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Amsterdam brothels have gained their own reputation worldwide as the passable representation of Sodom and Gomorrah . There are a large number of brothels in Amsterdam and there are a large number of red lit windows in the Amsterdam Red Light District. The easiest way to begin your Amsterdam nightlife is tracking on Damstraat, beside the Krasnapolsky Hotel on the Dam. Then stick to the main drag on Oudezijds Voorburgwal, as far north as the Oude Kerk ( Old Church ).

The municipal authorities run the management of the Amsterdam brothels, enabling cleaner and safer working condition to more than 30,000 prostitutes, and prohibiting child and involuntary prostitution. This overturns the ban on Amsterdam brothels which have been illegal in the recently past, although they had been allowed to function in the Amsterdam red light district as long as they followed healthy standards. But until now, only four of the 250 formally listed Amsterdam brothels have actually signed an agreement with the mayor.

Locals and tourists are attracted by the Amsterdam live sex shows performanced seductively in the most glomorous Amsterdam sex clubs as sex theaters, sex museums and many other bordellos in the red light distric. But t here are standards for safety & sanitation and rules about the minimal size of the rooms.

Tolerance can be felt also in the media allowing the Amsterdam b rothels to advertise openly in any space they feel they fit. Prostitutes, drugs, and media liberty are part of the typically Dutch image.

When visiting any of the Amsterdam brothels, you are eager to spend a considerable amount of cash. In these sex clubs the term all included mean exactly that. The range of prices goes from € 150 to €1000 for an hour of pleasure. And it could reach higher if you invite the Amsterdam girls with exotics beverages.

For those who'd look for an elite sex club in Amsterdam we suggest any of the private houses. There rates vary from € 150 to € 250 per hour. Sometimes there is little to distinguish between a club and a private house. A sex club is a bar, with ladies and rooms; and in a private house you're led into a bedroom, and then introduced to the ladies.

The most famous Amsterdam brothel is Yab Yum . Its name comes after a goddess of love from the Kama Sutra. This Amsterdam brothel is located in a 17th-century canal side mansion at Singel 295 (tel. 020/624-9503 ; open daily 8am-4am ), Taxi drivers, who get a bulky tip if they place you there. It is famous because each "worker" is a moonlighting Amsterdam woman. You'll pay about 100€ to get in, and 200€ to 600€ for champagne.


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