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Fetish Fairy Tails 4 (DVD) - PORN MOVIE

Fetish Fairy Tails 4 (DVD)

Fetish Fairy Tails 4 (DVD)
Name:Fetish Fairy Tails 4 (DVD)
Volume 4: Little Red Riding Summer & The Big Bad Wolf! Its Time To Get It Werewolf Style! Every Fetish Exposed! Every Desire Fulfilled! Every Ass Tied Up! Summer takes us on a frightful trip through the forest to her hot busty blonde sisters, house. Upon arrival she finds her sister has gone missing, there is the smell of sex and wolf saliva in the air. She can only cure her anger with the severe punishment of the caretaker in charge. She ties him up, bludgeons him with her breasts, and beats him into a frenzy. Her trip back through the forest is horrifying as she is abducted by a heathen beast, tied to wooden stocks, under the moonlight, and violated like never before. Caution this DVD is not for the weak of heart. The action is very real, very hot, and like a train wreck you can't help but watch!
Summer Cummings



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