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Sex at Costa del Sol, Malaga

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Sex at Costa del  Sol,  Malaga

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The sought after sex venues in the southern region of Spain are found in Costa del Sol, in Malaga . Costa del Sol's Mediterranean atmosphere is where, for example, some male travelers affirm they have had the best BJ with prostitutes from Latin America and Eastern Europe doing BBBJ altogether, switching one another, while sucking shafts and licking balls.

To catch up with the lusty night, take some money (dollar or euro) with you and head into Costa del Sol about 7 P.M. Most singles and adventurers head to nightclubs Estark 92 (on the way into Algeciaras) and Estark 95 (Benalmadena side of Fuengirola), Scandalo's and Milady Palace as well. Club Sirena, behind all the discos in Benelmadena is also worth a mention if you like curvy, slutty looking Latinas and Dominicans, as at the Starclub strip bar.

T he good old days when a session in Estark 92 and Scandalo's used to take 5,000 pesetas or £20 from men's pockets have gone. With the coming of stunning whores from Romania and Russia , the prices had doubled up to 70 Euros now. Their saucy and perfect bodies are worth the new price. As in any business, there are good and bad days, so embrace any of the girls to see if you can fuck for less than €60 (euros). Also it's better to not leave your desires up to the whores, it's better to ask what is on the menu before you take the walk to the rooms.

The most famous strip bars in Costa del Sol are:

Crescendo is a small club (brothel) in Puerto Banus. Dances are 30 euros, of which the club takes 10 euros; the house fee is 30 euros per night, although this is waived if it is not busy.

It is a strictly no touching club. Girls are expected to take it in turns on stage with nylon stockings, dancing with dresses for one song and in underwear for one song.

Crescendo Nude Club is in Casa Q - L 13 Puerto Banus, Costa Del Sol. It is open Monday to Saturday from 5 pm – 1 am . Telephone: 0034619933132. Email:

Estark 92 Brothel is located in Carvajal-Fuengirola, near club La Cubana , and it has plenty of Eastern European and Latina prostitutes with different shapes, colors, and BBBJ attitude, many of whom you would be proud to take anywhere with you. At Estark 92, premium sluts have their own private room.

70 euros for half an hour is still a reasonable price, but if the girl likes you, you sometimes get longer time. Sometimes, you can hold three separate girls each evening in this brothel. A bottle of beer costs 5 euros and the lady drinks are always a little more. Beware and discuss what you expect before going to the room.

Estark 92 club schedule is Tues-Weds 9 pm - 2 am, Thurs-Fri 7 pm – 2 am , Sat 2 pm - 6 am .

S'candalo is a luxurious strip club that doesn't charge entrance fee. A taxi may charge you 5-6 euros to get you there, at Pol. Guadalhorce (frente a ITV), from the city center.

Get really excited with a 20 euro lap dance. Most of the girls at S'candalo have come from Russia , Croatia , and Eastern Europe , with few Spaniards, blacks and Latinas in the scene.

It's just 6 euro for a soft drink – which could be soda / beer - and for the lady is a little extra, so if you don't want to expend cash or to charge your credit card more than you've planned, then talk as fast as you with the candidates and make your way to the room.

All the sizes and volumes, but all of them have what it takes to charge a minimum of 150 euros an hour upstairs.

Milady Palace has skinny blonde Barbie type sluts. Sex travelers bet Friday and Saturday as the best days to get laid in this Spaniard brothel because during the weekends you can choose between 50-60 whores. The team is comprised of at least a dozen of Russians, 5 to 8 Polish, and 6 to 8 hot Latina sluts.

Getting laid in here is quite expensive. Prices are 300 euros for one hour. Although they also do half hours, many girls rarely go for this which is 180 euros.

This brothel, known for years, is located near Puerto Banus opposite the Coral Beach Hotel on the golden mile in Marbella . Soft drinks cost 4 euros for each beer or pop/soda you ask, rising to 16 euros and beyond if you buy a lady drink.

Expo 93 is another strip club in Marbella - it is in the industrial area and any taxi can take you there. Expo 93 opens at 8:00 pm , but since the dancers live there, they'll take an hour (from 9 – 10 pm ) to eat.

Although the whores change periodically, the majority of the girls come from South America with a few Africans. These girls are damn hot, no question about it. But the only question we have is why it's barely difficult to catch an Eastern European at Expo 93.

Anyhow, the arrangement between the whores and the owner is that the girls pay €50 per night to operate in the club and everything they take they keep. Soft drinks, including beer, are €7 each with a drink for a girl costing you a penal €30 per go! The girls have to pay €100 if they stay out all night with you so most business is done on the premises.

Paying to have sex is €50 (plus tip) per time for 1/2 an hour. There is also a charge of €3 by the house for a cover sheet for the bed. Every room has a bidet so normal hygiene can be followed both before and after.

Pipo's : It's a nude club with female dancing performances, including a full bar, located at N-340, km.698 Autopista Alicante to Murcia Exit 80 Alicante , Spain , Spain Near: Cox. Everyone is welcomed. Pipo's bar does not offer any party packages at this time or any V.I.P packages.

Los Lagos is sort of a hotel located between La Linea and Algeciaras. If you take a cab in the Gibraltar border or Algeciaras, it would cost you no more than 10 to 20 euros. From Algeciaras, it takes no more than 10 minutes to get there or from La Linea or Gibraltar it is no more than 15 minutes.

It's cheap and secure. When you enter in Los Lagos brothel, head first to the bar – drinks surrounds 4 Euros – and then pick your chick or more than one among 20 to 30 girls wearing skimpy clothes. Prices are from 75 euros for 1/2 an hour to 140 for an hour which includes blowjob and/or foot job. That place also provides the room which is Ok.

If they are trying to get your business, we'll guarantee you that picking up the one that tries harder will give your cock an excellent BBBJ service.


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