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Chloe's Hayseed (DVD) - PORN MOVIE

Chloe's Hayseed (DVD)

Chloe's Hayseed (DVD)
Name:Chloe's Hayseed (DVD)
When sweet Miss Bobbi Jo decides to leave her simple country life for glamour and fame of Hollywood, she has no idea what the heck she's doin'. Oh, don't get me wrong, she gets into them movies alright, but she somehow gets herself all tangled up in one of them nekid movies. She soon finds herself quite confused and desperately homesick for her slow-witted, but kind-hearted kin. So she turns around and heads back to the hills for some of that good, hot, home-lovin'!
Kylie Ireland
Nina Hartley
Evan Stone
Pat Myne



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