I meant to fuck a woman," I said.

"Been so long for me that I would settle for fucking the sheep," Jake joked.

"I am quite horny watching them and thinking of it," I told him. My cock grew it’s full eight inches.

"I am, too," Jake said rubbing his crotch.

"You really wouldn’t fuck the sheep," I told him.

"No, but I might jack-off while you watch me. Sure would keep me warm," Jake said.

I laughed thinking he only joked with me.

"Want, too?" Jake asked.

I looked at him funny at first. He started rubbing his cock through his pants even more. I could see the outline of his hard-on through his jeans. My cock grew as hard as it could until it ached inside my jeans. Jake unzipped his to let his cock appear to me.

"Like it?" He asked.

"It’s nice," I said honestly. His circumcised dick begged for attention, and I wanted to give it to him.

"Let me see yours," he commanded.

I took my cock from inside the blue jeans. I held it in my hand to show Jake as I began stroking it firmly. Jake’s eyes affixed themselves to my need. He took his cock into the palm of his hand to stroke it at the same rhythm as I. I tried to pretend I fucked him madly. My breathing quickened as my orgasm grew near. I glanced over at the sheep that I had suddenly remembered. They had finished fucking.

"Want more?" Jake asked.

"Like what?" I questioned.

"Let me suck your cock."

"I don’t know, Jake."

"I won’t tell."

"It’s not that. I just feel funny about that," I told him. I had never had a man suck my dick before. But it was a rather exciting thought. I did want him, too. I wanted my cock deep down his throat and for him to tickle my balls as he sucked me.

"Suck me then," Jake said flashing his cock in my face.

"I will jack you off, but not suck on you," I told him.

"Fine." He thrust his cock in my direction. I took it in both my hands at first stroking it softly to make him squirm. Then one hand touched his balls and the other stroked him fast and furious. It felt good to have his cock in my hand. I wondered what it would be like to have him in my mouth, yet I couldn’t bring myself to do that yet. He fucked my fist with his eyes closed. His balls tightened to his body. For whatever reason I didn’t know, my face went to his cock and my mouth opened. I took the shaft all the way down my throat. I couldn’t help it. I needed to taste him. My own cock bulged in near pain to cum.

"That’s it. More. Suck me off," Jake said shaking.

I kept sucking on him as he moved in my mouth. He began to quiver, and I backed off his cock to let the warm cum drip on the ground before me. I kept stroking him, getting his cum on my hand, and feeling it’s warmth.

"Let me now," Jake begged.

I leaned back against a rail letting Jake take my cock into his hands at first. He played with my balls like I had him.
"You like that?"

"Yes, I do. Keep it up." I couldn’t help what I was feeling, the aching inside of me that told me it didn’t matter who was stroking my cock as long as it was being stroked. I moved my hips forward closing my eyes as my breathing became fast. I moaned as he toyed with my balls still jacking me off. Then suddenly I felt something different, something much more wonderful. His tongue on the head of my cock. I sighed as he used just the tip of his tongue to dance over the head of my cock. I kept my eyes closed to imagine it was a woman’s lips.

"You like that, don’t you?" Jake asked not waiting for an answer, but continuing to lower his mouth on my cock. He sucked the shaft down to the tip of this throat. Moaning and squirming, I couldn’t believe I felt this good.

"You are so good, Jake. Suck me. Finish me off," I begged.
I kept moving in and out of his mouth while he continued to play with my balls. I felt the surge of power drill its way through me. A tingle rose from my feet up to my balls. I moaned his name as my cum began to burst into Jake’s mouth. Unlike me he began swallowing my sweet cum. I couldn’t breath or think. I pulsed inside his mouth for a few minutes before coming back to reality. The room became warm instead of frigid.

"That wasn’t so bad," Jake said.

"Not so bad at all," I grinned.



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