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Boca Chica Beach

Dominican Republic

Boca Chica Beach

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Known for its shallow waters during the afternoon and its nightlife filled with intense humping, Boca Chica Beach is a small town with a kinky reputation in the Dominican Republic. Located about 15 minutes away from the country's capital, Santo Domingo airport, and about 25 minutes east of Santo Domingo's western edge

Boca Chica meaning “Little Mouth” in Spanish is really the other way around, so getting laid with really hot chicks here is easy. Hot horny black girls and some sexy Spanish girls take over the local sex scene. The black girls are extremely aggressive and hardly take no for an answer when it comes to having sex with them, but be aware that these hot babes will fuck you so hard you'll be breathless by the time their done with you.

Boca Chica's beach is truly unique.   It's very small so in a car it's pretty much a ten minutes drive. Almost everything is located in Duarte Street if not near to it. Not to mention its fantastic accommodations, cheap food, lush mountain scenery, exciting music, and crystal clear beaches. There are a few restaurants, bars and clubs all around the hotel. The hotel is very clean and always kept in optimum conditions. You may have to cash out $50 per night, but there are rooms available for $40 and maybe even a few dollars less.

Europeans always discover how beautiful this tropical island is and tend to come back all year long. Here, you‘ll find wealthy locals discretely treating their secret lovers at one of the fine dining establishments, beaches with topless sunbathers, believe it or not this is something typical for the Europeans who spend time here. The beach is crowded on weekends, especially on Sundays when many Dominicans have their day off and spend the day at the beach with their families. 


Dominican women are internationally recognized for being very attractive and sexy. M ost of the women in Boca Chica are black and very hot, there are some mixed and a few whites. Black girls, mostly very dark skinned and enticing bodies that will make your cock rock hard just looking at them, dominate the local sex scene.

Brothels (Casas) of Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

Brothels in Boca Chica are known as Casas (Spanish word for houses). If you want to see which brothel has the best looking whores, it's necessary to walk down Duarte Street. Some of the famous brothels here are the Pink House, Salon Blanca and La Sala Café filled with gorgeous women with incredible bodies. Some of our friends suggest sex travelers to ask for Monica at La Sala Café “she is cute, black with medium brown skin, about 5'6” and had a very nice ass.”

The expensive hotels and resorts do not allow female visitors, so if you wish to entertain guests, stay at the budget hotels. Some hotels charge $10 or just in case you want to bring a girl to your room for the night. 


Some hotels charge $10 or so if you want to bring a girl to your room for the night. You can usually bypass that fee by getting a room for two but there obviously more expensive, you'll end up paying a little more anyways in the long run.

Prices are around $15-20 for blowjob, $20-40 for a quickie, and $35-50 for an all nighter. Most expensive hotels and resorts do not allow female visitors. Some will charge $10 if you want to bring a girl to your room for the night. 


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