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Laura Palmer - PORN STAR

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Name:Laura PalmerBreasts:38C
Birth Date:September 20, 1969Hair Color:Blonde
Etnic:WhiteEye Color:Blue
Not to be confused with the murder victim on 'Twin Peaks,' this Laura Palmer is a quite lively and lovely lass who boasts a set of her own personal twin peaks. Laura Palmer's a ripe and ready import from France who exudes a full-throttle sexuality that knows know bounds. She's tall with a long-legged and full-bodied figure that she definitely knows how to use in the most erotic ways imaginable, even if she doesn't always know how to say what she's doing in English. With dark blonde hair and the slightly hard look of an experienced European pornstress, Laura Palmer brings an 'anything goes' attitude to her carnal cavorting that is always welcome by producers and fans alike. Laura Palmer went under the name Petra for the first few films of her sexvid career before changing to the more All-American sounding one she now uses. Her ribald side has made her a fave of director Rodney Moore, who's cast her in a handful of his orally-based flicks. Her top sex scene so far has to be her fabulous lesbian romp with Estonian knockout Tatiana Bobrova in 'Horny Henry's Euro Adventure.' It ranks as one of the most erotic and believable lesbian encounters in recent memories, and ranks as the sizzling high point of a top-notch sexy travelogue. Other Laura Palmer scorchers include her Sapphic turn with fiery Mia Ciccero in 'Snake Pit' and her wonderfully exuberant trsyting with Dick Nasty in 'Casting Call 11.' Laura Palmer's is a star still on the rise in the industry, so keep your eyes peeled for some of the hottest Euro-style sex around with this non-stop hottie.
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