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Jazmine Rose - PORN STAR

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Name:Jazmine RoseBreasts:
Birth Date:Hair Color:
Etnic:Eye Color:
movie=Fresh Meat #7
I Love Lesbians Six (DVD)
Real Female Masturbation 6 (DVD)
Sushi Coochie (DVD)
DAM614 Jawbreaking Cocks (DVD)



She is so fit. This picture does her no justice and where is the info?! Try to update.
she is so hot and gorgeous simply one of the best certainly the way she takes it up the ass.. sweeeet
Jasmine? (13-December-2008, )
I work with her at a restaurant in NYC. I didn`t even know she did porn until a co-worker told me. She`s not that good at cooking anyway. She`s cute not hot but she does have a nice butt. I bet that`s why she took it in the butt so many times.
(28-August-2009, )
she is onderfull and looking for her to serve the industry more
(15-June-2010, )
actualizen datos sobre ella q nunca se supo mas nada, gracias.
(2-July-2010, )
For someone to meet her and not think she is hot is certainly missing a few screws. Then to find out that she did films... see these films... and how great her performances were and still not consider her hot...well may I suggest you seek professional help. Yes I briefly worked with her also.
does she speaks 3 laguages? i love when she takes it up her beautyful ass.
She cooks too! (16-August-2010)
Was watching a cooking show called "Chopped" on The Food Network and she was on it as a aspiring chef from New York. The episode was called Squash I think.
(6-November-2010, )
She`s a nice girl...I knew her. So what she had a past as a porn star? Good for her. She certainly looks good on film. Good bartender too. Probably a good chef...
Can somebody tell me which restaurant in N.Y. this girl works in, if she`s still there... I love this girl`s work.
Jasmine Shimoda (13-April-2011)
It too me 5 minutes to get her real name with my great google skills =) Jasmine Shimoda There ya go!!
Adorable Jazmine (9-May-2011, Dave Cross)
I really love her. I think she is pretty woman.
Jazmine Shimoda (4-June-2011, )
Im defenitly gona head to that restaurant when im in nyc again!!!hopefully get her ass for dessert!!!:)
she used to work at tao restaurant as a bartender
work (1-July-2011)
She works at the The John Dory Oyster Bar in New York (currently)
Jasmine (31-May-2012)
She`s a nice girl. I`ve seen her go from bartender to chef and make a real career in hospitality. I believe the porn films she did were back in the early 2000s and she was in her late teens.
hotness (11-October-2012)
I just love her porn movies. So hot. Her pussy is so juicy and her anal skills are wonderful.
Brazilian Butt Fest (30-November-2012)
When I first saw Nacho Vidal doing her at the beginning of this movie, I thought she was the sweetest girl in porn. I didn`t realize she was from the US or that she was part Asian until I looked up the credits on the internet. There just something about her willingness to have sex that turns me on.
Jazmine Rose (10-May-2013, MayhemKing)
I have/had such a huge crush on her and loved to watch her films. I was wondering what happened to her after her porn career. I`m glad to see that she is doing good and I wish her the best.
Cant believe this girl have so many fans along the web, and their appareances in porn are just a little bit. Damn, She need to do movies again. Her ass is so fucking hot, deserves to be pounded by bigger dicks. damn i need to fap to her now. Even in this page is one of a few girls that have comments. Jazmine we love you and want to fuck you.
Jazmine Shimoda 3some (7-August-2013)
What`s that one flick she did called with the threesome outside on the pic nic table with nacho? that was the best.

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