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Caren Caan - PORN STAR

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Name:Caren CaanBreasts:
Birth Date:Hair Color:Black
Etnic:British GuyanaEye Color:Brown
Fresh off the bus from: "My parents are from Guyana, which used to be British Guyana. I was born in Toronto, grew up in Brooklyn, NY." Where did you go to school? "I'm enrolled at St. Petersburg College College in (Florida), studing chemical engineering and technology management, and I plan to go to Law School. What were you like when you were younger - "I was a humungous nerd .... I got moved from one magnet program program into an accelerated school. it covers feminist issues and women's rights ... I did a lot of science internships, track, drama, club, literary magazine, and I did activism work for Gay Men's Health crisis, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club...." Um, so all of this leads to an obvious questions: Why are you making porno movies now? " I think it's an art, and people laugh when I say that, but it's true. I've always been into degenerate art, surrealism, dada, conceptual art, pretty much anything that will shake people up and challenge their perception of things. (PORN'S) a form of theatre. Entry into the Biz? "I did commercials and modeling and eventually got into adult modeling. So I went to the Night Movies Awards here in Florida, and everybody was getting along well. It was the first place I've been to where I didn't feel censored; I could talk about anything, I could wear whatever I wanted to. Usually when Im hanging out with my vanilla friends, I have to censor my speech." You did D.P. and anal in your first scene for Dane's Black Candy Asses 5 - that's pretty unusual for a first time out. "I know there's some kind of rule girls folloe, but I ten to choose things based on the people I'm working with. If I like their vision ... and I think it's going to be a good project, I'll do it. I never say always or never. Do your parents know that you're shooting porno scenes? " They'll probably find out eventually. Word gets around fast in West Indian communities." - Chloe Bannion Courtesy Of AVN MAGAZINE SCREENSHOT & MOVIE INFORMATION = Black Candy Asses 5 by Dane



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