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Free Anal Sex Sex Stories - Baseball Camp

Every year I go away to baseball camp. This would be the third year. A group of us from the local leagues go away to learn all we can and get our skills back for the season. It’s a lot like spring training for the major leagues. I really enjoy it when we go away for the two weeks. It’s a major vacation for most of us.

During the two weeks, we relearn every skill we lost during the off-season. It’s so exciting. There are crowds that come down to see us, even during training. When we put on games against each other, the people really love to come on down. The sounds and smells and yells of people just bring the best out of me.

The accommodations aren’t what I would call the best though, but we don’t seem to mind. It’s just nice to get away and free, who can complain? We all sleep in lots of giant rooms with two rows of bunks, a lot like the military might be. The beds aren’t too comfortable, but what the heck, we get through it. In fact, we don’t really even think about it. We are just glad to be there. It’s quite a fun adventure. And this last time, I came across a new fun adventure.

It was the fifth night there, and I was feeling quite horny. I hadn’t even jacked off the whole time I was there. It was hard to get any alone time. Even in the bathroom, I was never alone. I woke up in the middle of the night. My cock was harder than a blade of steel. I just couldn’t stand it anymore, so under my blanket in the dim of the night, I began stroking my stiff rod.

Slowly my hand moved all the way up, then my fingers circled the head, teasing it. I wrapped two fingers around the shaft and closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation. As I reached my balls, I stopped to tickle them, then back to stroking. It felt so good. I hoped there was no one up to hear my fast breathing as the excitement built up inside me. Part of me wanted to cum right away, the other part wanted to keep it going as long as I possibly could.

As I stroked slowly, building up the excitement, I heard someone next to me breathing as fast as me. Since my eyes had adjusted to the dim light in the room, I looked over to see what I could see. Larry Feldman was doing what I was doing and watching me as I did it. So I watched him as he watched me. Slowly he pushed the blanket down so I could see his cock clearly as he pumped his fist. I pushed my own blanket back so he could watch me, too.

After a few minutes of watching me, he stopped, got up and came over to me. My heart started to pound even louder than it was previously. He sat on the edge of the bed. I prayed no one else was up to see us, because I knew whatever he had in mind would be okay with me. He reached over and moved my hand from my bulging cock and began to stroke it as I had. I just about came within one moment. I didn’t want to. I wanted to keep this going. It was thrilling to be having sex with a man when I knew that any moment someone else could wake up to catch us.

Larry bent over to take my cock into his mouth. What an awesome sensation! At that moment, I didn’t care if anyone woke up to find us. I wasn’t about to stop this.

“Suck me,” I whispered, trying my best not to moan loudly. He licked my balls and all the way up the shaft to the head. In a second, he brought his mouth down fast on it. Up and down over and over. It was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time. “Swallow it,” I said as I came in his mouth. He did exactly that until all my cum was down his throat.

“Now suck me,” he said, and I did. Took him into my mouth as he just did to me and sucked him fast and almost with force. It was incredible the feeling of control that I felt as I did it. In only a few moments he came and I swallowed every bit of it gladly.

After that, Larry and I found a few moments here and there to get each other off. It turned out to be an even better two weeks than I could have imagined



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