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Birth Date:Hair Color:Black
Etnic:LondonEye Color:Brown
Previously known as: Nadia Star, Tinkerbell, Sabrina (among many others) How did you get your name? "I didn't really change my name, I just started using my nickname more than Nadia. I've been known as Pixie to friends and a few others since I started and I had really short, dark hair." Why'd you change it? "Because I like to keep people on their toes." Age? "Twenty-four, or barely legal,' as I've been for the past five years." Height? "Five-foot-one and a half. Inches mean more when there's less of them, so I have to state that half." Weight: 45 kg (99.207 lbs) Measurements? "32A-25-33, but every girl lies. I see these girls who say they've got a 24-inch waist, and I'm a 25, and they're bigger than me, so I think everybody lies. Even the clothes lie." Are you lying? "Maybe." Boob job? "No boob job. If you've seen me, you'd know I have no boob job." Intend to get one? "Never! I don't like the idea of sticking things inside me and I know there's a joke there the idea of having two lumps of something which I believe to be carcinogenic stuck into me and sewn down which will then leak and infect my body. Even if I want them taken out, they'll weigh less when they come out because the stuff has leaked into my body. I would like to have children later and I would like to breastfeed. Usually I think natural ones look better, though I do know some people who've got nice boob jobs. Whatever floats your boat. I can't make the rules for anybody else, but no boob jobs for me." Heritage? "My dad is English and my mum is South African Cape Colored, which is a mixture of a variety of African and possibly Malaysian, whatever the slave traders brought in and stirred around." First sexual experience with male? "I was really young'I'm not telling you how old I was. I was drunk. It wasn't great. Very few people, when they're drunk for their first sexual experience, have a good one." First sexual experience with female? "I think my first sexual experience with a woman would have been on one of the first photo shoots I did. I've thought about it a lot. I would never have done anything with anyone had it not been for trying out this industry, because there was never any opportunity where I was, and I was always, Omigod, I'm a bit of a freak, at having any same-sex attraction. So it wasn't until my first shoot." Were you nervous? "Yes, but I was more nervous about doing the right thing and not looking like a total novice and just fucking everything up, more than I was nervous about the sexual experience, just thinking, Omigod, what do I do with this? I know I should know what to do, I have one quite similar, but I still really don't know what to do. I think she was a Czech girl called Ava. It was just performance anxiety." Prefer boys or girls? "Individuals. I can look at a man and look at a woman and be equally attracted to them physically, but I'm let down by everything non-physical by the guy. It really depends on the individual. I definitely prefer the way women are sexually, just a general demeanor and attitude; a sexual encounter with a woman generally tends to be more about sharing, where with a guy, unfortunately, sometimes it can be about a power struggle or about taking; with a guy it's like there's something being taken and I don't like it when the other person doesn't appreciate what exactly that's been given. They should really value that. With a girl it's more about sharing, or perhaps I've just been lucky in my encounters with girls and mostly unlucky in my experience with guys." Favorite position? "I quite like missionary because I like looking at the other person, looking them in the eyes. Doggie, because is quite dirty, quite animalistic. It's nice to have someone hold on to your ass. Or if you've got a mirror and sat on somebody's lap, both facing into the mirror'. I had a threesome once, I was laid on my back, there was a girl straddling me, doggie-style, and my boyfriend at the time was fucking her. He was looking in my eyes as he was fucking her and she was absolutely going wild loving it. That was cool." Favorite performer worked with? "In England, I've liked working with a girl called Karina Currie .Over here, I loved working with Belladonna, those big, oh, kiss-me-hard lips and that back that she can bend ooooh, she's just so sexy. And such a cool person, too. I worked with a girl called Betty Sue recently and she was great. A girl called Dani, she was lovely. I overheard her saying at one point, Oh, for me, women represent beauty,' and I was like, Yes! Today is going to be a good day. She was so bubbly and upbeat, it was great. And she kissed properly, which means a lot. I don't like that tongue-fencing shit." Any performers you're hoping to work with? "I don't really know many of the performers here. I think I've offended a few by not knowing who they were. If I meet somebody and I get on well with them, then I decide that I'd like to work with them, rather than being a wannabe star fucker." Distinguishing Features? "I have a scar on my upper lip my lip on my face that's where I split my lip a few years ago and couldn't get it stitched. I have a beauty spot on my right cheek. Small boobs, bellybutton piercing and a piercing in my clitoris hood." First video? "It was a softcore solo girl masturbation, I think it was Girls of the Year, because I was the Club International Girl of the Year. That was shot by a photographer named Bob Twigg when I was 19. He was the first person to call me Pixie-Girl.' That's the only video I've ever seen myself in. I've never seen anything else." How many scenes have you shot so far? "I have no idea. I went to Hustler Hollywood the other day with a couple of friends and saw myself on some box covers, that was really insane." Most recent video? "The most recent videos that I've done are Cherry Rain's New Pussy, Hustler's Hot Showers and one for Ed Powers' Cockless series, with a girl called Betty Sue, who's very cute." Yes, you mentioned that. How did you get into porn? "I called up a number in a newspaper in England and I went to some dirty looking flat on the outskirts of London, I had some test shots done, which were then published." Was it something you had considered before you saw the ad? "My main motivation for doing it was money'I was looking through adverts of this paper, The Stage, and I didn't want to do any other normal kind of job, but I wasn't necessarily looking for a job in this industry, but this industry is the one that seemed most appealing compared with anything else. I was also studying at the time and didn't have time to work a proper job and I've always been a bit against the grain, a bit rebellious, there's a little mischievous seed inside me somewhere. I think that was driving my direction that day. Would you continue doing this if it weren't for the money? "I think definitely, but if I had enough money I'd set up my own site and be making my own videos. I think I would miss it if I weren't doing it. I'd miss meeting the new people, playing around in no strings attached situations, being a bit naughty in a safe situation. Right now I've got a good agent and have been working with good people'I'd miss being naughty, I suppose." Do you get recognized on the street? "I didn't used to think I did, but whenever I'm out with friends they're like, Don't you notice these people?' What you see depends on what you're looking for. If I'm out at a club I notice that I'm noticed more, because people expect to see me there; nobody expects to see a porn star' wearing baggy, stained jeans and tacky old trainers doing their shopping because I'm supposed to be busy screwing all day." How have your parents dealt with your career choice? "My mom has a picture of me above the fireplace at home that one of my fans saw in a magazine and painted in oil. My dad doesn't know." You can't really believe that? "I really believe that. Even if he does know, that's what he wants me to believe and we're both happy in our denial. He thinks I work in a bar. I'm working in a bar, yet I've got the money to fly to L.A. and Jamaica. Last time I went home I took my camera and my mom was fully dressed, laying on the floor we've got a big, fluffy rug in the front room taking the piss, doing some porn poses on the rug." Have you ever held any normal jobs? "I was a volunteer at a substance abuse center and before that I used to raise money for charities in London." Wonderful. Any plans to do boy/girl scenes? "At this point, no. If I did'again, it's because I think female sexuality is a wonderful, very beautiful, special thing and, fortunately'whatever'. Are we here? Let's walk'." [At this point, the interview stops abruptly. This is when Pixie, Acme Andersson and their driver arrived at Max Hardcore's flat for a 4th of July part. Valet parking, a couple open bars with smiling bartenders, use of the pool, posing for souvenir photos seemed anything went. Was this because it was Max Hardcore's house or because it was Max Hardcore's house and Max was off recording more history in Brazil? Either way, they survived and continued the interview as they cruised through the Los Angeles night. Unfortunately they both had too much to drink and forgot what where they had left off, thus the sudden change of topic. Acme has been remanded to his cubicle and will not be allowed to see Pixie again until he has copy edited the entire reviews section for the September issue of AVN. We apologize for any confusion their liquoring up is about to cause. Ed.] What do you like most about this so-called sex business? "I like meeting people from left field'it's like any other walk of life, you can't just say, I like all bankers, I like all politicians,' but I'm lucky enough to meet quite a few people who have their heads screwed on, but are into causing a bit of a fuss, that like controversy, that like to blow up the hypocrisy of the world, especially surrounding sexuality, and have a bit of fun and make money with it. I'm hoping that I will get to have a little bit more control, to portray positive female sexuality in an area that has kinda got a big misogynist streak, earn some money out of it and study in San Francisco." What do you plan study? "Hopefully in 2006-ish I will be in the California Institute of Integral Studies doing my doctorate in psychology, hopefully in my final year, taking my main focus on possibly on somatic psychology, I don't know, there's a lot of topics offered by this place that I really like. I like their East meets West approach, their women's studies, cultural studies, their School of Consciousness & Transformation. I think it's quite timely for people to be getting into that when social grace isn't really happening, but we're having social conflict on a global scale. Anyway, let's not get too political. Back to the porn. Much as I would love to get political'. Yeah? Go ahead, take a stand. "OK. Abolish Section 28! In England, that is. When I was, I can't remember how old I was, I was really young, I read Brave New World and 1984, and I didn't really get them. I understood the stories, but didn't get the implications. But I reread 1984 recently and it's scary it's so close to the way I think the world is. Huxley's Brave New World, the order of the test tube babies, the drug, soma, that they all take, it's pretty close to ecstasy or Prozac. I also think pharmaceutical companies are just big motherfuckin' dealers and if you could package and sell friendship, honesty, laughter and all those things, then perhaps we wouldn't to be taking chemicals that are funding fuck knows what. I'm honestly babbling nonsensical bullshit right now because I've had a bit of vodka. Rumor around town is that you've shot your own video? Has Pixie become a pornographer? "The video I'm producing is so going to kick ass in a very large, yet stylish and sexy way. It's me and more of me and me, me and me. It's set in London, there are five scenes, each girl-girl, with five very different girls, so I'm hopefully going to be appealing to a wide range of people. I wanted to make something that would appeal to guys, because they are the main market; I also wanted to also make something that would appeal to straight girls, gay girls and couples, because it would be nice for straight couples to sit and watch something together. A lot of the girls I know won't watch the porn that's available because they don't like the way it shows girls and it just doesn't turn them on. And I'd like to make something for gay girls because I haven't really seen anything for gay girls, so hopefully my scenes will reflect my aim." How was your first sit in the producer's chair? "It was the first time that I'd put anything together myself and I really found it fucking tiring. I got a call really early one morning from one girl's boyfriend saying she couldn't make it the next day. I'd been shooting all my videos during the day, shooting something else that evening, I got home and to bed at 4:30 a.m., her boyfriend called at 5:46 to say that she was really pissed and wouldn't be able to make it. What can I do at 5:46 in the morning? Anyway, that was a three-girl scene, one girl let me down and the remaining girl was amazing. I had a really great day. That was set down in Brighton, by the seaside in England. There's the usual sex, but there's also a bit of information about the girls, giving away as much as I can without making it easy for stalkers to get them, because I think there's a lot more than the physical that you miss on a video, so I'm trying to give away as much as I can about how I enjoyed working with them or the way they smelled or looked or tasted or responded, all of those things." A little more difficult than modeling? "When you're just featuring in something, you turn up, you work, you leave. Depending on how you're feeling and what type of a model you are, you will put in a certain amount of effort. Depending also on how you're treated. Producing, it becomes your baby. You want everything to be A-1, spot-on you want everyone to get on well, you want the sets to be hot, you want there to be some kind of connection there. Me being me, I wanted everything to be perfect. You also don't just turn up and just leave; you're planning things in advance get the locations, get the right girls, get the right combinations, get the money sorted out, make sure you're not breaking any laws, get the IDs then at the end of the day you have to pack up and then when you sit back and go through the footage that you've got, you sit there screaming at the screen about things that you missed or things that the cameraman missed. This is my first production working Andy Ide who I've done softcore stuff with for my series on English satellite television, and there's a big difference between softcore and hardcore. When you're trying to do hardcore angles, you do miss out on personality and certain little things that go on. For instance, I was wearing a pearl necklace in one scene, an old-fashioned pearl necklace, it went with my outfit, and just as the other girl came, the necklace broke, the beads dropped all over the floor and the camera guy didn't get it because he was focused on her pussy. Aaaagh! So never mind." What do you see as the differences between sex in the U.S. and sex in the U.K.? "I'm not sure as far as sex in the real world goes, because I really haven't had that much of it in the U.S. and I haven't really been a voyeur to any sex but professional sex. Professionally it seems to be a lot more theatrical and set up and glamorous, although there are very different genres, I'm aware of that. In the U.K. it's a lot more reality-based and over here it's definitely more theatrical. All the names, like Jewel De'Nyle and whatever in England most people just have their own names or just a different name so that their family doesn't find out. There's a lot more time spent on lighting and things like that here. Also, at home, for my videos and for my series in particular, we don't very often cut, we just roll straight through. One scene I did, after we spent most of the day getting the setup shots, we went to this room where the sex was supposed to go on in, and there were three girls and they were all fucking amazing! We all just started and went through for 40 minutes and quite a few orgasms thank you, Pocket Rocket and we didn't cut once. That was just amazing. One girl, whose doing her doctorate in psychology, I met at a party I was shooting at, and she just jumped in! I said, Oh, oh, we're filming here, you're not getting paid." She said, No, that's fine.' So we filmed her saying, "I give my permission' and whatever. The next day we called her, said, "Are you still sure?' Her reaction was, I couldn't believe my luck!' I called her up again and she was in my video. She was great to work with, because she's not in the industry, she was only doing it because she really wanted to. Although she almost lost her job because somebody found out. But if someone found out, that means someone must have seen it and that's back to the hypocrisy thing." Ben English tried telling me that U.K. girls are dirtier than American girls. I coulda slugged him. "It depends on where you're looking. If you're looking for something, you'll find it. I think, at the moment, the pay for girls in England is going down because of the Internet and magazines not having the money to pay photographers and, therefore, haven't got the money to pay the girls. There are a lot of girls that are coming in that are competing for those smaller amounts of money, so they're doing more and more to get the money. I don't think it's necessarily that they're dirtier, but it's more of a financial thing. Also, they're new, so they don't know where the lines are drawn beforehand. They're just coming in, so they're younger younger, more vulnerable, much more malleable and in need of cash." Visit Pixie's brand new Website or send her an email . Acme Andersson AVN.COM
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she is the cutest thing to ever walk the earth

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