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Crystal Clear - PORN STAR

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Name:Crystal ClearBreasts:
Birth Date:Hair Color:
Etnic:Eye Color:
SCREENSHOT & MOVIE INFORMATION = Big Phat Black Wet Butts 5 By Evasive Angels
Daddy's Little Princess (DVD)
Big Black Wet Tits 3 (DVD)
Big Phat Black Wet Butts 5 (DVD)
Gigantic Brick-House Butts 2 (DVD)



Crystal Clear (23-March-2008, Kizer)
Crystal Clear is the hottest Porn star in her category, keep pushin baby, Kizer love that ass.
Baby you are fine
perfect (27-May-2008)
Crystal you are perfect and I wish I can have you!
CRYSTAL CLEAR (22-June-2008, Michael Phats)
I talk too this woman on a regular... There is soo much more too her than her "PORN" life.... I am glad too have gotten too know her for HER.... If ya read this, i got much love for you woman...
I have been you r fan for years now (3-July-2008, Godfrey)
Hi sexy pretty Crystal I`m only asking you for a chance to see you live,please be in touch with me through
Fuck!!!!! (7-July-2008, Bloody Ckrome)
I bet yo pussy is juicy than a mutherfucka,huh? I`ll fuck the shit out of you,if u let me,and I`ll put it down so good the first time and I bet you`ll want some form me in the future.Them niggaz that u fuck ain`t got shit on this blood nigga!And I`ll make u cum so so hard that yo body will quiver,On BLOODS.....If you`re wondering, I`m 19 yrs old and very BIGG if u know what I mean,Holla.
U DA BEST (12-July-2008, Menace)
Crystal Clear Da Brick House Porn Star Takin The Industry By Storm.
(16-July-2008, chefoyis225)
crystal clear i luv wacthing u i luv big women i dream about u
simply put amazing love girl.
best booty (29-July-2008, tino)
your are sexy want you!
Crystal Clear (3-August-2008, Yung Baltimore)
I would love to hit that wet pussy.
wow (30-August-2008)
wow i want to marry you
Personal (31-August-2008)
I`m the one who sent a bus limo to get in in LB. You are and will forever be my baby. Do you know who I am? If you do call me. If you don`t have my number get it from your father.
Wow! (1-September-2008, Nelson Nyc)
Wow! Mamita your so thick and fine... I would love to see you personally and do you so good!-I know you will make me feel like...The King Of The Universe! As I stick this Big Dominican Platano in that Super phat ass that Speaks way louder than thunder! Te Quiero! Te Deseo ! your %23 1 fan(tasize)
Hottest in the game. (6-October-2008, Brox)
Girl to me you are the hottest thing in the game right now. I am a huge fan. You just get me off right away. You got that good good!
(7-October-2008, )
You are simply the best.
(25-October-2008, mercedes)
ok...why did i go on goooge and end up here with some fat ass porn star who nees to put her size 45 pants back on? p.s. - all you people are pathetic
te amo Crystal
cristal clear best fan (31-October-2008, )
cristal to along time a go i have been watchin all yours movies and let me tell you that you are simple the best your lovely smile an your sexy boty are the perfect combination i hope to see you one day in live and if you can email me to
keep me hard (2-November-2008, DEEP)
damn ur so fine i would luv to do many things to u an beat dat pussy up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sex (27-November-2008, )
how much u charge
u r 1 gorges babe and love the shit u do but can u plz get somemore kinky shit going on in ur filmsxxx
Fantastic (9-December-2008, Danny)
You are absolutely wonderful.
(15-December-2008, )
you need to visit jenny craig
You (17-December-2008, Witchdoctor)
You are a very sexy young lady, I come to L.A. a lot. I play in a band. Hit me up: and let`s stay in touch.
I just want to know how can I get into the business and be your side kick yes I am a female and I`m 21 an I want a chance at something real like this so just let me know ok.
(20-December-2008, kingjomo)
Hey Crystal, You are a beautiful woman and you can be anything in the world that you want to be. Having sex immortalized on video for the world to see forever is a little bit much. I am not trying to preach to you dear, but you can turn your life into inspiration for millions of girls who had a fucked up life like yours, by reinventing yourself. Go to school, hell go to law school.
(25-December-2008, )
this is george from philly i love to watch you call me my paper real long if it need be 2675797326
You (29-December-2008, Big Girl Lover)
You are a BIG and Beautiful Young Lady. Would love to meet you one day.
A major fan of yours (16-January-2009, Jersey James)
Crystal I,m one of your many fans Just here to let you know I love thick woman because of you. I use to think slim chicks was on point not any more If you,re thick then you are the girl for me. Your style has changed over the years from the first tattoo to the most recent one on your back Yeah. I feel like I know you already. So are you going back to Cali or ur stayin on the east coast? Muv Luv
(20-January-2009, Dead Baby)
Crystal-Clear is one ugly fat bitch. She looks like a fat Tranny. The face is so manish looking.
(23-January-2009, truthiness)
jesus christ, you need to quit porn, get on a tredmill, go on a diet, and maybe you can resurface again in like a year, thats a big maybe though. you make your money by having sick fuckers jerk it to you and you probably ruin the dreams of the male actors you work with, thank god i have never and will never see you shit. eugh
so beautiful keep doing your needa a real man come talk to me
(12-February-2009, )
i fell in love. pretty face lovable hips & big tits. i love all that u do
(14-February-2009, )
baby ill fuck dat pussy up you that nice ass
crystal best fan (14-February-2009, )
that pussy of is so nice ill like to fuck you some day
(15-February-2009, )
baby you best
(26-February-2009, )
fat bastard hu eat all da pies lol birmingham ENGLAND
Crystal (27-February-2009, BIG GIRLS RULE)
Do your thing girl..and get that money from the industry.. fuck the haters on BIG women..they just jealous of your breast size..
mamacita (2-March-2009, eli)
I ran across one of your movies on the net. Needless to say I had to find out who you are. You`ve heard it all before, but I`ll say it anyways, mujer, eres una de las mas bellas hembras en existencia. Por mujeres como tu doy gracias de ser hombre.
(4-March-2009, royal)
wuts good ma im a fan ,hope i can get you in one of my vidz 1
(6-April-2009, )
your are so damn fine girl and I love those tits and ass
I just think you are a beautiful woman that I can`t see what man whould not love to see such beauti ass you miss lady get at me on a 1on 1 tip if that may be possible you are trully beautiful whould love to marry a woman like you. .
What up ms. crystal (17-April-2009,
Hey crystal i`ve been watchin some of your work and you and my wife our the same size and you guys look exactly alike...So its like im fuckin you every night and i willing to bet that my pussy is as good as yours because she takes all this 11`25 inch black dick just like you real hard in the ass and in her pussy and she sucks probably as good as you if not better!!!!! But i love the work baby girl
you (5-May-2009, Big Daddy L)
Man,I love you my girl`s a bbw women & she hate that we watch porn wit/ skinny bitches so got a porn with you in is & your so you know even need to do porn you should do model cuz ur hot.(back on the matter)but thanks for making movies as a real size women.
Your so beautiful (9-May-2009, )
My man thinks i`m too fat. I`m 5`0 and 190 pounds. He`s going to leave me if i don`t lose weight but i want to be in bbw videos. Crystal how do i get started with this industry, I`m 29 and live in arizona.
a sexy bbw (28-May-2009, edwin)
Chrystal you are a very sexy beautiful woman and I wish I could have a date with you. and oh yes I would love to eat your pussy and ass until my tongue falls out. serious though you seem to be a very wonderful woman.
phat for dayzz!!! (30-May-2009, mikey)
love your work baby,keep it up
(8-June-2009, lohd)
i really admire and love to watch you
I love this baby (9-June-2009)
hi baby, i will like to fuck dick is enermously huge and i am black afican (undilluted) Prom me on
(11-August-2009, A1KutzTrili)
Wut happened babi,did u drop ur twitter page?
want a shot (15-August-2009, )
i want to say a lot of things but i cant becuse i dont know weather you would reply...but any,here is my email adress,
WOW!!!! (17-August-2009, Ameyal)
Eres una verdadera diosa de ebano, una reina de belleza sin igual, eres unica, simplemete la mejor, te amo Crystal, gracias por compartirnos tu hermoso cuerpo a tu infinito numero de fans, a nombre de cada uno de ellos te doy las gracias por brindarnos lo mejor de ti en todo lo que haces, 1000 besos, te amo...siempre tuya tu fan Ameyal...
Very Sexy!! (21-August-2009, SouthernThikness)
Hello, Ms. Crystal. My S.O & I really like watching your movies. You are very attractive & seem to have a bubbly personality, which makes you even more sexier than ever!!! Keep make our eyes pop out of our sockets, babe!!!
(10-September-2009, kwane)
i love you baby
hmmm.... (12-September-2009, hungarian)
fine girl cute face beautiful body WWWOOOWWW!!!!!!!!
hi (13-September-2009, )
u are simple the best
(22-September-2009, MR. MASSAGER)
you are the sexiest thickest women ive ever seen and that ass is to die for i hope one day i get a chance to meet you and play with you.
Beautiful and Sexu (14-November-2009)
One of the sexy black women ever.
(14-December-2009, TRIPLEOG)
want u (12-March-2010, )
will to pay $600 to make out with u im rico call me 205-239-8987
rubenslao@bol, (1-April-2010, )
deusa negra manda um email para mim, gosto muito de vocÍ, todas vez que vejo sua fotos bato muitas pulhentas para este rabo maravilhoso,amo vocÍ de verdade minha negona deliciosa. chupo esta sua buceta todinha meu anjo delicioso.
why? (24-June-2010)
why is a guy on the site if he doesn`t like and enjoy porn?
(4-July-2010, PussyEater)
gurl i would give dat ass hardcore
%231 fan (12-July-2010, terrell)
Crystal Clear is so fine. I wish my dream could come true and i could lay with you and show you how special you are.
gal u hat I wouldnt mind tappin dat ass for da rest of ma life
No Bullshit (20-July-2010, )
Hi my name is Ibanez, im 21 years old male, and i always love big chicks, and i was wondering, how do you get into the porn industry to start doing BBWporn, if you could help me you could send me an email at
this is my dream woman (29-July-2010)
i like watching ur movies crystal..ur my dream 30 yrs old from amsterdam the netherlands...ever since i i found you on porno site i always watching u dream about you and hope oneday feel you or talk to u. simple word.. im in love..for real..
i would fuck u
Hi Crystal (10-September-2010, Blue eyes)
Hi My name is james out in CA and you are Gorgeous, Im very attractive , polite, bbw lover . If there is a chance you could please contact me I would luv to chat is my addy and really look foward hearing from you- Your friend James
Crystal (10-September-2010, J)
Hi Im out in Bay area - Im James just letting you know a woman is using your pics on Red book ads like she is you- letting you know as your friend
Go back to school (14-October-2010)
You have done enough, quit now, go back to school and rediscover yourself.
r u seeing anyone (14-November-2010,
i know u tryed it before an it didnt work out to good but if u r not seeing anyone hit me back. I know the movies u did r movies an u are a person. hit me up let me know something.
My kinda woman (8-April-2011, jdlove)
You re simple my kind of woman, i dream of you, i hope and wish it can happen
i wish u come to africa then i give a good fxxk. u `re lovely please when on next movie do much of titts fxxkin
beautiful girl (16-April-2011, williams)
i ilve in Ghana and have been your secret admirer for 3 years now.i love you and amire your body and your work and wishes to get marrierd to you but you are in USA.i have pasted your pictures un my room and kissing it every morning.ilove you.i am 28 year old mechanical engineer and working as a engineer and very responsible and a graduate.please send me an e-mail at
Lets Fuck (5-June-2011)
Hey I was wondering if you would like to get together some time, I think you`re beautiful and I really want you. E-mail me at
quit (27-October-2011, )
dont you know what GOD has done to you,can u pls.go back to school or do something else,you force me to be porn movies lover,pls,help me and help yourself,and i would like to know you.remain bless.
crystal (19-November-2011, )
u`ve been my fantasy woman for years, i live in Nigeria ( 39)and dream of meeting u and giving it to hard everyday.
crystal (19-November-2011, )
Hi Crystal, am Wale paul, u`ve been my fantasy woman for years, i live in Nigeria ( 39)and dream of meeting u and giving it to hard everyday.
(10-February-2012, )
girl trust me word can`t tell how sweet u r we need to get in touch
Crystal (6-May-2012)
She has been done wit porn a couple yrs now.Give it up.
crystal clear (10-November-2012, )
like you movie which i could doing you in one scene you are my dream girl wish i colud fuck you one day let know if you interesting that my peace.

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