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Deena Duos

Entertainer/Magazine & Porn Star Specialties: Private 1-on-1 Entertainment ONLY! Includes: Nude Modeling, Dining Out, and Sophisticated Conversation Prices: Private 1-on-1 sessions start at $500. IMPORTANT: Please call ONLY if you are seriously interested in a private session. I am very selective in my choice of who I spend my time with, so please keep that in mind when you decide to call me. Booking Information: I like to feel very comfortable with a man I will be spending my time with, so please book your appointment as far in advance as you can. That way, I have time to get to know you a bit before our appointment, and you are assured that I will be available when you want to see me. I also ask for a deposit to reserve your appointment time and date, which assures me that you are indeed serious about seeing me. Turn-ons: Dignified Gentlemen who are generous and have a good sense of humor! Turn-offs: Lying, Poor Personal Hygiene, and Bad Manners!

Orientation:Straight FemaleEthnicity:Mixed Race
Age:Build:Busty build
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Las Vegas,


She is terrific (6-February-2008, )
An awesome experience. She`s the true GFE, with huge boobs. And her French kissing is unbelievable.
DEENA D. (29-April-2008, HERTZFORCE)
I was looking to bang a hot chick with big boobs. I called and she was available for the same night. A nice person but her pics don`t show the scars and skin marks. overall good performer and a much older body. she tries to take care of you but again the age thing turned me off so I popped twice and left.
I called her number and left a message. She returned my call and asked for a couple references. After the screening process we agreed to meet at my place. She arrived and saw I was black. She didn`t want to date blacks. I was stunned by her behavior. Oh man it sucks!
DeenA D. (10-June-2008)
Deena D. (26-June-2008)
wow man. I had the same issue. I should`ve read your comments. Called and we agreed to meet the next evening. As soon as I got to her hotel room she said she doesn`t date blacks and asked me to leave. She looked much older than here pics but the boobs were huge and I was so looking forward to unload in between them. Oh well, LESSONS LEARNED.
She is older than pics (26-June-2008, Dick)
I agree with previous comment. I saw her in SD and was taken back by how older she looked. She does have scars from surgeries but overall a nice person to have fun with (if you can get over the age stuff). I met her at her motel (not a very nice place) and we got it on for 30 min before I finished between the two large mountains. I`ll probably won`t see her and stick with young babes.
Older but Hot (29-June-2008)
Saw Deena in Houston.Much older than her pics as others commented but I had fun with her. She directed me to dine at the "y". she had a massive and loud "O". She then asked me to do whatever I wanted with her so I mounted her. Finished in her mouth. After a few min of chats, she started to take me in her mouth and asked me to unload between her tittls. Overall a hot session. She is truly nasty.
Deena - a hot mamma (7-July-2008, Dave Casey)
Greeted me with 2 large unbelievable boobs. Very friendly open to kinky stuff.She unzipped and took my hard cock in her mouth. It was so hot I unloaded the mass there. Next she ordered me to dine at the Y. She was screaming.I mounted her and pounded her ass hard until she begged me to stop. Then I unloaded btwn her boobs.if u like them older & nasty then she is a good fuck. I`ll pass on this one.
Mature Provider (9-July-2008, Billy Bob)
Saw her in PA truck stop. Pics r from 20 years ago. Decided what a hell. She took my cock in her mouth & sucked & moaned asking me 2 give it 2 her. She laid down opened legs asked me 2 make her cum. Had a massive loud O. Next she got on top and rode me like a cowgirl. Turned her over fucked her from behid hard & unloaded btwn X-lrg boobs. Much older than pics, a good fuck if u like them old.
Joe (9-July-2008, MILF)
Agree with the reviews. She is much older but loves 2 get fucked hard. Met her in Pitts. Dined at the Y until 2 loud Os. Then she started 2 suck my cock while talking dirty 2 me. Then she begged for a fuck in the ass. It was tough but she was a trooper took it while screaming loud. Finally she got on her knees sucking my cock and swallowed. Overall a good fuck if u r into older providers.
OH SO HOT (9-July-2008, Tommy)
Deena is a mature provider with stretch marks & extra skin (cause of weight loss) but she is a hot babe. Met her in PA & oh man, she is a so hot. 1st on menu was my cock in her mouth & unloading it all over her face & boobs. 2nd, she sucked me all over & pounded her hard doggie until she got so tired from the hard hits so I finished in her mouth. she is hot and horny & enjoyable for her age.
Older but full of ENERGY (9-July-2008, Gregg in PA)
Although older than pics reveal, she is like energy bunny. We had 2 hrs of nonstop hot actions. First, I got the best BJ with lots of juicy stuff & unloaded in her mouth, then I proceeded to doggie for a good 45 min until I couldn`t take it. Asked her to turn over and gave her between tits. She is older but poor Deena needed a couple of days to recover. She loves it hard long nonstop & dirty.
Deena D. - Hot and Dirty (9-July-2008, Kenny)
I highly recommend Deena. She is fun to be with and goes extra to give. Upon my arrival, she asked me to relax and went down on me until I popped in her face. We talked a bit and then I dined at the Y resulted in a massive "O". Next was doggie which was terrific. I banged her hard, she was screaming loud until I popped. She is tight and juicy. I`ll bang her again if she returns to PA.
3-way with Deena - HOT TIME (10-July-2008, Robert & Tom)
After several phone calls, we finally convinced Deena to have a 3-way. OH man, what a fun time. Seeing those large boobs bounce around while two of us fucked her was a pleasure. She asked me to go down on her while Tom got a BBBJTC. She had a loud "O" while swallowing my Tom`s cum. Next I mounted her doggie while she continued BBBJTC on Tom. Deena is HOT & WILD and very open. We`ll see her.
Deena - Hot & Juicy (10-July-2008, George)
Picked up Deena at a truck stop and had her in the back seat. The 18 wheeler was rocking & she was screaming. She taste so good and has the loudest CUM i`ve heard. Yes, she is older but she made up for it in the back seat of my truck. I had her on top riding me hard with her xtra large boobs bouncing all over my face. Other truckers were lined up to get some next after me.
ME, (11-July-2008, )
First of all these posts are not True and I do see Black Men all the time when they have Class.Truck stops?Give me a break hehe!The person who posted this is the same reason I had all reviews pulled.I am sorry your upset if you did not get to meet me but this is really Disgusting of you.As far as looking old.I don`t think so!!!!!!!!!! Fellas ignore this garbage!!!
DEENA - VERY HOT & KINCKY (11-July-2008, Sean)
Deena - older & poor odor (11-July-2008, Charlie)
Saw Deena at her motel in Philly. When she greeted me I could smell booze all over her. She does have large boobs but much older in person with stretch marks & loose skin. I started to go down on her & the odor was killing the mood. Asked her to go & take a shower. She got angry & asked me to continue. Could not take the bad smell so I left. Her age & smell cured my hard-on.
A JERK (12-July-2008, DEENA DUOS)
I would always smell wonderful even on my worst day.This man who has nothing better to do and has no life is posting all of these reviews and I know my true fans will come to my rescue.Respectfully and Always Smelling Wonderful Deena
Drinking? (12-July-2008, )
I do not Drink but maybe one glass of Wine once in a blue moon.Really I hate having to defend myself.I have had surgery but all my fans know this and in doing so you really are not allowed to Drink so WRONG!!! Men who do this to the good girls are asking for trouble.This man or Jerk if you will`s email addy is Hertzforce@yahoo.com
UPDATE DEENA DUO (13-July-2008, )
I am in Score Magazine 08 in a Brown Dress on the stands right NOW a special edition and will have my own Pay Website coming in a few months.My new and wonderful pictures will set the record straight.By the way you met me at a MOTEL?IN PA?UH I am at a Hotel.I hope someone who knows how to find one who changes his IP address to hide his identity finds him.He emailed me again with more to come.....
Continued Deena Duo (13-July-2008, )
In my Eros add you can clearly see the Date in my PINK Picture of 06 and the other picture is about one yesr old for Napali where I am nude on the bed on my knees.20 year old pictures huh?Your an IDIOT.Ladies please make sure you be very careful in who you see as he has also told me he tapes the session without your knowledge.I wish I HAD so many appointments with kind gentle men.
JUST TO SET THE RECORD (13-July-2008, )
The things he states in all these posts I do in a session are False. MAKE NO MISTAKE I am a TRUE GFE but into a gentle kind loving session.I think he is just GROSS and what goes around comes around my pal. HERTZFORCE@yahoo.com
A fan (13-July-2008, William)
Deena Duo is an excellent provider and a professional. As commented, she is older with several scars but she made up for them during fucking. I enjoyed banging her hard and spreading my load all over her. plus, she smelled oh so good everywhere specially when I dined at the "y". She loves people and caters to her clients. I enjoyed my time with her and will see her again on her next tour.
My Review of Deena Duo (13-July-2008, Donavan)
I`m a brother & had Deena so not sure about what others said. She appreciates getting fucked by long black cocks. When she unzipped my pants, she commented "now this is a black cock" & enjoyed sucking my long shaft with special care to the twins. She had her tongue in my ass enjoying the taste. All I can say is she specially enjoys getting fucked by black man. So all u brothers go & fuck her.
SCARS, (14-July-2008, )
I Have one Scar and that is very small and I cover it because of being aware of it so you do not know what your talking about.Stretchmarks sure a few very light ones that go with having children..Loose skin?A tiny bit but nothing that would be taking away from my session.I am very at ease in my own skin and confident unlike you being weak and doing this to make yourself seem special.You are a flea
Deena - a hard core GFE (14-July-2008, Hershal)
She is is SEXY provider wt large boobs. She provided a relaxing session wt hard core fun. She has been featured in magazines and is a pro. Her oral are excellent & she swallowed my entire load with lots of moaning & eye contact. Doggie was oh so hot. After 30 min of hard hit, her ass turned to the color of my sports car (RED). An older provider & I`ll repeat fucking again and again.
My feedback on Deena (14-July-2008, Daryl)
This is a place for lobbyists to place review of their encounter with a provider. Not a place for the provider to arguee. Actually, I had a session with Deena. She is fun to be with and tries to satisfy fleas but she is a bit older for my taste. I banged her once and sprayed my cum all over her face and boobs. Overall, an ok experience but I like them younger with higher energy in bed.
Final Note, (14-July-2008, )
Since you now know Hertz likes to get a rise out of me.I will add that I DO NOT AND WILL REPEAT DO NOT SWALLOW ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT BELONG BEING SWALLOWED.I also do not TAKE HARD HITS or chances with my life EVER!!!!!!! ASSHOLES Are not in my diet and the only asshole being licked as in losing and looking like a complete waste of life is HERTZFORCE@yahoo.com This is my final post.
WHAT ALL THESE FUSS ABOUT? (14-July-2008, Shavez)
Saw her on EROS and called 4 a date. She asked for several references. It was very intrusive and too much in my opinion. Yes, she does have big boobs and a bit older than her pic. I don`t see the fuss. She is an average fuck. She went thru the motions. An ok head followed by unloading between her boobs and then MISH which was too mechanical. She is ok fuck if u r drunk BUT she tries 2 hard.
My Review of Deena Duo (15-July-2008, Teddy)
After phone calls & reference verification, we hooked up. She was looked slutty but good enough 2 fuck so i stayed. She got the big guy out for a tour around town. Oh she is so fucking good. After a few min. I unloaded into her face and she thanked me. After a few min, i was ready for another round. She put on the cover and I pounded that ass and popped there. Overall a nice experience.
Final Final Note (16-July-2008, Deena Duo)
I want to thank all my true FANS who took time and posted their review comments here. I am grateful to all of you and I hope to have you again and again. I aim to give pleasures and will do whatever it takes to give you that special time in a true GFE/PSE manner. Please ignore comment made by HERTZFORCE, he is upset at me for no reason. So com and give it to me hard. I enjoy all of you.
Deena Duo (16-July-2008, Santana)
After reading reviews I decided to see Deena at her hotel. She took my erect cock in mouth until I popped. Next, she asked me to rider her hard. Started a hard hitting DOGGIE that lasted 40 min. Meantime she talked dirty 2 me asking me to "make me take it, give it 2 me). I turned her over, opened her mouth & loaded my cumm. She is much older & burned out from years of escorting. I pass on her.
Her Service (18-July-2008, Brother from the hood)
I found Deena on this site & arranged a date. Felt her big boobs & dived for taste of her pussy that resulted in a big "O". She went south & sucked my cock, balls & swallowed my cum. After a few, she got me hard & I pounded her pussy but she got dry so flushed btwn her boobs. She is a mature provider but I found her tired & burned out. Price was higher than younger escorts. I was disappointed.
Date with Deena (19-July-2008, Antwan)
We met. She told me I can do whatever I desired with her. So I got btwn her legs & she "o"ed 3 times. She got down and gave me a nice BJ and took the last drop. Next she offered anal, for 15 min I hit that old ass until popped while she talked dirty 2 me like "harder,..). Another BJ and I sprayed btwn the boobs. OK fuck if u like mature provider but all holes were in play & i filled them.
Deena Duos - Review (20-July-2008, Marcel)
She was featured in SCORE & other Magazines ages ago. Older now with several scars on her belly & legs that don`t show in pics. I was horny and wanted to bang a chick so stayed. BBBJTC resulted in her taking the last drop. Still hard so put on cover & mounted her ass for a long time. Talking dirty saying make me take u hard, ride my ass, got me & I popped there. She is ok 4 last min. fuck.
Deena Duos (21-July-2008, Large Dude)
Met her at a motel. She got on the knees & sucked my large black cock for 30 min & asked me to give it to her in the mouth. She swallowed every drop. Had to ask her to clean up. She got me hard again. Put on the cover, turned her over & pounded her DOGGIE. She was screaming loud & I let her have it hard. Pulled out and flushed in her face. A good fuck with reasonable price. I`ll repeat.
Deena Duos (21-July-2008, Another FAN)
Saw her at a motel. Nice 2 talk 2 & have sexy time. Got the big daddy out & sucked w/t attention to boys & rimming. I blew my load in her mouth. She begged me to dine at the "Y". The bitch knows what she likes & had a loud "O". Put on the cover, MISH was hot with her lying under me taking the hard hits. Next, DOGGIE. I hit that old ass until popped again. Will fuck her again & again.
My Date with Deena Duos (22-July-2008, John)
Finally we hooked up. She said do what u want w/t me. Took my cock & sucked until I unloaded massive cumm all over her face & tits. Got between her legs and licked her pussy until she screamed with joy of multiple "O"s. so loud it woke up everyone. Another BBBJ until got hard, put on hat & went DOGGIE. I hit that shit so hard she was screaming asking 4 more hard hits. Popped & left. Nice fuck.
Deena Duos (22-July-2008, Insider Guy)
Once inside, reached 4 my cock & took it all the way in her mouth while maintaining eye contact & talking dirty. Filled her mouth. She pointed to her pussy 4 DATY & had 2 "O"s. Took my cock in her mouth again & asked me 2 pump her in MISH. It was hard hitting, loud and nasty pumping & she kept asking me to hit it harder. Next was DOGGIE, again hard and rough until popped. I`ll pump her again.
Riding Deena (23-July-2008, The Cowboy)
Bitch is hot. Introduced her to the real cowboy & started 2 suck my big dick. Saddled her & rode that old ass 4 ever. She got tired & asked to relax. Had to pop & unloaded in her face. After 30 min, she asked for the real cowboy again & took it for a wild ride. Put cover & mounted her hard. Pulled out & she rode MISH with tits flying all over & I popped. Nice bitch but older & dry like desert.
GIRL on GIRL (24-July-2008, Barbara)
We met at my place. She is sexy and willing to experiment. She took my panties off and rubbed my pussy with her boobs. Oh what a nice sensation. We started w/t 69 & both had amazing "O"s. I`ve never felt this way before. She sucked the lips of my pussy forever while fingering my ass & licking my juice. Next we tried several toys that brought multiple long "O"s for both of us. I loved it.
Evening with Deena (25-July-2008, James)
After reading reviews decided to jump & see. Met her at her motel. BBBJ was exceptional with a mix of asian while I was finger banged her to Os. Completion was massive on her face. After a few, started with BBBJ with her head over the edge of bed & included boob slaps and fingering in both holes. Next, lubed up for MISH greek until I popped again. She is up for almost anything. A good MILF
A COUPLE ROUNDS WITH DEENA D. (27-July-2008, James)
Much Much Much Much Older (31-July-2008, Harry)
Should`ve known better and read reviews. Saw her pics & met her at motel. She is much older in person. Pics are from 10-15 years ago. No makeup, messy hair, bad smell & I really think she was drunk. She had scars & extra skin that don`t show up in pics. All she wanted 2 do it was to get my cock in her mouth & between her boobs. Left disgusted with what I saw. Be careful guys. Don`t be fooled.
Agree, she is much older (1-August-2008, Randy)
Same here guys. Don`t let the touched up older pics fool you. I saw her today & man, is she old? If you like xtra large boobs & don`t care about looks & age & bad hair then she is an ok fuck but the extra skin on her belly & scars on her body & flabby cottage cheese ass & legs were disgusting & turned me off. She probably was ok in her prime 20 years ago. Popped once & left. NEVER AGAIN.
Older, Tired and Burned Out (2-August-2008, Tiger)
Yes she is older. Oral was out of this world ended in my entire cumm in her face, hair and tits. DATY was nice but she was soar from previous day so I put cover on and entered her ass which was also soar from previous night. She took cover off and took my cock in her mouth until I popped again. She refunded 1/2 of gift due to her bad situation. She is old & burned out. I won`t repeat.
3-way with Deena (4-August-2008, Becky & Damon)
My husband & I were looking 4 Deena. When we meet, she went down on him while I sucked her pussy. Damon came all over her. Next she was licking & fingering my pussy until I had several O`s. Damon went down on her & she came hard. She put rain coat on Damon & he mounted her while I was licking his cock & her pussy @ same time. They had massive O`s. She is gentle & sexy & loves 2 receive.
Poor Appearance (7-August-2008, Champ)
Got 2 her motel. Much older (pics don`t show her age & scars) in a skimpy cheap outfit with massive tits. Took care of business & she jumped on my cock complementing my size while moaning & making all kinds of fake noise. Gave her my cum & left. Her prime was probably years ago. She wanted me 2 stay 4 another round by I was turned off by her appearance & age. Be aware guys & stay away.
She is OLDER & pics r from a decade ago (22-August-2008, DIck)
wow man, she doesn`t look anything like her pics on EROS. She is old lady & she admitted the pics were from a decade ago. But she does have xtra large boobs. Significant scars and extra skin around her belly & loose ass (result of gravity I guess) was a major turn off. I was there so I let her suck my cock until popped and left right away. WIshed she was more honest with her looks and age.
okay provider (28-August-2008, Bam)
She is older as others described her. Oral was good. Came all over her face & she thanked me. Got between her legs 4 a good 30 min & made her cum several times. Then she sucked my cock until hard. Put cover & went dogie hitting & pounding her from behind while she talked dirty 2 me (take me, it`s all yours, slap my ass, rape me....). Flushed in her face. Overall ok experience if u like them older.
Big Bang (28-August-2008, Vladimir)
She is hot & willing 2 do anything. At first, she asked 4 my cock & sucked it forever. I sprayed my juice all over her face. My cock was still hard so I pumped her ass. Lots of hard hits with slapping & pounding. Turned her over & banged her MISH with her legs over my shoulder. She loved it constantly asked 4 more & rough hard hits. Popped in her pussy & left. Nice fuck, will repeat 4 sure.
3 way with Deena (4-September-2008, Roger)
We asked for a 3 way with Deena & she agreed. Met at her motel. She asked us to stand up, took our cocks out & sucked while we were molesting her large titts. We both came all over her. Next I had my cock in her ass while my friend was in her pussy. She loved it & came several time. I took my cock out & pounded her mouth until came there. My friend gave it to her in ass & came there. Nice fuck.
My session with Deena (4-September-2008, Nick)
Saw her at her motel. Attractive provider with big boobs. After chit chat, she got on the 4`s and sucked my large black cock & swallowed the last drop. She spread her legs & directed me to her nice and wet pussy. She had major O`s that trembled the floor. Put cover & fucked her hard tight ass & then doggie until she got red. Turned her over and went mish, pounding her hard until popped. Ok fuck.
Big Boobs Deena (16-September-2008, Terrence)
Went over to her motel. She is older than her pics. Got on the 4`s & gave me a spirited head until I popped & she took the last drop. She continued to suck my cock, put cover & I went MISH bouncing her under me hard. Turned her over & fucked her ass until popped. Next fucked her pussy for awhile, pulled out & fucked her mouth again until I came there. Nice but older for my taste.
HOT time (17-September-2008, Randy)
Met the bitch at her motel Got her to suck my cock and forced to swallow last drop. She loves to be dominated by a big dude. She got my cock hard again put on cover & went DOGGIE. Hit that bitch hard & fast until she begged for no more. MISH was hot. Pounded the bitch forever. Pulled out and gave her my juice. She loves fellows to handle her hard and rough. Overall a nice bitch to fuck.
Saw Deena (18-September-2008, Natural Hitter)
She is fun & is up to anything. Got my cock hard & put it between her x-lrg boobs and sucked on it. Poured cum all over her face. then went DOGGIE with lots of ass slapping & hard fuck. Kept asking to hit harder & faster until popped. 3rd was in her ass. She has a tight ass. Pounded her ass hard for over 30 min. Took my cock & sucked on it until I came again. Nice bitch for hard fuck & willing.
banged Deena (25-September-2008, Brown)
Got on her 4`s & she took my cock in her mouth with lots of eye contact. Popped there & she took the last drop. Got between her hers & made her cum twice. wow she came hard & loud. Put cover on & I went DOGGIE., Banged her ass hard while she talked dirty asking me to hit it harder & hurt her. Turned her over for MISH & fucked her hard there too. Pulled out and sprayed btwn tits. Nice older bitch.
truck stop encounter (30-September-2008, Howie)
met Deena at a truck stop where she worked. Nice large boobs. Took me to her motel & gave me the best BJ I`ve ever had. I came in her mouth & she swallowed. Then she directed me to the Y & came 2-3 times very loud. Got hard so I put the cover & mounted her from behind as she talked dirty asking me to give her my massive cock, punch it in, hurt me... after 30 min I came. Nice fuck for truck stop.
Deena (8-October-2008, Joe 6-pack)
Finally had the pleasure of Deena. She was very open & to the point. Asked 4 my cock right away. She sucked it & took the last drop. Got on the 4s asked 2 bang her doggie. oh man what a site? hit that bad ass forever & came. Next she took my cock in her mouth & asked me to fuck her mouth. after 15 min put cover & went doggie & entered her tight ass. she was screaming loud begging 4 harder fuck.
my date with DEENA D. (13-October-2008, Blonc)
she asked 4 my cock. Sucked it for along time & took my cum in mouth. Next dined at "y" & made he cum 3 times. she sucked me hard, put on cover & DOGGIE started. pounded her ass & made it red until came. Still hard so she offered he tight ass. used lubrication & i forced my large cock. She was crying & screaming with pain but kept asking me to push it in harder & tear her up. Nice fuck but older.
dirty Deena (15-October-2008, John)
bitch is nasty man. gave me head & finished dry. opened her legs & i spread lips & gave her what she needed. came twice hard. still hard so put cover & hit that old wet pussy until she begged 2 stop. turned her over & banged her ass. screaming asking 4 more. pulled out & gave her in mouth. still hard so i tried her pussy but she was soar. finished btwn boobs. she is old & nasty & used often.
bigfan (1-December-2008, jimmy)
i am a huge fan im a 39yr old italian man love too keep in shape i have a thing for bigbreast i think you would have a blast with me i have alot of friends that i vist time too time in vegas i hope some day we can meet iv been told i have a very nice penis with a big sexual drive a big fan jimmy
Nutted (20-August-2009)
I saw her on a street corner in Little Rock. I nutted as son as I saw her tits.
3 Times (31-December-2009, matt from jersey)
I had the pleasure of Deenas company 3 times. I enjoyed all 3 times. If I ever go to the city of Las Vegas or she comes to the east coast I would love to see her again. When I was with her she did not seem to be the type that worked at a truck stop.Bottom line it was a great experience to be in her company.
Email please (5-January-2010)
I don`t find the good eamil of deena Thank`s
contact (24-January-2010, florida guy)
i cant contact her. ive been trying to for a year now. any advide?
good pussy (15-June-2010)
Saw her twice, yup she is much older and thinner in person i liked when she was thicker. Overall she gave me a good sloppy blowjob and the pussy was tight as hell titties are humongous and rock hard i`d rate the fuck an 8 and a half
where is she (26-July-2010, jo)
I saw here a few yrs ago... Areal sweetheart..bust a huge nut all over her face. Where can I reach her now?
nice tatas (2-August-2010)
i blew a load all over her face after I pulled my 10" out of her ass. i went another 3 rounds with her. dam my balls was drained big time cause of her tits.
Lies (4-December-2010)
Most of these comments are made up bullshit.You guys suck you douchebag liars.I don`t get why you get off on making shit up.What a bunch of fuck-tards.
Deena Duos (25-December-2010, Big Rick)
I spent two hours with Deena in Vegas last month. I paid her 1250.OO including tip. She was much shorter than I expected, and a little bit `plump`. But her tits are gigantic. Her nipples don`t sit in the middle of her fake tits but kinda to the side. I ended up titty fucking her and shooting off in her face, which was nice. I also rubbed lotion all over her tits. She can suck a dick nicely!
contact (12-January-2011)
Is this the only contact info for her, I`d like to really get in touch with her?
contact (12-January-2011)
Is there any other way of contacting Deena? I`m really interested in a private session with her
Where`s Deena? (16-March-2011, DON, K. NYC.)
From what I hear, She`s still in Vegas working with elite $$$ clients like the other women from 20+ years ago. Will comment if I hear anything.
Deena is cool (21-April-2011, Boston)
Let you all know that Deena is a great lady...she and I hooked up several times and used to speak occasionally...she is very friendly, professional, and the ultimate tit queen. I have been with several busty models but when Deena unleashes her tits..it is amazing. She is great in the rack and an overall great experience. Hi to you Deena! Best Wishes.....
Searching (9-December-2011, )
I`ve been searching for Deena for a couple of years now. Where are you girl? Are you still working? Please let me know if you are and where. And if you are ever in Houston I would LOVE to meet you here.
wanting to say hello (11-May-2012, Joseph Perkins)
Dear Miss.Duos, My name is Joseph Perkins and I just wanted to say hello,plus I am appalled at some of the comments made about you (obviously little boys not real men made them,while I have never met you I have talked to freinds who have met you so after what they said about how nice you are I simply can not believe these remarks,I hope we can be freinds(expect an email from me soon. Love Joseph
(11-May-2012, Joseph Perkins)
I tried sending you an email through the emnail address on this page and it failed to send it=( hugs and love Joseph
She is back (2-August-2012, Patrick)
Finally she is back. Check out streamate.com Her name there is Brooklyn Lace. I suppose some asshole has been stalking her and thats why shes been so quite. Love to have you back Deena.........you are Gods gift to man. Kiss Patrick
fucktards huh (25-December-2013)
You seems are pissed at these fucktards you are a prostitute nuff said so why you complaining no old pussy is worth what you charge

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